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Firm flaccid penis

Where else could we get this oil? I’m about ready for this ordeal to be done with.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I going to look around for it tonight maybe. Been so busy latley, so maybe not.

Keep us updated please, I have thought I was cured many times, only to watch everything come right back.

Either way I will get some, maybe set up a PO box so I don’t have to have it shipped to my house.

Thank you for finding this.

It is cheap, natural, and seemingly easy to get.

Actually, according to that thread I can get it at walgreens. Sweet, I will get some tonight!

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Iron how is it working for you now, do you still have some improvement ?

Let’s not get ahead ourselves. Only after a months treatment will we know if this stuff is a real help or not.

I suggest everyone to do some reading on this though, I have and it seems highly promising. Almost too good to be true.

I did happen to find it at Kroger for less than $2 out the door. It is in the laxative aisle.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Yes you are right guys it would be surely too nice,Owen you have long reading on priv :) .

Iron how are things with castor oil treatment ?

Hey guys please forgive me, I’m going to put the summary of our options again, with two things I seem to have left out the first time. This is just to ensure we are not missing anything obvious:

- give it more time to heal and use hot wraps (as suggested by a good uro/surgeon)

- use castor oil treatment (as advised by ironaddict’s natural doctor)

- therapeutic pumping (common Peyronie’s and ED treatment, as suggested by kenqi)

- getting our hands on this cream hyperlite had (

- getting to Michael21’s uro and finding out about these injections (Michael21 - Firm flaccid penis)

- supplements in the manner of dr. Lin or or (seemingly used by crono with good result)

- viagra every night before bedtime

- fly to an emminent ED specialist and pay him to do something most likely invasive.

This is our checklist.

I just gone through words of one user from matters - Orbital :

Re: Serious injury—need help


Check out my posts. I’ve detailed most of my problems in them. I’d rather not retype everything.

I don’t know why this happens to only a small number of us. I’ve been cataloging the number of people who come to message boards and compalin about softer erections. Right now I have around 25 unique user names from both and after reading around 100 posts in the injury forums of both sites. That isn’t really very many at all, considering that both sites of tens of thousands of users. Even if we were to assume that not many people report the problem, and perhaps quadruple the number of people who have some degree of ED, 100 out of 50,000+ is almost negligable. I don’t get it… “

I remember that t
his guy had injury few years back and gained for sure reasonable amount of knowledge,he was on matters last days but didn`t respond (mayby had enough this PE injury raport/qeustions , or just no time)
but my point is, mayby someone do have contact with this guy ?
We still need more knowledge to break through our common chalenge!

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Alright, guys- it’s time I stopped lurking around this thread, and introduced myself.

I’m this guy:…lease-help.html

When, in my desperate quest for answers, I first discovered this thread, I tried to join the forum; I received a rejection notice, saying that the forum was filled to capacity. I asked over on PEG if anyone who was a member here could help me keep tabs on this thread; Tinyman PM’d me and very kindly bequeathed his Thunder’s ID to me. Up ‘til now, I’ve just used it to read this thread.

As you can see, the last time I posted on PEG was back in November. Since then, I have seen several good urologists, including Dr. Munarriz at Boston University Medical Center. I have been tested for venous leak; it’s not present. All who have examined me have found no evidence of Peyronie’s. None of them have had anything helpful to offer on the “firm flaccid”, most stating that it’s hard for them to comment on a change when they don’t know what my baseline was.

My symptoms remain pretty much the same: firm, retracted, clay-like flaccid; cavernosal tissue feels markedly different to the touch; penis feels rubbery and strange, tactile sensation on it has not been the same since that fateful night back in September; feels “weightless” when I’m walking around. I can get & maintain erections, with a lot of strong stimulus; but spontaneous erections (or those that used to derive from erotic thoughts) are pretty much a thing of the past (and before this shit happened, I was the kind who would get a hard-on from a stiff breeze). Morning wood is variable. My shaft shape has also changed; I seem to have a slight but permanent doughnut right around the first inch of shaft under the glans. That tissue feels firmer than the rest.

