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New to PE

New to PE

I’m new to PE. I’ve been working for around 2 months and I wanted to get some work in for a while before I really started measuring myself too much. A couple things complicated my measuring, but now I feel like I’m finally at a place where I feel comfortable saying: this is where I’m starting.

ELength: 6.0”
EGirth: 4.75”

I’ve definitely gained some girth so far and some length too.

I started out doing JAI stretches and in the process of working through those, I figured out a modified JAI stretch that I do now. I’ve also added in static stretches.

The way I like static stretching is to pull very gently, as in, barely at all, and I simply focus on relaxing my core into my penis and letting it stretch out. I find the stretch naturally releases as I do that with no further effort if I simply hold it.

I go in this order:
-1minute down left, straight down, down right, straight out.
-1:30min down left, straight down, down right, straight out
-2minute down left, straight down, down right, straight out
-2:30min straight down, straight out
-3minute straight down, straight out (2x)

As I move further along I will add 1 rep (2 stretches - 1 straight down, 1 straight out, 6 min total) to the final 3 minute stretch, every 3 weeks or so.

I’ve been experimenting with different routines. In the process of messing around with JAI stretches I figured out a very gentle stretch that I can do before jelqs that makes them way more effective. I will try to describe it. If you grip your penis and pull barely at all until you feel resistance, and I mean BARELY, like, almost no force - not even trying to extend it, just trying to get to where you feel the slightest resistance - you breathe out and your penis will extend a little bit further with no extra force. There’s no clinching or anything, there’s no resistance like you would do with a JAI stretch where you clinch your abs or PC muscle, you simply pull out a little bit, exhale, let it extend further, and pull all the way back until your penis isn’t stretched at all and then you go again.

I was doing like 30 minutes of jelqs, but when I started doing these stretches (and I was doing 90 of them DL, SD, DR, SO, so 360 total) I had to reduce my jelq time to like 9 minutes and it’s just too much bloodflow and my penis isn’t conditioned to handle it yet so I’m pulling back to 30/30/30/30. I will call these stretches SAI stretches — simple active isolated stretches bc IDK what else to call them. They’re not quite ‘active isolated’ but they do work and they generate crazy bloodflow. They do stretch your penis a little bit but the main thing I use them for is to generate bloodflow for jelqs (and to help me heal more —- very effective to do these on off days if you are sore).

As I get to 40 minutes jelquing and can do it comfortable with 30/30/30/30 SAI stretches (no negative PIs), I will increase to 45, 60, 75, and finally 90/90/90/90 SAI stretches prior to jelqs and go back to 10min/15min jelq for 25 min total until I go back up to 40 minutes and level up again going higher with the SAI stretches. These stretches are very powerful and they enhance jelqs a lot.

I am also adding back in regular JAI stretches to my routine both straight down and straight out, 45 and 90, respectively. I clinch my PC muscle to do these.

So this is my routine now:
1. 30/30/30/30 SAI stretches in front of the IR lamp
2. 15min jelq
3. 35min static stretches in front of the IR lamp
4. 15min jelq
5. 45 straight down JAI stretch, 90 straight out JAI stretch in front of the IR lamp.

That way I can take care of my warm up and warm down pretty much all while I’m doing stretches and space my jelquing in between my stretching. Before, I was doing all my stretches before I started jelquing at all.

I will be starting this routine tomorrow. I feel very confident that this is something that works after 2 months of diligent work with only 1 week break the entire time because I had negative PIs.

I will be recording my progress here.

My ultimate goal is 9”x6”.

I ended up adding 12 more minutes of stretching today instead of waiting 3 weeks to add 6 minutes. I think it’s the right decision.

I was still on the 90/90/90/90 SAI stretch and it was just too much bloodflow so I only jelqued for 9 minutes today, got my stretches in and did 45 SD/45 SO JAI stretches. Will try 30/30/30/30 tomorrow and see if I can add some jelq time. I added in the extra 12 minutes (3 SD/3 SO - 2x) after I had done everything. I think I’m gonna keep it but I’ll monitor how my dick feels to see. I stretch very lightly and just hold, but even so, adding in that 12 minutes might be too much because I’ve only done static stretches for a couple weeks. We’ll see, but I like the idea of more 3 minute stretches and I don’t want to eliminate my warm-up stretches (1, 1:30, 2, 2:30min).

