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Pumping Newbie questions


Pumping Newbie questions

Hi Guys,

I’m another one that had not noticed the Pumping forum until today. I’ve spent the morning browsing back through threads and learnt a whole lot, which I appreciate.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy my first pump, my justification being that even if it doesn’t help gains at all, it has to be good for penis health (and exercise should always be fun!). I have a couple of questions:

1. What was the original intention when pumping with water? I’m thinking of using it as a warm up exercise to my existing PE, but is there another reason?

2. Can you use any pump with water, or only certain models?

3. What is actually happening when you pump? By that I mean, aside from Lymphatic fluid, is the penis actually bigger when in a pumped state, or is it Max erection plus fluid?

Hope these don’t sound too silly, I did try to search for answers before asking what seem like really basic questions :)

1) Can’t help you with water pumping. I don’t do it because my pump won’t support that without damage, which is the answer to # 2.

3) What is happening when you pump is a whole lot of length and width stretching. More blood is drawn in than with a normal erection simply because Nature abhors a vacuum. Some lymphatic fluid is drawn in, too, but if you enter the tube fully erect, less lymph fluid is accumulated.

Over time, your penile vascular system will redefine itself so, as you point out, you don’t lose from regular pumping; you set yourself up for avoiding at least the most common cause of ED in your future which is vascular failure. About 45 pecent of ED comes from vascular issues.

And, it can be a whole lot of fun if you don’t overdo it.

Welcome, at least potentially, to the club.



Shiver, greetings:

I was told by an experienced person that water pumping helps to prevent the doughnut problem that annoys many pumpers, though

I wasn’t given any further explanation Also, it is very pleasant to pump in a cylinder full of warm water. You might have noticed elsewhere in the forum that some people think that blisters occur more easily if you pump with water. I quit water pumping because I got a nasty blister, and for that reason I would recommend that you take a lot of care if you decide to go in that direction.

With a little patience, you can use water without getting the pump mechanism wet. All you have to do is to make sure to leave a little air space at the top of the cylinder, and then the water won’t get sucked up the connecting tube into the pump. I did this quite successfully, until the blister…. Good luck with your adventure.

Thanks guys,

Well I ordered my pump yesterday. I really wanted a gauge though, so I suspect I can’t use water. I think what I’ll do is stick with air for now until I get familiar with what different pressures feel like, then maybe in the future I’ll get a cheap pump just for water.

I really like the idea you guys put forward about low pressure pumping. It makes a lot of sense to me. If I hadn’t read all that I would have gone blindly ahead with the ‘more is better’ approach, but now I have a little understanding of what’s going on, there is no longer any temptation to overdo it.

I’ve got a feeling my girth is going to love this… :)

A week or less from now, you should know. Have fun.



Since I am impatient and can’t wait until I have someone answer upstairs.

I asked if a guy can pump and then use a cock ring before having sex, without any problems. It may be a stupid question, but I don’t know so I am asking.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Another one, how can someone get injuried pumping?

Is there a such thing as pumping too much?

Are there any downfalls to pumping for long periods of times?

I hate to compare pumping to breast pumps, (breast feeding) but it hurt like hell sometimes to pump (milk) does pumping hurt? Is there a lot of suction? What stops it from pulling the skin too much and tearing it?

What other things are effective with pumping?

How long does the gains last if you pump?

I am so sorry for asking any stupid or repeated question. I am just curious. (As usual).

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Hi, anna.

It doesn’t hurt at all if you keep the pressure low. Feels real nice, in fact.

You get injuries when you push the pressure higher than you are conditioned to handle. As with anything, too much can bring trouble. Breasts are tender to begin with after a birth. I can see how suctioning milk out would be a very delicate process.

Pumping and cock rings:
Lots of men with ED use pumps to get hard, then they slide a cock ring down the sides of the cylinder to “capture” the erection going on, then they use it for sex. If you are quick and you don’t have a flange at the bottom of your tube, it can work. Men who do this should not leave the cock ring on for more than 30 minutes, but 30 minutes is a pretty good sex session.

you asked: “How long do the gains last if you pump?”
That question has become a bit of a joke in our forum. Read back posts and you will see why. :-)

Thanks for posting.

I’ll start a new thread here at you since you have discovered our hang-out.



This gets complicated. I’m moving anna’s additional question here. She put it in a thread where I asked her a question, unrelated, so to save confusion to my thread:

anna then asked: “Thanks…I have one more question.

You mentioned that if the man decided to wear a cock ring after pumping he should not keep it on more than 30 minutes. Why is that?”

It is because when a man is erect and wearing a cock ring, he is getting no newly oxygenated blood to his tissues. The base of the shaft is closed off and all blood in the penis is trapped in the penis. No oxygen = tissue death. A half hour is safe but after that cells begin dying off from oxygen starvation. Nobody wants that to happen.

When you are pumping, though, the base of the shaft is not closed off. Some newly-oxygenated blood is getting in but not a lot and that is the reason many of us recommend short pump sessions - to allow the introduction of newly-oxygenated blood.



That’s what I was thinking but not in all the technical sense. How do you know that 30 minutes is the adequate time frame. One if it could happen in less time with one person and more time with another?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

I only know because most references give the 30 minute number and I’ve tried it myself with no ill effect. I, personally, would not go longer than a half hour.

I try lots of things just to understand how they work. Sexual human guinea pig, I guess, anna.



What about the combinations of other PE things one can do when pumping. Not at the same time. Let’s say you’ve pumped for a few months at a moderate level and decide that you want to add other things to your routine to halp with the growth etc. Are there other things you can do that won’t end up putting too much stress on your penis or would be a good combination for success? I have seen the mention of jelqing or jelking, keep seeing different spellings.

I did read your introduction, if this was answered there I am sorry.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

You can combine pumping with any manual exercises during pump session breaks. Pumping itself is harmless if done sensibly.



My pump arrived this morning. I took it out of the box and thoug OMG! I’ll never fill that girth! I’d ordered a 2” cylinder as per the guidance on the site I bought it from (I’m 5.25-5.5). Luckily the base packed immediately, and I was away.

I’m surprised just how strong 5 Hg is. That’s a little over what I’m comfortable with at the moment, as it hurts the base. But I’ve started my journey now. I’ll post again when I have something to report.

Thanks for all your input.


My pump arrived this morning. I took it out of the box and thoug OMG! I’ll never fill that girth! I’d ordered a 2” cylinder as per the guidance on the site I bought it from (I’m 5.25-5.5). Luckily the base packed immediately, and I was away.

With 5 1/2” girth, you should be using a 1 3/4” cylinder, not a 2”.


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