At this point, I don’t know whether I should just give up and accept this horrible state, or keep fighting. This has hurt my life so much. I was five months into a great relationship with a very sexually vivacious woman when I made my hugely regrettable mistake to try jelqing. She has supported me since through dealing with this… she is amazing, an utterly wonderful person… but I don’t know how long I can or should expect her to hang in with this, hoping for things to get better.

It feels hugely unfair to me- I still can’t get my head around the fact that so many guys can do this repeatedly with, at the very least, no bad consequences; I try it ONCE… and my life is changed. I have good days and bad… but many days- too many- find me going through a trying cycle of emotions over this, from anger to hope to despair to acceptance (and I know in the end, for the most part, the latter has to win out; you can only go in one direction in life- forward).

So, yeah, I’ve read all the theories, and I run in circles in my head with them. I think the most hopeful one is the idea that it’s a nerve issue, or an issue of muscle or connective tissue surrounding/outlying the penis. The personal evidence I find to support this idea is that, when I first rise in the morning, my flaccid penis is as close to normal as it ever gets, hanging soft and full, with the tissue feeling spongy and healthy like it used to, to the touch.

I have been doing fish oil, arginine, E, C, multi-B, benfotiamine, B-12, vit. E topical oil, helichrysum oil, Serracor ND, carnitine, inositol, colostrum, Ashwaghanda, warm compresses, etc for months. I eat very well, and I try to get good sleep (though god knows I’ve lost a lot over this).
After reading iron’s last post, I’ve ordered some organic castor oil and cotton flannel. I’m ready to try anything.

If anybody wants to get in touch via PM, please feel free.
Owen, I appreciate the job you’ve done trying to stay on top of everything and keep it organized.

I can’t give up; I still hold out hope that I can be “normal” again.
I feel for all of you who are also dealing with this, and I hope that together we can find a solution or set of solutions that will help.

Oh, and a couple of other things: regarding the verapamil gel that hyperlite mentioned, a quick search on it revealed a study that found pretty conclusively that it’s not able to penetrate the tunica.

Also, as food for thought: what do you guys think of the idea that, to some extent, what we have experienced is apoptosis (programmed cell death) of the cavernosal tissue? This is actually not an uncommon occurrence in men who suffer penile nerve damage in radical prostatectomy. I know, I know, this is a grim theory, and believe me, I hope it’s one that’s not at all correct for what we’re dealing with… but I wanted to put it out there for discussion.

Also… I think these reports are interesting:…ncpuro0409.html

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Hey guys, back. My flaccid is still doing better, and I actually gained some in my BPFSL despite not being able to hang correctly lately. I need to keep castor packing, I have only done 2 sessions.

My flaccid is not as soft as it was because I stopped taking wellbutrin, that drug really helped a lot and I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

I seriously just recommend we all try caverject ( I am working on it) or taking some PDE-5 inhibitor every night or so. I think causing blood pumping erections is the fix here.

My first thought about firmness in the flaccid penis is that the smooth muscle in your penis is actually CONTRACTED in a the flaccid state.. Your smooth muscle needs to RELAX to allow an erection to occur. This relaxation of the smooth muscles is what Viagra and other ED drugs help promote. What I’m saying is a certain amount of tautness in the flaccid penis is probably normal. When I exercise vigorously (and especially if it’s cold out!), I’ve reached down in my pants to check out what my dick is doing (I started doing this and other examinations of my penis once I encountered my ED that I am still pretty confident was caused by PE). Sure enough, sometimes it’s very small and firm, and I am confident that at least part of that smallness and firmness is due to smooth muscle contraction.

There is also the phenomenon of your body attempting to protect and/or adapt to different stimuli and circumstances. For example, a person who has loose ligaments in the knee from non-ideal healing of that ligament may experience sudden and non-voluntary muscle contractions in the leg, which I’ve read may be the body’s attempt to stabilize the knee in a secondary way (normally the stability is primarily provided by the ligaments). To me, this COULD mean your penis was attempting to protect itself so it could repair.

I am certainly no expert in medicine or anything, and in all my research about soft tissue injuries, I know now more than ever that understanding what is happening from a medical perspective with injuries is hard.. It’s just all pretty complex.

These are some of my thoughts for now.. Good luck and be careful!

Great post orbital!

Any ideas of how to get it to relax though?


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