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Pumping questions / doughnut effect

Pumping questions / doughnut effect

Hey guys, I’ve done some extensive research on the topic of having lymphatic fluids and other stuff build up just short of the glans causing a ‘doughnut effect’. Basically, I had my first pumping session yesterday, and one a few hours ago and I’m seeing a bit of buildup.

My routine yesterday was some minor stretching / jelqing inbetween 3 sets of 4 minutes at 3.5-4 in. Hg.

My routine this morning was merely 2 sets of 3 minutes at 4 in. Hg.

I noticed afterwards I was getting minor fluid buildup around the glans and it worried me, since as much as I’d like a bigger penis, I’d prefer to not have it misshapen. In the process of research said doughnut effect, I came upon threads talking about condom pumping or using a small band to block off the head of the penis. My question is this - Can someone please tell me which is more effective? condom pumping or pumping with some sort of adhesive strap around my glans, and can they tell me why it is better? Also, are there any other tips/tricks for preventing the doughnut effect and other similar deformaties I may have missed when browsing through the earlier threads? (input from veteran pumpers more than welcome :) )

Thankyou for your time, and I can’t begin to tell you guys how helpful you’ve all been,


Typically I get a little bit of fluid build-up, but not a donut.

I have gotten a start of a donut only twice

- once when I tried condom pumping. I was advised to get a tighter condom. I doubt this would be an issue for you with your stats.
- once when I spent 60 minutes in the cylinder. This was more prounounced, not full blown, but more than the last time and more than usual

At any rate it was gone after an hour or less. Massaging the tissue helps.

Another factor in those instances was pumping at 5Hg, so now I stay below 4. For what it was worth, when I was a newbie at pumping I stayed in the 2.5 to 3 range for a month or so. It could be that you need to back off on the vacuum.

Everybody is different, some people may not be built to pump at 4HG and above.

I have never heard of anyone developing a “permanent donut”. I don’t think you have to worry about developing a deformed penis as long as you keep your pressure at a sane level.

Hopefully the vets will chime in.

Thanks sta-kool, that relaxes my mind a bit.

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