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Firm flaccid penis

Firm flaccid penis


I’m sure this belongs in the injury forum, but please bear with me, as I’m unable to post anything there.

A few months ago I felt as if I had ‘dislocated’ my member at the base, and consequently It shrivelled up and went very hard. I had no pain at all but I must have damaged something, as an ultrasound indicated bruising (hematoma), but apparently no fracture.

All the ‘sponginess’ that goes with a flaccid penis has gone, as if all the blood has drained out, so consequently I now have what amounts to a two inch permanent erection as I’m unable to force any blood into it.

Things are a little better when I’m relaxed and it seems to soften, but it literally petrifies as soon as I stand up and sometimes for no apparent reason.

I have noticed a couple of other members have had this terrifying problem but they don’t really enlarge upon it.

Can anybody help with this? There is little info available on the net, and online urologists as well as one’s that I have seen in person are stumped.


I can’t help you but I was wondering how it happened? PE related? Jelqing/stretching?


What did the doctor say mate?

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I am too out of it mentally right now to offer any advise but I did move the thread to the injury forum.

Hope you get/feel better.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You are experiencing a stunted erection due to valves in your blood inlets shutting down prematurely and not allowing full engorgement of your penis. Its a condition that should not be permanent but will require time to heal and a gradual return to normalcy. Heat and massage can help to restore proper blood work and engorgement. These venous valves are critical to healthy erections and when damage has occurred it requires relaxation with heat and moderate stretching or massage to enhance restorative conditions.

Tell me , can you have an erection while standing up(even as it is more difficult to achieve) or not at all.And can you have while lying down?

Thank you all so much for the info, I wasn’t doing anything PE related, just somehow felt like I ‘dislocated’ it from the base while doing uhm, the usual thing..

Vokey, that sounds feasible to me, I don’t suppose you could take any time to enlarge upon this? Like for instance why my damn valves are shutting down? Would such a scenario also account for the lack of sponginess when flaccid?

I seem to aggravate whatever injury I have with the slightest tweaking, and it firms up again and stays bad for days. Damn thing is also often cold which really freaks me out.

I have been sitting permanently by the heater as I noticed it helped, It also helps for some reason if my bladder is full.
I can get erections on a good day, while standing(more difficult, yes) but they are horribly turgid & rubbery/tight with little feeling.

Rootcap had the same thing happen and described it rather well. I’ll copy it if I may..

“This is the really scary one. I was reading that thread where the guy was talking about how his dick got hard like and shriveled up real bad. Then it happened to me too. The guy in that thread got beat up real bad for being neurotic drama queen and eventually got the boot, so I didn’t bother commenting then about it happening to me.
Besides, I was really scared now.

My dick shriveled up to about 2 inches and had a weird firmness to it also. Exactly like the guy in the thread had explained. There were no solutions in that thread though. My dick would not respond to any attempt to get it hard either. Thankfully it did respond to viagra after about 3 days and I was on to the cure once again and then I had all but forgot about it when ..

About a year later I was listening to Dr Drew one night in the car and I think I got my answer to what it was.
Some guy had called in explaining how he had broke his dick while having sex. His description of what happened to his dick as a result was pretty damn close. Dr Drew went on to explain how you can actually do what amounts to a sprained dick. He described the shrinking and firming of the dick as a definite indication that someone has torn or ruptured the tunica. (I think I have the correct part). Dr Drew went on to explain in detail the how and why of the shrinkage and firming, etc., and it all sounded pretty dam plausible to me. The caller kept responding, yea that’s what my doctor told me. I was driving along thinking, damn me too!

The cure? Time or sometimes surgery. It was an interesting discussion just for the info. I always though the original poster of that thread got beat up on pretty hard. He was being a pansy and unreceptive to any of the well intentioned advice being offered if I recall correctly. So things got hostile and he got banned.

Usually the way it goes though. But I still felt some empathy for him. I didn’t seem like anyone was taking him seriously at the time. Hell my lasted less than a week, he was complaining it had been a year and a half I think.
Let me tell you when your dick resembles a cold 3 day old elbow noodle that fell out of the fridge and got left on the floor, your ass will be freaking out big time too. I know, I experienced it.”

Incredibly doctors didn’t seem to take it seriously at all, which seems to be the case whenever I came across someone describing the condition online.

Thanks for now.

Really useful posts, from all of you.

The wonders of the Internet never cease!

Good luck Zonqor, and I hope you let us know the outcome.

Not quite the same, but years ago, I got very scared, terrified actually, and my dick shrank to the size of a button mushroom, and was almost level with my pubic pad - and I was a skinny lad. The shaft - what was left of it - had become so dense it was hard. I put my hand down my pants, because something felt “odd” when I noticed what it was - that my dick had all but vanished - I went into full panic mode! I sent several minuets pulling on it to coax it back to normal.

Has this happened to anyone else? I am quite a “grower” by the way, probably couldn’t happen so easily to a “shower”.

There are a fine balance of factors that go into producing the erection, when pressure gradients are at the optimal level the valves will close off the blood inlets to induce rigidity for penetration. When there is damage or when there is something affecting the expansion of the penis the valves will shut down to prevent “blue balls” or some other injury. If you have high states of arousal you often will have a case of “blue balls,” since the brain does not want to take “no” for an answer, hence your penis turns into this pulsating section of re-bar and you are left with a great deal of discomfort in your shorts. A myriad of things can affect the size and quality of an erection, one day your big and hard the next day your small and hard.

Thanks Vokey,

So does it stand to reason that when the injury heals the valves will automatically reopen?

I’ve no idea why any information on this shrinking and firming of the flaccid penis following an injury seems to be so thin on the ground.

Generally speaking, and assuming nothing was ruptured your erection quality should return. It will not be like throwing a light switch but in a gradual process the scar will heal and all conditions should go to normal. By undertaking some of the therapies mentioned above you can accelerate that process. Massage will probably be your best path and even jelqing will aid the process. Blood engorgement will enhance the healing.

The problem is here that I’m sure I did rupture something.

Despite never experiencing pain as I already mentioned, my member seems to be kind of loose at the base, as if hanging by a thread sometimes. Has anyone got anything to say on this? I also get lots of little pulls and spasms in the perineal area. The underside of the penis seems to have what feels like a rigid ‘tendon’ either side of the corpus spongiosum.

I can’t trust any urologist that tries to tell me there is nothing wrong, which seems to happen to a lot of people here and has also been the case with me, but I’ve rarely encountered a medical consultant who wasn’t an arrogant pompous cunt, and they don’t like to be argued with..

I hope it,s not a condition that will get progressively worse god forbid.


Zonqor, has the condition got better, worse or stayed the same since you posted this thread? I am not medically qualified in any way, but I used to be a masseur - self taught, no qualifications - but I have an idea or two. I need the above info before I can comment further except to say, you MUST seek another expert. If you are in the UK, DEMAND a specialist or go to your local GU clinic. In fact do both. The clinics are usually of the walk-in type. Do a google search on “GU clinic [your general area]” or GUM clinic.

There is a way of “turning up the heat” with these medical types, don’t let them fob you off.

It does sound that you need to get checked out. That rigidity should not be there and you may have some internal bleeding, check for any discoloration or visual abnormalities. I know what you mean about the medical profession, sometimes your better off with a “witch doctor.”

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