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Firm flaccid penis

I’m guessing you’re thinking urinetherapy? If it is I’d be very sceptical. This is a mechanical problem, not a chemical one. Besides I kindof hate all the “alternative medicine”, including “natural doctors” and such. From now on am only interested in solutions by ED specialists.

BMashina so we are waiting for your info after researches and hope it will add something valuable.Look that all idea of PE`ing - jelq`uing is like DLD from matters said “too easy that it can work to increase penis size for most of the people” So most of the people don`t do it.I knew personally something about PE 3 years before I started and I never consider that it might work or found something that it can easly damage your unit.Mayby I will be happier if not decided to dig more on the topic and actually don`t starting it.For sure I will be happier.

Regard folk medicine here are many knows miracle healings in medical history so feel free to write what you have found and might help us all.

Heh Owen you posted just before me :) , I hope as well that BMashina did not mean urinetherapy :P

I see this thread has been going for over 2 years!! Has anyone fully recovered?

My unit has been very hard for some time now. I’m going to buy some castor oil today. What’s the best way to use it?

I’ve been doing the hot wraps for a few days now and noticed an instant improvement. It still does it, but never as much.

If I masturbate it goes completely hard/flaccid so I will cut back on that and continue hot wraps.

How ridiculous though. So hot wraps help, but if you have an orgasm you’re fucked again? Yeah time to see a doctor! I don’t know what you guys are waiting for!

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
How ridiculous though. So hot wraps help, but if you have an orgasm you’re fucked again? Yeah time to see a doctor! I don’t know what you guys are waiting for!

No, it’s obvious that it means the soft tissue is unable to relax after large changes in blood flow. Therefore we must still continue trying to repair the soft tissue, how we go about this is rest, heat, promoting natual blood flow.

I thought for three years that I had ruined my penis by rough PE. My symptoms were:
1) a cold, firm flaccid
2) PC-muscle contractions
3) slight ache
4) no morning erections
5) loss of sensation and pleasure
6) weak CC and head erections

Turns out I was wrong. I healed myself after discovering more normal penis function after a yoga class. Stretching the piriformis was the most important part and my left piriformis was supertight. Anyone willing to give this option a chance read this about the link between impotence and piriformis:

and try to find a stretch that fits you; there are several. If it doesn’t work, I’m sorry!

229233, you’re behaving a bit autistically.

Originally Posted by Owen33
229233, you’re behaving a bit autistically.

Whatever, my intention was just to tell you guys what helped me, not to start a debate about my behaviour.

229233, you are being helpful, and I appreciate it.

It seems that well known in PE community Big Al is right in one thing which I read few days on his forum.
There are many charlatans who prey on injured guys as we…ms-cures-6.html
Actually I mean special type of users because he had a litle quarrel -…er=18408&page=1 with guy who I really believe is cured after surgery.
But Big Al mentioned that after long years on PE boards they had even massive lies of guys who recommend cures without any effects.
He called they pro Lin/surgery and all the time advice some natural treatment.After 1 month with Lin supplements which cost a litle I believe that many examples of cured guys on PE board and actionlove can be fake (mayby not all but even most of them) Supplements from dr. Lin didn`t do anything helpfull to me to this time.So should I invest next money and see still any improvement, what do you think guys should I believe that it will snaps one day and I will be cured ? Actually I don`t believe in it now.Maybe Im too impatient but when there is totaly no signs of change after whole one month…
I contacted with Big Al few months back and he advices me to try butchers broom (but how it can help me if even that is good cure in varicose veins in legs they debate only now if it can cure veins in dick )
Big Al if you read these words, and with all respect to your magnificent and really big PE knowledge, what in addition can you advice to us with this shitty condition if you are against surgery and other treatment and nothing is working for us ?

All right someone tried butchers broom :) ?

Thanks 229233, I will try that, I’ve nothing to really lose from it.

I’m still testing out my old time healing techniques with natural things. And no, it is not urine therapy haha.

I’m going to just tell you all the basics of the book, well only one part I have read so far can really help IMO.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a long time folk medicine that can supposedly be used to heal chronic things, cure colds, prevent sickness, and overall make one healthier.

It raises the acidity of your blood, and supplies you with potassium. Higher acidity can help remove plaque, and even calcium build up in our veins(for us smokers). Supposedly it also lowers blood pressure with is great for circulation. Potassium is also in ACV which is very good for circulation and the health of our cells. I am going to naturally raise my potassium levels, as I realized I do not get much if hardly any potassium.

The book has several accounts of where ACV has helped people. I’m just trying it out for a while. Already I will say I haven’t had acne since using it which is fantastic as I have always had little breakouts. This is probably due to the higher PH of my body now.

You’re supposed to mix a little bit in a glass of water and sip at it, up to three times a day. I have also been eating/swallowing a clove of garlic everyday as that is supposed to be very beneficial too.

Those are the basics, I really do not want to type a book here on something I haven’t researched too much yet. And do keep in mind that this book is from 1958.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

229233 my intention wasn’t to start a debate either. But it would be more helpful if you were willing to answer a question or two then ignoring them and writing the same thing again. For example you could comment on the fact that your FF started following a new PE routine. I don’t think there’s a member here that didn’t try stretching yet, but with no luck.

HI Owen,

Just as I stated above, I believe I was wrong to blame PE for my coldness. This “injury” I had occured at the same time as I:
a) started sitting for prolonged times because I graduated and started working; and
b) had some sports injuries when running and excercising at the gym.

Naturally there is no way for me to prove what I just mentioned, I’m just saying that stretching the hips caused enormous tingling sensations to my penis, which had been hard and cold flaccid for three years. Also, at the same time my both feet were tingling. After learning how to stretch the right places, the temperature, softness and sensitivity of my penis returned to normal; gradually, but relatively fast. The results were always noticeable during the night and day after stretching (I guess a pinched nerve “wakes up” gradually after the pressure is released). After a few days I could feel the PC-muscle contraction letting go (I experienced involuntary automatic PC-muscle contractions for the whole three years).

For a few months now I’ve had regular morning erections and spontaneous erections, which I did not for three years. The physical and psychological difference is enormous and I feel unbeatable since I beat this. My flaccid is soft and about twice the size it was during the three years. However, rarely a day goes past during which I don’t stretch at least the piriformis before going to sleep. Hope this helps.


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