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Silverback1981's Progress log.

Silverback1981's Progress log.

Hi all,

This is my first journey into PE. I have decided to make a log of my progress rather than just do the routines and leave it at that, after all seeing the progress logged makes for even better motivation!

My starting stats are:

BPEL: 5.250”
NBPEL: 4.500”
MEG: 4.500”

Admittedly, they’re not the best starting stats in the world, but even big oaks have to start smaller!!

My long term/ultimate goal is to reach;

BPEL: 7.500”
NBPEL: 7.000-7.250”
MEG: 5.500”-6.000”

I am very interested in using a home made hanger at some point in the future. My priority though, is to gain some extra length and girth first before considering this addition to my routine.

Cheers, wish me luck!

Mark - Silverback1981

Even the biggest oaks have to start small.

Hi Silverback and welcome!

Don’t worry too much about your starting stats, mine is smaller than yours if that makes you feel better. Just be patient and the gains will come. Remember that PE is a marathon and not a sprint.

Good luck in your PE journey. :)

Wish you luck. :)

Hey Silverback!

This is my first journey into PE as well! I wish you the best of luck in your journey and you have come to a great site if you need help/advice :)


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