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More info on doughnut effect

More info on doughnut effect

I’ve been doing a little reading on this site about the doughtnut effect. It is the buildup of fluid underneath the glands. What I want to know is if this is considered a pe injury and should I try to avoid this. If so how long should it take me to be conditioned enough for this to pass. I know everyones body is different I just wanna hear some similiar stories from other members, and how they have gotten over it. Thanx

The donut is a low-level injury, and if you are getting it, you should back off on the pressure a little bit.


Due to some injury that I had when I did PE about a year ago, now , every-time I jerk off or fuck or whatever for longer periods of time I get a doughnut that lasts at least one day. Of course, pre-PE that never happened, so what the fuck did I do to my dick? Did I damage some lymph vessels? What can I do to fix this? HELP

I don’t know, but maybe would a soft and broad massage on the shaft let the built up fluid to subsede?

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Nick666 - give your dick a pe break. Rest is the secret of rehabilitation.

Later - ttt

The thing is I haven’t done PE in over a year. The only thing I did was jerking and fucking. Maybe I should take a 3-4 weeks break from that too ?

Nick666 - a beak from jerking may be, from fucking? Never. Go see your urologist.

Later - ttt

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