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Doughnut Effect Due to Jelqing

Doughnut Effect Due to Jelqing

I’ve been jelqing for about a month and a half now. I used to do 300 strokes, semi-erect to almost fully erect. But last weekend, I tried changing to overhand grip. It felt like I’m getting the right grip and slides until I noticed I’m having a slight doughnut effect when I reached barely 200 strokes. I have to be honest that I’ve never jelqed intensely as this, and I also didn’t paid attention this much to the 2-3 second-strokes. What am I doing wrong? Was it just an overwork? Should I deduct some number of strokes? On the positive note, what am I doing right? Am I doing the right strokes to get that effect? I also noticed that my penis significantly increased in weight for some hours during and after the workout. Probably due to increased blood, right?

Hoping for answers! Thanks!

My thoughts are that your dick is reacting to the change and it will take some time for it to adapt to your new way of jelqing.

So, should I continue the routine or reduce the intensity and number of repetitions? I used to have 300 strokes but on that session, I got the doughnut effect with just a little less than 200 strokes. I continued with 100 light strokes, though, just to complete my routine. Should I continue this or stop right away when I see the doughnut being baked? :) Is it right to say that I’m pumping the blood correctly but over than what my penis can accommodate? Is this positive or negative?

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