Ended up doing

30/30/30/50 SAI stretches
13min jelq
47min static stretch
4min jelq
90SO/90SD JAI stretches

I feel like this routine worked really well, but I was surprised at how much bloodflow I was getting from jelqs still despite lowering the SAI stretch count. I think I’m gonna add more stretching time tomorrow as I feel like I can definitely handle it - gonna add 4 more 3 minute stretches to get to 59 minutes.

I also switched to C-Grip for my jelqs because I was getting spotting like every session or having to do 20 minute warmdowns bc of it after using the overhand OK-grip, but this time around doing the JAI stretches in front of the IR lamp took like 10-12 minutes I think and I didn’t need any further warmdown or see any spotting at any time with 17min total jelq (as opposed to 9 min yesterday when I felt like I was in danger of getting spots).

And, actually, the total stretch time was more like 53 minutes instead of 47 bc I held the last stretch a long time. It just felt good to hold it and I knew it was my last one, so I did. That’s why I think I’m gonna just move up to an hour static stretching. I didn’t notice any negatives to doing it. However, I’ve felt a lot of changes recently with my penis, and I’m changing my routine a lot all at once so I’m open to an hour being too much. We will see.

Start (9/27/18): 5 12/16" x 4 5/16" (BPEL x MSEG)

Now (10/25/18): 6 3/16" x 4 9/16"

Goal: 9" x 6"

I had some negative PI’s from jelquing, pretty slight discoloration that I’m not too concerned about but I still think I’m gonna take a couple days off. Keeping it down to a few JAI stretches each day until Tuesday most likely. I’ve been adding a lot lately and I want to rest some and I have other stuff to do. I definitely feel good about where I’m headed though.

Start (9/27/18): 5 12/16" x 4 5/16" (BPEL x MSEG)

Now (10/25/18): 6 3/16" x 4 9/16"

Goal: 9" x 6"

Hey ETL, keep up the good work and this detailed thread. Those negative PIs don’t seem terrible, but it’s a pretty intense routine. You going to restart a bit more slowly or go back in again at the same level?

Originally Posted by 74zowee86
Hey ETL, keep up the good work and this detailed thread. Those negative PIs don’t seem terrible, but it’s a pretty intense routine. You going to restart a bit more slowly or go back in again at the same level?

The problem isn’t the manual stretching, it’s that I was doing those SAI stretches…. and they’re like super super gentle and something I want to tell the community about over time because they themselves cannot possibly cause any harm, but they increase bloodflow in your penis A LOT and doing jelqs afterward is way more intense than normal. Like, I was jelquing for 25-30 minutes before, but adding these mini-stretches in really made me change my technique and time spent. I figure I’m not doing any harm because my PI’s aren’t that bad like you say, so, how could it be bad? Although I was worried about it because my jelquing totally changed. I just sort of figured them out playing with my dick a lot and it just happened, IDK what to call them but I discovered the movement playing around with JAI stretches so I went with SAI. I think it’s a way to increase jelquing intensity without increasing the pressure from your hands and potentially never needing to decon your penis, but we will see.

My goal in taking a couple days off was to let everything calm down so I could start back with a normal jelq session on Tuesday and see how it works with only 120 or maybe even 60 of those mini-stretches first. I think I’ll stick with 120 and just try to go softer this time.

As for the hour stretching… my body just kind of led me there. I’m gonna stretch today for sure. We’ll see how it goes, if it’s too intense I can dial it down but it felt good last time. I’m definitely a ‘more is more’ type of person, but I know that can be dangerous with PE. Definitely trying to listen to my body as well as I can and not force anything. I stretch veryy gently - as in, almost no pressure, only enough to get the stretch started and then I just focus on relaxing and my penis naturally extends into each rep so I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong there.

Missing days of PE feels like the end of the world, but I’m that way about everything and I just have important stuff to handle. I want to get some stretching in today though. I think I will, but I might not. We will see. I’m a little anxious about the hour routine because last time I was only going to do 47 minutes and add 12 minutes in like 3 weeks but on the last stretch I did it just felt so right to hold it ended up being about an hour until I felt like stopping… my body literally took me to an hour and I’m just like, “Ok, I guess this is good,” because the whole time I’ve been listening to my body and reading my PI’s very carefully and I feel like I’ve been doing very well — that’s how I ended up with this routine, just feeling it out.

