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710 progress log

Hey 710,

How comfortable is the phallosan? I was looking into the device but found the size master on alibaba for cheap and went with that instead. Nice progress thread.

With the heat pad and some lube on the white circle it is extremely comfortable. I feel I can wear it on high tension for a long time now that I am 100 hrs in and using this heat pad.

The heat pad has changed the game for me. I am mad I didnt get it earlier.

I use baby powder to help roll the sleeve and coconut oil as lube on the white cirlce. I fold the heat pad around my whole area. Its great. I hope I am seeing things correctly and have some length gains for my measure.

115 3400 98


Busy day :( today I can spend a lot of time :)

124 3650 104

took a non official flacid measurement while in the PF I am pleased to report the longest measurement I have had - flacid is around NBP 7.25+

My dick is obviously larger by look and by touch so I was not surprised when I surpassed all previous measurements.

I hope this translates into my ST EL goal of 7 NBP I will measure June 1.

I started very seriously on or about Dec 1. I was doing some haphazard in Nov but really got into it on Dec 1. I do believe that the first 3 months dont even really count anyway.

I would barely call any of my first 3 months worth of exercise a workout today. So while I have been at it for 7 months with small gains compared to some on here- I really feel like I have been at it for 4 months. I also feel like an ADS is the exact tool I have needed for my goal of length.

For me I believe I need the all day low tension to trick my body to let go. Plus the heat is a game changer I can not stress that enough to any newbie - get a heat pad best 30$ I have spent on PE.


going to shoot for another 4-5hrs in PF today but I doubt I will make that probably another 2 and done cause the jelqing and suction on the head can be a little bit much.

and back to full workouts as no more blood seems to be coming.

135/3750/106 celebrated my 7.25 and so hurting today. got 1.5hrs in last night and 8.5/9.5 today no jelqs due to schedule.

note: discomfort is a result of loss of bloodflow. is why heat is so important. I just discovered this today. as soon as the bloodflow stops and numbness sets in pain occurs. keep blood flow up and there will be no pain.- will test this theory tomorrow in a 100% session which I plan to repeat till June 1!!!!

That theory of discomfort being due to lack of blood flow may be true but the heat does not make blood flow to the head while in PF. At least at higher tensions…The PF cuts blood flow off to the head or keeps blood there while in suction. At higher tensions the max I would leave the Phallosan Forte on for is 3hrs at a time with heat 2 hrs without. At lower tension 4-5hs.

Some instructions on using the Phallosan Forte:

Use baby powder to roll the sleeve
Roll the sleeve as far as you can and than roll the last roll back on one side and try not to let the condom slip back once you have one side just slide the rest of the condom over the edge. Doing this step right is important to getting this thing on correctly.
Now put the “pump” on and leave the “valve” open
Slide your semi head into the cup
Close the valve
slip the sleeve over dont catch skin and roll sleeve back
pump and adjust belt to tension.
Apply lubricant as necessary when you do not have heat.


Whats up guys!! just finished my physical workout got my portein in and reading this thread: Finding xeno: a penis tale

its a good thread just want people to be aware of it and have an opportunity to read it. It is helping me - I know I have a long long way to go. :/

143/4100/115 yesterday I got in 8 hrs felt like a lot longer cause I spent practically the whole day PE ing


only got 100 jelqs cause i came close to releasing on my second edge session and did a little bit. I am going to stop jelqing if this happens from now on for a couple different reasons: 1 it will teach me not to get that close to the edge, 2 sometimes if I cum a little bit all of my next edges I also cum a little bit and thats a bad habit so since I am not going for to much girth now anyways I will stop and put the PF back on.

anyone think there is a correlation between high protein diet and gains? L argenine helps with bloodflow and it is just one of the many amino acids that make up a protein chain.

I will be monitoring 2 theories

that heat helps to soften tissue and make it easier for expansion

today was 175

that high levels of protein help with recovery and growth (protein over 150gs a day current weight around 175)
I am starting the high protein diet today and will now post protein intake too.

1 other item I forgot to mention. I was using the large head for the PF but have since switched to the medium for the last 100 hrs or more. either I lost girth or the condom got loose but the middle size seems to be ok.. a little on the tight side but it works just fine.

I kind of got a little off track with this PE for the last 2/3 days. 1 reason is I have been partying- that is behind me now and I am back to laser focused. I think it is important to focus on PE but I also think having balance is good too and so I took a step back but has allowed me to make the next leg of my journey which is finally eclipsing 7 and getting to 8. I believe I am at 7 but I have not made it official- I will get to that in a minute. First, one thing about being reclusive is it makes me kind of socially awkward and thats not what I am going for.. Just having a big cock is not the point. I am on this journey to improve myself and make me the best person I can be not just my cock.

this is a little weird but while partying a little I needed to take a leak but felt like sitting for whatever reason maybe I had to take a crap too but that didnt happen.

Anyways I noticed that when I stood up there was still urine coming out. weird so I am going to monitor that. Not sure if it was the partying or what. I have been doing some keggals about 250 for sure but more like 500 to try to get more control over that muscle.

This is the other reason I backed off over the last couple of days.

another irem is eq eqs been dropping steadily since the pf… more significantly since the heat and partying too tho. seeing other like lol losing eq as he hangs so I will keep all posted on this..


Ive got full control over urination while standing.

woke up with slight morning wood which was nice

going to shoot for 10hrs today and 300/7 to get to 165/4500/125 that is the GOAL :) + 175 protein I am at 35 rn so long way to go!!


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