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710 progress log

165/4500/125 After 8 hrs broken into about 2.5 hrs each session and and 300 jelqs… I worked out (physical workout) I noticed some turtling which is totally normal so I decided to add a few jelqs to get the blood flowing. this cause a slight discomfort in my head and did not wake up with any wood so took yesterday off and am back again today. Woke up with wood again.

going for 10/300/10 today


solid workout - did jelqing before my regualar workout instead of after this time and it was a much better workout. I have heard of other not getting a good workout because of regular exercise.

I feel good about 10/300/10 for the next 325hrs than I will take it to 12/500/15 till I get to 1000.

I am basically at the max tension now for most of the day altho I do drop the tension from time to time.


I believe the increase in L argenine from my increased protein diet and freshly made ginger tea are really making an impact. Although I am not certain.

I have upped my protein intake by making a high protein high l argenine shake after my regular workouts - Ive been drinking them to help me get tot he 175 mark on protein which is apprx my body weight.

I have added maca root but I am not sure this has helped at all. The improvement started dramatically when I made fresh ginger tea again as a posed to making 1 large batch for the week. My muscle and pumps changed when I started the large batch and is now back to how it felt before I made the change. Pretty confident that is it but not certain.

I have read that I will see little to no results from the PF for the first 1000 hours.

Since I have really never made any what I feel are new bee gains for length- I am hoping I have found something that is working for me as jelqing did little for me length wise. But now I am nervous to measure- because I have read a few logs that suggest I will need to put in 1000 hrs before gains so I will log the flacid length weekly until I hit the 500hrs mark. Before the PF I know it it was 6 & 3/4s heavy on 2/13/16 and is now 7 & 1/4 heavy. This gives me confident that I am in the right directions…satifisies my desire to measure and doesn’t get me discouraged if I have not gained any EL. If i get a large flacid move to 7.5 or more or I hit 500 hrs I will take a measure or maybe not.

I do not understand how my EL and my flacid length are so close in measure - it has always been that way for me tho. Back on 2/13 EL was 6 &5/8 and FL was 6& 3/4s making them within a quarter inch or so… Most big gainers I have seen with a larger gap sometimes close to an inch. Anyone??


As I referenced earlier I have made some changes to my diet and exercise. I am going to list them because I am experiencing what I would call excellent wood and work outs.

What I have reduced: partying of any kind, coffee, sugar, & working out after a workout (only before)

What I have adjusted:
Splitting jelq session into 2-3 dsessions per day
Heat Pad
More protein (1 gram per 1lb of body weight)
Consistent L- Argenine (in protein shake)
Consistent Creatine (in protein shake)
Slower jelqing with light to increasing intensity each batch of 50 I have been increasing the pressure beginning with just a little to warm up.
Fresh Ginger tea not single batch per week (also use tribulus, maca root, ginkgo and cinnamon in drink prior to workout)
Maca root
more cardio work

anyone practice yoga?? Find this benefits your p.e.?

I have a few minutes before I start my first set of 100-150 jelqs so I will review my current routine which has been in place since I have been able to jelq and do the ads on the same day

wake up put ads on with heat pad (use the bathroom first if needed)
eat breakfast drink my tea drink and hydrate until I need to remove the ads to use the bathroom typically 1-2hrs
do 100-150 wet jelqs with the balloon edge after each set of 50 increasing the edge by 1 each time I do 50 jelqs so by 150 I am doing 3 balloon edges
I go back to the ads for 1 hr
Gym (or second workout) to get to 300 total
1 hr in ads
gym (or second workout)
ads for rest of day.

this is the general flow of my workouts right now it varies when I need to work outside of home or life just happens but this is what I have been doing in a general sense to get the 10/300/10 in daily.

Light morning wood and some degree of pain late in the stretcher today/yesterday so I am going to go easy on the jelqs today.



Oh yea and I discovered a sort of ingenious way to use the PF in the car while driving… I drive a lot.. sometimes if I am driving for more than 1.5 hrs the PF gets uncomfortable and I have to remove it. I have been doing kegals recently during this time to improve the blood flow … but re-hooking and getting the tension back up is a bit of a pain… sometimes I lose suction than its a real nightmare.

well here is what I just did yesterday instead of wrapping the penis up and around the back. I put the penis down my shorts hooked the clip in wrapped the wrap around my knee and hooted the white circle into the belt and clicked the belt adjust the strap for tension and kaboom it was like hanging I would imagine.

Anyways woke up with some good wood… I think fresh and oily fish are good for P.E. salmon… anytime I eat a decent amount…. I always recover well. 8AM start today! Going to need to start earlier in the coming months to make my 10 hrs hopefully I can get the sleep I have been cause I think that helps too.


maintaining protein levels above 150-175 today was cardio …I did a little turtle during my running even with my stealth on which is when I know I worked out … but I think its important to work the lungs and overall cardio vascular system along with general flexibility. I do not know …these are all theories in my head but I feel confident that overall health cant be a bad and I enjoy it so I will continue to monitor signs of improvement.

I ran so much my calves got a pump in them and I tightened my shoes which caused my calves to swell more and perform better just like a clamp haha

finding the penis much more full when I wrap it while in ADS. I was only covering the base most of the time. Will be adjusting going forward to entire penis from now on whenever possible.

check this workout out- when I first read it when it was posted I thought it was a hoax. but beginngin to believe the exercise has merrit. I will go to it when I really start going for girth in a year :(…eakthrough.html

this thread is good:…s-works-65.html

he talks a ton about going to the PONR and pulling back with a kegal real hard to not come- something I have been doing…. sort of - was def deoing it in the beginning but began doing the opposite and reverse kegal I feel like I have better control of the organsm by pushing out than kegaling in….

his point a lot of times is just going to ponr and backing off to expand the penis to its largest state- sort of like ballooning edging… i have been doing this same thing and really like it.


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