I started out with all JAI/SAI stretches that I developed at first, and then when I added in manual stretches it was1 min reps, 3 LD, 7 SD, 3 RD, 4 SO and that seemed like a lot at first and I just increased it as it felt right and it worked perfectly. I want to stick with my measurements that I put up because that will represent real growth (i.e growth that means something to me… I wanted to get newbie gains out of the way before I put the measurements I wanted to measure my progress by down) but I’ve gained a lot in the 2 months leading up to this. My penis looks way different and bigger/better now. That’s why I’m not too concerned about intensity because I’ve been working hard the whole time. Time will tell.

Did my full routine today and it felt a lot different than last time. I’m taking out the beginning SAI stretches because the bloodflow is just too much to jelq right for now.

My manual stretching went well, I thought, but I ended up with some red splotches at the end of my glans… almost like it was a burn or something? I had never seen it before. And then I had a darker red small spot on my shaft, which I had never seen before. I’m gonna take out the SAI stretches completely, and reduce my manual stretching time down to 35 and see how that goes in a day or two. I spent a lot of time in front of the IR lamp and most of the splotches on my glans went away and that spot lightened up a lot, but it didn’t go away.

It didn’t look like a normal bruise at all, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Start (9/27/18): 5 12/16" x 4 5/16" (BPEL x MSEG)

Now (10/25/18): 6 3/16" x 4 9/16"

Goal: 9" x 6"

Hmm… I got up and I had good EQ, which has sort of been all over the place for reasons unrelated to PE.

My spot pretty much looks like this

Agnos - Blood Blister From Stretching

except it’s on the top of the shaft about midway down and it’s darker red, not really purple at all. Marinera said that was caused from too tight of a grip? That he needs to grab right at his glans? I was holding my foreskin last night and I do most of the time when I stretch and there was a lot of like… tension… I honestly don’t know how to describe it, but I felt like that was definitely the most intense stretching session I’ve ever had, in a good way, from start to finish.

I think I just have like a burst capillary or something. Has anyone dealt with these from stretching? I say it’s from stretching, but I also did 10 minutes of jelqs… but I don’t think those negatively affected me at all. I’m pretty sure this is from the manual stretching I did. My dick feels fine, the spot is faded more today after sleeping.

Start (9/27/18): 5 12/16" x 4 5/16" (BPEL x MSEG)

Now (10/25/18): 6 3/16" x 4 9/16"

Goal: 9" x 6"

Very similar to this

James1984 - Blisters

except a lot smaller and not as purple, more red.

I think I found the culprit for that spot… it was the JAI SD stretches. I just went to do some JAI stretches as I’ve done them a bunch of times when I’ve had other negative PI’s and didn’t feel anything wrong, ever. When I did the SO ones, I didn’t feel anything wrong, but when I did the SD ones, I felt a lot of pressure on the exact spot where the blood mark is and it felt wrong, like I should stop. So, I did and did those reps for SO. Dropping all JAI SD stretches from my routine and adding the reps to make 200 JAI SO stretches.

I do think the manual stretching before that played a part though also, but I really felt it strongly doing the JAI stretch SD. Definitely gonna take my total stretch time back down to like 35 or 42 minutes and take a couple days off from everything except JAI stretches SO.

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Hmm… I know now that I am committed to taking it slow with the manual stretching time. 35 minutes has worked well for me for many sessions, so I will stick with that. I am doing

1min LD, SD, RD, SO
1:30 LD, SD, RD, SO
2:00 LD, SD, RD, SO
2:30 SD
3:00 SD (until I reach my time limit)

now, after 2 minutes I am going all SD stretches until I reach my time limit and I am sticking with all straight out JAI stretches. I’ve had spotting on the glans a lot of times from jelquing but this time I felt pretty sore and there were several reasons for it that are not exactly PE related, but I didn’t like it and I don’t want to risk injury. 1hour is too much for me right now to stretch. I’m also completely eliminating the SAI stretches I do at the beginning before jelqs. They might make a comeback later on when I am more conditioned, but for now I don’t feel comfortable trying to increase the bloodflow for normal jelqs at all so I’m not going to.

Safety first. I don’t like taking days off and I hate injuries.

Start (9/27/18): 5 12/16" x 4 5/16" (BPEL x MSEG)

Now (10/25/18): 6 3/16" x 4 9/16"

Goal: 9" x 6"

I think you need to tone down your routine abit. Off days are so important remember it’s not the 100metres but a long marathon.

I probably take 3/4 rest days a week if I don’t I need a week off every 2 months or less even.

Listen to your body.

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