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710 progress log


Originally Posted by 710Trader
check this workout out- when I first read it when it was posted I thought it was a hoax. but beginngin to believe the exercise has merrit. I will go to it when I really start going for girth in a year :(…eakthrough.html

try the exercise described in the link. I just did it very lightly to see what the fuss was about. I have never seen so much base girth in my life. I used my hand and not the tub or floor and bent my dick from the base down the shaft while pointing down. I also did some jelqs pointing down and liked those too.

the only other thing I did different in this jelq routine was a long manual stretch with kegals.

238/6600/180 did 15 minutes balloon edging today going to phase out counting sets and phase in counting minutes from here on out.

got up early and started early in the day- felt better to get more PF hours in early rather than later- now that the b.s. is largely behind me and I can refocus on my PE I think this will be a habit.

its crazy the correlation my normal body work out and my pe workouts have. like they are in sync- or maybe its just me. I notice better workouts on days I am either pre-working out or recovered/not working out and worse workouts on recovery and post workout pe.

Man that technique is just too “fancy”.

Why almost sodomize yourself when you can achieve the same type of horizontal expansion by just squashing it differently, e.g. with a frying pan on a table - I have read somewhere here someone doing that!

Then: 6.5 BPEL | 5.5 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Aiming for: 20cm+ BPEL with low EQ (= still usable for sex EQ), 6.0 MSEG & BEG!, so the goal is: 8.1'' | 7.2'' x 6.0! || My journal

true- was my first impression which is ignored it at first and then when I saw how many ppl had success… I modified it… I just pointed the penis down between my legs 75-80 percent erect balls to the side while in a semi squat position using the side of the tub as a place to sit and not as a place to crush my dick…instead i simply used my hand to reverse bend the penis starting at the base rolling the bend up the shaft. perhaps it was the kegal stretching but the results I got were immediately after I was done with the exercise. woke up this morning still pleased… altho much less base girth.

base girth has always been a challenge. not the actual base but just above it… this seems to have helped a bit. I will repeat one more time and report with out the kegal stretches… I do not wan to add girth as I am really looking for length.

715am start today


very busy day couldnt get much work in.

weekly pre-workout measure:

FSL remains at 7.25 perhaps slight heavy. last measure was done inside of PF this one was done with my hand only and still came in at 7.25

no official EL but I did peak at it and is confirmed beyond 6 3/4 at 70-80% EQ- longest measure to date especially pre-workout.

max girth comes in just shy of 5 & 3/4
min girth comes in at just shy of 5 & 1/2
(doesnt look or feel like these numbers but thats what the tailors tape said)

I really hope I can get my length goals so I can get into girth exercises. Starting to get bored of waiting on the length.

one additional comment is that the PF has made my head larger for sure I believe this accounts for a decent portion of gains.

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Originally Posted by 710Trader
finding the penis much more full when I wrap it while in ADS. I was only covering the base most of the time. Will be adjusting going forward to entire penis from now on whenever possible.

wrap it with my heat pad that is…

250 hrs. in PF

changing my workout for 1 month starting tomorrow… going to focus completely on length.

I will be doing 3-4 sets of 2.5-3.5 hrs in the PF taking 1hr breaks to do manual stretches for 5-30 minutes.

Thinking that this can be like my jelqing decon break.

Couple of reasons I am doing this… #1 I do not want to push the jelqs to hard as to become conditioned. I think I may have done that a little by being to forceful in the beginning. #2 I really want to make 8 inches or somewhere close to it and Ive read that working girth just slows that down so I want to see what happens if I focus solely on length. #3 is if I stop jelqing the penis will push to heal itself or whatever… by doing that in an elongated fashion perhaps I can solidify some length gains or even better-add to them quickly.

Regarding that weird workout- I would say 100% going to be incorporating that exercise in my girth circuit

I am going to complicate this so much but I think its the right thing to do. I hope some vet ADS guys can chime in with some advice.

I think my unit, who I am naming “Animal” btw, is getting used to being stretched to the left which I have been mostly doing because my unit curves to the right and Id like to fix that if I can … problem is my unit used to feel like it was being ripped out of me after long periods in the ads and I no longer get that feeling going left but I do with it going out, down and a little to the right as well.

I think this is a sign a should start rotating more and it should confuse Animal which I imagine couldnt be bad thing. Also anatomically I wouldnt just stretch my left leg or right leg to gain flexibility…. nor would I just stretch the inside or outside of one leg to gain flexibility… I think the same can be applied… I believe at a minimum it is a mistake to not stretch down. So, today I am starting to keep track of time at different angles:

Left, Right, Up 2.5 3 2
Down, Out, Manual Stretch 2 2.5 30
Balloon Edging 0
Total ADS time Total Balloon Edging Total Manual Time
262 20 35

Going to keep this on a spreadsheet… I have been doing kegals & reverse kegals whenever I can especially to build up the reverse kegal which helds while balloon edging force the max blood into the penis that I can. Adding extra control and strength there can only be a benefit to overall sexual health so I will continue to work kegals & balloon edge - I just wont jelq or squeeze these now… sorry to change so much or if this confuses you as you are following along hope to have some positive feedback in the form of results after 1 month to share with everyone!!

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Left Right Up Down Out Total Manual Balloon Edging Total ADS time Total Balloon Edging Total Manual Time

3.5 1 2 6.5 15 5 268.5 25 50
I already know that that wont come out right but since noone really cares all that much I am going to be lazy.

What are the numbers?

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Titleist its an honor to have you visit my log- any advice would be greatly appreciated:

numbers are:

hours in ADS using the Phallosan:
Left, Right, Up 0, 3.5, 0
Down, Out, 1, 2.5

Manual Stretch & Baloon Edging in mins:
15, 5
Total ADS time Total Balloon Edging Total Manual Time
268.5 25 50

2 rest days- had some chafing on the shaft- back to work!!!

I have been busy and still recovering from chafing so output is slightly lower than normal.

I believe it is from using too much baby powder to frequently.

To roll the sleeve simply clean with a dry cotton washcloth and roll sleeve works just fine without powder and I believe will help.

Total ADS Time, Total Balloon Edging, Total Manual Time
278, 25, 65

moprmomg wood last 2 days

282 total PF hours rest is same- should make it back up to 10 hrs starting today through the weekend.


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