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Firm flaccid penis

I see that we all are doing everything that might work(Im using Lin supplements…) and I see computerguy started as well rather specific treatment ,good luck and like everyone please report your results.

For sure the best fix of this problem is rather hardcore solution,surgery performed by the biggest specialist in this matter on the planet Dr. Geng-Long Hsu in Taiwan for $10 000, but that is really hardcore solution for me and I don`t have this money today unfortunatelly.

Guy after this surgery claims that he has even better EQ than before injury what is quite interesting.

Originally Posted by Walgart
I see computerguy started as well rather specific treatment ,good luck and like everyone please report your results.

Walgart, I’m going for acupuncture for something unrelated. I mentioned it because I know a few people who were very skeptical, yet had very positive outcomes with acupuncture for various conditions. I also have a friend who is an MD, with his own practice, and he became certified and used it with some success on his patients, even though he does not fully know how it works. From what I do know about it, I have a gut feeling it might be of some help with this condition. Certainly worth a try. If you do consider it, try to find someone who is well certified and has 10-20 years experience in practice.

Originally Posted by Tinyman
I can get & maintain erections, with a lot of strong stimulus;

Hey Tinyman (aka Dduster), sorry to hear about your condition. But you must focus on the positive, particularly the above statement. That is great to hear. Never look back on the “whys or what ifs.” Others have pulled through this. The timeframes are longer than you might like to hear, but there has been recovery none the less. If you have good periods in the morning, there is reason to believe that you can gradually extend those periods. Never underestimate the healing influence of a positive mindset, and try to focus on that going forward. As for your woman, it sounds like you have a great one. Love her with everything you have, and don’t let what you don’t have hinder that.

Excellent, lots of good attitudes around here!

I really like the acupunture idea, I thought of that when I heard a speach on it in my oral communications class. Lets us know how it works out, I don’t even know where to go to find a person that does that.

I have been trying the Castor Oil too, and things do seem a little better, but I do not think it is the answer. Only time will tell.

I apologize for not participating in discussions with good posts, I have been out and about. Helps to keep my mind off of this for sure. :)

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Hey guys I am really sorry about your injuries and pray that you all are cured. I am curious, how did most of you develop the “firm flaccid penis”? Was it mostly stretching related, or hanging related? It is quite shocking, and frankly scary, to see how many posts this thread has accumulated over the years. Good luck to all of you,


I would be interested in the “new” (I think) surgery where they put a bunch of NEW veins in your penis, the one where the guys gained .5” in girth or even 1” If any of you remember reading about that? It also fixed their ED. I bet their flaccids were GREAT.

Acupuncture would be a terrific idea as well.

Hey Walgart I am actually interested in looking into the surgery (not getting it, just doing some research). I got an internship at national Taiwan University over the summer so I will actually be in Taipei. Maybe I could stop by their office and talk to them, would be an interesting conversation. But 10,000 dollars? HA. I wish.

shortshorts it is good to hear such words cause I have to tell you that it is prety fucked situation.You can`t even jelq more cause sturcture of shaft changed a lot and before I woke up with morning steel as I call it, and I love PE when my healthy unit grow on monster dick from porn but unfortunatelly I fucked up it because of stupidity.
So guys who have descripsions on their account “safety first” or something are very very smart and know that injury are very real.
I think that thread like this will never die cause they always be people like we.

Do google search on this expert ( he is consider as the best specialist on the whole planet regards penile venous surgery with realy high succes rate - Dr. Geng Long Hsu)
That`s new forum created by guy who done surgery there (ED after PE injury ) -

Here is some discussion…er=18408&page=1 where he as a mamber softglans tell few things about this surgery, on his forum he has new as he call it litle more potent name Hardwood.It is good to know that he had such big succes with this surgery cause seems to be really happy with the results now.

As far as I see this kind of treatment is only good option all mayby will post here some user who cured himself, becuse I found many evidence but that`s only some rare cases and people with whom is hard to have contact for some strange reasons.
Thanks God for guys like Hardwood who after cure himself make a forum and present some kind of opportunity to others.

Hey guys, at the moment I don’t have the time necessary to read and respond to the last few posts. It’ll do it soon, though.

For now I’d only like to bring up one point that arised in private communication between Walgart and I. It is the question of FF being the umbrella term for different conditions. It appears that not everyone’s flaccid here is the same and we might be dealing with different conditions here. So it might be useful to hear everyone’s description of their flaccid and other symptoms. I know kenqi gave his a few pages back.
Here are some questions as possible references:
- How your flaccid compared to before (normal)?
- Is it all shrinked and firm, or is it more swollen and firm? What’s the colour? Skin tone? Circulation? Veinage?
- How often is it this way and how often it is not? On what does it depend?
- Anything else you might want to add.

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Forgot flaccid size alteration too. If a mod could put size among the second line of questions, would be grateful.

- I cannot say on my flaccid size 100%. I was small, then I gained via PE. Everything was better it seemed until I overtrained. One of those things that unfotunatly is hard to remember for me.

-My firmness is a shrunken and firm. Once in a while I will get the swollen and firm, but that usually follows masturbation. I will comment on coloration later, usually the one thing that stands out in that area is my glans. They look drained when I have really bad FF. I do have a vein that I did not have pre injury or pre PE. It is blue and runs along the top left of my shaft, for the bottom 1/3.

-I have FF commonly. Too often will everything seem normal for a few days at the most, and then FF returns for an extended period of about a week or more. When I have it, anything physical, standing, or riding in a car will give me FF. Sometimes I will get it even when laying down if it is bad enough. When I do not have it, only doing physical exercise will set it off.

-For size, in bad FF I will have a flaccid size of maybe 1.5(severe like if I am running or wrestling), to around 2”. With no FF or subsided FF my flaccid is about 3” or more and completley soft and hangs straight down.


8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Keep in mind every single guy I have asked, says that he shrinks up big time when running, lifting, or when cold. Why do ours happen more often though? Mine has still been improved from the castor packs and I haven’t even done one in almost a week I think.

Iron, courier just arive with many bottles of castor oil so I can start this kind of treatment soon but please telll me more details from your ND.

What with nerve healing and proper glans inflation after this kind of treatment ?, I understand that it will be cleaning scar tissues or something and makes your unit not so firm all the time but the most important what with EQ then, will it improve?

You tried to do some PE after some succes with it ? Please tell me once again how should I use this oil, how to aply on my unit ? Thanks.

That is good news Ironaddict. I can say my EQ is better as a direct result of the pumping. No comment on the castor oil yet, I need to find some cotton I can use. I usually just massage it in.

On thing that I find interesting is that right after I ejaculate, I have a 100% erection in every way. Full glans, proper angle, and it doesn’t fade for a good 20 seconds. Anyone else experience similar?

Walgart, apparently the applicaton doesn’t matter. The key is for it to penetrate the skin. Heat and having the oil on the skin for periods of time is the key. That is my take.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Pumping with the castor might be a great idea, right?

Bmashina I also have a great erection after orgasm, weird shit.

Has anyone else had positive results from pumping? As it seems to be the only thing with a lasting positive effect on EQ which is all I’m concerned about. I can live with firm flaccid but not with poor erections. Has anyone else tried pumping and bmaschina, have the effects lasted after you stopped pumping ?


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