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Am I going overboard?? (doughnut effect)

Am I going overboard?? (doughnut effect)

Two weeks ago, I’ve started PEing again after a 2 years break, due to no gains.

My routine is mainly composed of jelqing (20 mins..but most recently 25) at somewhat high intensity.

During every workouts, I get this pretty big doughnut effect. I was actually looking for that effect which I thought was an indicator of growth, since it’s the only way for me to get (and keep) an increase in girth, especially mid-shaft, hours after a workout.

Keep in mind however that I barely never get any red dots, and even when I do, it’s only 2-3 tiny ones, and that the swelling under the glans is completely gone the day after the workout, perhaps even the same night. I still wake up with morning erections and have no problems getting an erection right after or hours after the workout.

Even if I’ve never had any success before with medium intensity jelqing (not even an increase in size post-workout), should I still avoid this doughnut effect ??? I just read on this forum that it was definitely not recommended. What do you guys think?

The donut effect is a type of low-level injury. I doubt that the “gains” you are seeing are permanent. Have you tried pumping for girth?


I guess, but the donut is just an indicator that the whole shaft is actually swelling. While the donut effect is gone after a few hours, the swelling all along the shaft lasts quite longer. How am I supposed to gain any girth if the shaft doesn’t even increase in size post-PE? (that is with medium intensity jelqs).

I’m not really into pumps. I’ve tried clamping a couple years ago, without any success. Those high intensity jelqs seems to give me the best pump since I’ve started PEing, but I’m just worried that this donut effect might be dangerous after all. Any other suggestions?

As long as you are still getting morning wood I don’t see a problem.

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