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Questions about pumping from a newbie

Questions about pumping from a newbie

Hey guys,

I have some questions and I really need your advise,

I love the PE concept but I can’t stand the manual work I was thinking about trying an electric pump system.(the automatic one for lazy boys ;p)

My questions..
What are the advantages of pumping,what benefits does it offer,plus I was wondering if the individual pumping as a solid PE routine is capable of presenting gains or any other benefits to the penis?

What is the difference between manual PE and pumping ?

As for pumps..
I don’t care about money issues,I want total comfort & quality .so can you suggest me the best equipment out there?
(I have read the other articles,but I am referring to electric pumping mechanism as well as for a pump)

Finally.. For someone who has a dream to see a bigger & better penis do you believe it is a good investment,not as a money issue but as a program hopping to present gains.

Thank you so much! :)

marinera is right — read those threads, they will teach you a lot and answer your questions.

See also this related thread:

Vacuum Pumping when you have ED; the short version, according to Avocet8

Hahahhaha “How to use the Search button for best results”

Thanks guys I ll do that! :)

It’s easier for you to ask better, more specific questions if you have already done a little research yourself, K.I. , and it’s easier for us to give you more helpful answers. Otherwise, it’s like asking “How high is up?”

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