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Firm flaccid penis

And for all of you suggesting castor oil, it’s basically a laxative so I’m assuming you are attempting to use it as a muscle relaxant. How are you going to manage to get it in the muscles without injecting it ? Rubbing it in will only reach the skin.

I’m pretty sure I have something similar to peyronies, a slight curve to the left and downwards. And I can also feel the tissue feels different at the bit where it does this.
So do you think pumping would be the solution for me ?

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Hey Tinyman,

I’m sorry you have a condition too, but thanks for joining. Thanks for the kind words and for the links. They are very interesting and I will look into the more.

It is sad how some people will blame everything for someone’s ED, except the agressive and medically unapproved manipulations of the penis the person happened to be doing at the time of the onset of ED.

It is interesting you said “I feel like I’m in a waking nightmare.” This are probably the exact same words I used when talking about this issue with someone.

Your symptoms to me sound much like 229233’s (a participant of this thread). Do go through his posts if by chance you haven’t yet — it might be helpful, as he healed over time. They also seem to match the fibrosis description I laid out in the thread.

What you say about kegels feeling weak and about better morning state, I have experienced too. However, that is only logical and IMO doesn’t reveal much. Kegels force blood into the penis, and if the penis is fully functional, of course their effect will not show like before. Morning state is bound to be great because at night a healthy penis has no less than several hours of erection which exercise the tissues and bring blood to the area.

The thing that I haven’t seen before is the shaft shape change you describe. I’m sure you know by now that many experience an occurence of strong veinage after this injury.

Programmed cell death. I don’t think that is very likely. My erection has no change of shape, abnormalities or changes that would indicate something like that. It can be full and normal for a brief time.

To describe my flaccid. I have several kinds of firmness.

One is swollen firmness that appears after orgasm and stays there for too long for it to be normal. I have read other injured guys talk about this too. This is the firmness that was disappearing for me but now seems to be back in full glory. The flaccid seems much bigger then it should be, even two days after ejaculation.

Second firmness happens always when I don’t have erections for a while. That seems to dry out my penis and it becomes wooden-like. Like the penis of a corpse.

Third firmness is de-blooded, so to speak. It turns grey and discolored for no apparent reason. This happened about three times.

Veins are strong and all too visible for a flaccid. Size seems unnoticably longer then before, except in the swollen type of firmness when it feels twice the normal flaccid size.

Originally Posted by kenqi1
Hey Walgart I am actually interested in looking into the surgery (not getting it, just doing some research). I got an internship at national Taiwan University over the summer so I will actually be in Taipei. Maybe I could stop by their office and talk to them, would be an interesting conversation. But 10,000 dollars? HA. I wish.

Many would kill for this priviledge, as this many is highly rewarded and considered the best uro in the world my some. Please keep us update and check your PM.

Nice, kenqi1 when you will be there please check this place out good and learn everything as much as possible, mayby say hello to Dr Hsu from PE injured guys :) .Actually I started earning money for this surgery.

venom pumping is really good, after pumping I had some kind of weak morning wood, in contrast to days when I didn`t pump - dead dick.

I remember that in good time with jelqs+kegels when I added pumping I had really really hard morning steel.

Few weeks back I had a date with chick and possibility of good sex so I pumped using bathmate bat really many sessions and believe me my unit was so fucking big after that, something like solid 8x6 but there was no sex unfortunatelly and what I realize why they say “light pumping” to increase EQ - my dick was death next day, no sign of morning wood.If you have pressure gauge 5,6 HG and Avocet8 advices to the best pumping.

Venomx, I do have lasting results from pumping. Better EQ is a definite one, but also more veins closer to the surface. The rubber part it stretched out on my pump now, so it sucks my ball sac in. I am going to give it one more go, and if it doesnt work, I will throw it out. The better EQ is great, it is just that the veins concern me.

My firm flaccid seems to be stuck at middle ground, it is not terrible, but not soft. I have been noticing higher frequency of morning erections lately too. A few days ago I woke up at 6am after going to bed just at 4am and I had an erection so hard it hurt. That makes me happy to say the least.

I am done with all supplements except for my Vit E and C. I also have been drinkin plenty of green tea over the past few weeks. It really feels good. I have been getting lots of anti-oxidants which will hopefully help in recovery.

Castor oil has been pretty good too. Venomx, apparently castor oil is supposed to be able to penetrate very well. And like any oil, heat and time will allow it to penetrate more. Try to do some reading on the healing properties of castrol oil. It is very cheap anyways.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Try 1.5 hours for the castor oil. 30 minutes is the MINIMUM!

Holy jeez guys!

I do not know what happened after my last solid routine or this new powerfull supplements I woke up with so nice morning steel again! Im not sure what exactly caused such a great effect mayby combination of Lin VIP cream and heated castor after that with his pills but I returned to safe PE immediately, have great boner after session and it seems that it will be good fucking session tonight :D .I sincerely hope that you all find such great and fast solution to this problem also and of course really soon.

Looks like I might give pumping a try. I can live with ff but not poor eq !

Great to hear walgart! Just remember don’t get carried away. Even when everything seems ok still guy easy on him!

Good luck with pumping venomx! I did so again last night along with a long session of castor oil and heat. Today the firmness wasn’t too bad. Woke up several times and each time I had an erection, although they werent too great.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Yea it would be to easy and nice and actually it was n my stupid joke on holiday in my country April Fool’s Day… But it doesn`t mean that this situation will never happen we must of course try different approaches or should increase a speed of earning money on surgery.

You can always joke strongly On April Fool’s Day in my country, especially as a celebration so it was my dream-joke ;) .

I read an article in a bodybuilding magazine today, talking about how they can inject botox into the cremaster muscle in the scrotum that is responsible for shrinking us up when we are cold, and once you get it done, you DO NOT SHRINK UP for 6 months. Wonder if this has any value?

May have some value iron but Im a little excited because answered to me our vet and class act regard matter of this injury - tbirdy on matters.
That message from him, so beside that Im colecting money for injury with Dr.Hsu I wait for his replly with hope as well :

“No Problem my friend ,, I will come back at you in the next days ok , have to look up the info again ,
have alot going on right now in my life (mostly good things) that i Have to take care of , thats why i’m not so active here…
but I DO HAVE EXTREMLY GOOD NEWS for all of you …I journeyd deep in to the “alternative healing” world and found tons of things usable for penis regeneration,
so keep your hopes up !

Take care

So Im really curious what he found and remember his really smart and motivational posts.

Any info on this alternate healing ?
I feel that some of us are looking to far deep into this, our symptoms match closesly to that of peyronies. Which can be cured !
Damaged tissues = peyronies.

It’s how to quickly repair this tissue which is the question.

No to this time but Im really curious what tbirdy found, cause I saw so many guys on the net who claim that are healed but as mentioned before, I never had contact with them.


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