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710 progress log

710 progress log

Hello all and thanks for making thunders place so great.

My starting stats were:
Roughly 6.5x5.5
I starting with a JP 90 in November
6 3/4 x 5 3/4
My goal is 8x6 and maybe one day 9x7

My routine is:
Stretch in all directions with kegels for 15-20 minutes I do 100 kegels in a row during a stretch then do 10 second holds kegels + reverse
3-600 jelqs with intermittent DLD blaster - I do sets of 100 jelqs and for each set I add a dld blaster ( I think thats the name of the exercise- I basically go to PONR and than do a long hold jelq followed by squeezes)
I have just added the phallosan

Main reason I have this is to track Phallosan Hours I am apprx 10hrs in now.

+4 hrs in phallosan since yesterday so 14hrs total
Got 200 jelqs and released on my second dld blaster went to far on the PONR.


I am now spotting on the base of my penis- never have before. Assuming its from adding the phallosan in.

Does anyone have experience with this? Like getting spotting from incorporating the phallosan.

+2hrs in phallosan brings me to 16hrs

My first negative issue with phallosan- first I’m not even that thick and I need to use the large- then some of my skin has an open wound because of getting stuck between rubber sleeve and plastic where the head goes into. I assume thats what that little silicon piece is was included -but it does not fit.

This cut has affected my manual PE which is really annoying.

I suggest getting baby powder and jock itch cream before you start using this device. Also be sure not to have any skin getting caught up like I am describing

+4 hrs brings me to 20 hrs got up to 400 jelqs and 3 blasters goal is to get to 1000 and 10 blasters.

The PF and travel forced me to tak a week off .I probably needed it anyways my guy is looking good!

+ 4hrs (2hrs a day) (25hrs- edit)

Those marks I was referring to in my previous posts is a sign of chaffing. I now know that with certainty as I am chaffing like a SOB thanks to PF.. It is causing massive chaffing and really impacting my manual exercise.

I was still able to do 300 jelqs each day over the last 2 days but boy is it not the same as having good skin there.

I think the main reason for this is the silicon material the condom is made of was going to far down the shaft. So I no longer keep my head all the way inside the plastic and don’t roll the silicon down all the way. I also added a polyester cloth to protect the skin from the circular thing the that slips over the penis too.

I hope this helps because I believe tell this is EXACTLY what I need for length gains. I do not believe heavy weight would be the answer for me but if I can’t control this chaffing I will go to a bib hanger or whatever..

I am pretty convinced that I need some sort of all day stretching to add to my current exercises. Essentially like an anti turtle device that may add to stretching ( after about 1.5 hrs I feel the device pulling my dick out of me -its great)

Jelqs give me an incredible girth increase but length has only increased my curve so its been a challenge.. I think this device will help but I need to get passed the chaffing and injuries this things is causing me.

Last edited by 710Trader : 04-26-2016 at . Reason: added "25hrs"

+10hr in PF since my last post- was traveling, busy and have not been working out regularly. Made a work out here and there but not dedicated- Back at it as of yesterday.

Brings me to 35hrs if PF -

Also lowering my jelq reps to 25 and then the DLD blaster- getting more girth than length gains so I am focused on stretching and PF for length. I must break the 7” mark that is my main goal besides being able to last longer.

+ 5hrs total is 40hrs. I have started morning and evening jelq sessions now too.

So here is my routine yellow to red tension in PF

1-2hrs in PF (some keggals)
Remove (manual stretch)
Jelq 30/50 times and than do blasters increasing the number of blasters for each set I usually do 3 sets then cum (its only been 2./3 days like this and was the same for when I was doing 100 jelqs) same goal of 10 blasters
Back to PF for 1-2 hrs
Remove manual stretching
Jelq again 30/50x followed by increasing blasters
Back to PF for 1-2 hrs

I am getting about 5 hrs a day and 300 jelqs in

I am trying this method as a way to maximize the time spent in post jelq state-

+ 10 hrs and 150 jelqs total is 50 hrs now going to start keeping track of jelqs and dld blasters totals too estimate is 2000 jelqs and 75 DLD blasters I will use those numbers as my estimated total and keep them from here on out.

50hrs, 2000 jelqs, 75 DLDs

Starting to get more comfortable in the Phallosan. Use baby powder to roll the condom back correctly, have the suction on when you roll it on and use lubrication at your base- I also have been switching to with the curve which I think may be a little more effective but I only do it for comfort as I wouldn’t mind getting rid of my curve.

What were signs this thing was working?? Anyone?

53 hrs 2200 jelqs 79 DLDs

Need a break from PF getting some irritation at base and head is in some pain. 12 hrs should be good.

54 2350 81

62 2650 85

Think I may have injured myself in a weird way. I went to PONR and held it back but I guess I was too close to the point.. I stopped myself but now feel like I injured my inside like there is some juice just hanging around in my pipes lol.. Not sure what to make of it.. Anyone?

70 2900 90

Injury was better next day with crazy morning wood too- cock is looking A+

82 3200 95 - I have not been doing DLD blasters. I have been edging to PONR and than clamping/squeezing/light jelqing. I thought this was the definition of a DLD sorry for the bad info guys. Does anyone know what that exercise is called?

I have noticed increased sensativity since using PF I have not been able to get passed the 3rd round of edging/squeezing where I used to be able to get to 4/5 no problem before.

Been keeping the PF on green so I can increase the hours- I actually like the lower tension longer hours vs higher tension lower hours. When I can start to hand the higher tension I think I am going to modify the PF to be able to hang from it. Or just make or buy a bib hanger..

Anyone have any input?

I can sit home all day and hang (I do that with the PF on high tension mode) - I have noticed many gain length of hanging.. And I think I am leaving a lot on the table by just jelqing, stretching & the PF.

Lastly the x was mad at me for doing so well in my life in general vs she hit a tough period.. She tried to tell me I had a small penis which is generally not true to begin with but she had like all hung xs and when we broke up I was so stressed overworked and skinny I lost 1/4 inc in both length and width- so relatively speaking I was “small” but NOW I am pushing on 7x5.75 NBPEL up from when she left me in depressed state shrunk state of 6 1/4 or 3/8 x5.25. Knowing that I am on track to make atleast 7.5 to 8 and my girth gains coming in so easy I am confidednt 6+ will be 0 problem over time- I confidently told her “not any more” and laughed. It was a great feeling.


Took 2 days off. Came back was in for an hour did some jelqing and had blood out come out of my head. This must be from that injury I referenced a week ago or so.

Its fine a read that it will go away but just need to stay away from jelqing for 2 weeks. (No problem for me as I really want length right now any way)

I think I will do light jelqing in a few days just to keep the blood flowing


Can’t help but jelq lightly

Just got a my heat pad!! So excited used it already and LOVE it. Can’t believe I spent almost 6 months without it.

I also drink a ginger, ginko & tribulous tea 2x per day before I work out. Along with a protein shake with l argenine in it after my regular workout.

I drink the ginger tea in place of coffee really - not sure if any of the supplements actually work. They give vascularity for sure but thats it.

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