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Maximum Pressure in the tube......


Maximum Pressure in the tube......

I just wanted to know, by fellow pumpers, what sort of max pressure do you guys get when in the tube?

I build up slowly over a period of about half an hour, get it up to 15hg, leave it in there for about 5 mins at that pressure….

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That’s like double the way past the redline on my pressure gauge (have a vacutech setup)…

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Vacutech put the red mark at 7inches vacuum. I’ve gone higher, like 11, but only for a few seconds at a time.

6’ Hg is the maximum I can take without bruising.

When I first got my pump, the instructions said 10” Hg.
I ended up with two big purple splotches on the underside and another the size of a 10 cent piece on the top. I later checked underneath nearer the head had lots maybe 30 pinprick dots where the capillaries had burst, not a good look.

I now have a dirty dark dick, so take care everyone is different.

Even at 6 Hg, I hardly stay there, too long and I get bruising. These days only ever go to 5” for a minute at a time.

everyone is different but 15 is insane by anyone’s standards.

Read this—-> Vacuum Pumping 101

Kinda off topic, but I was able to get 27 Hg/in. when sucking on it with my mouth! (WHAT?! I was bored just sitting there and nothing was good on the radio!!)

What about you guys? Mouth was BURNING….lol

At 15” Hg it would probably be sucking air in through my asshole.



There is no replacement for displacement

I have a pump without a pressure gauge. Its a manual piston type. Pretty awkward 2 handed affair.
I’ve been using it for 5 years. I have no idea what pressure I use, I just use pain as an indicator.

I start out conservative just to get my dick stretched out and loosened up and fill the tube, but eventually I have to push it to get maximum stretch, otherwise I would never make any progress.

I’ve had to learn the hard way how to handle the pressure with many blisters and spots, but I don’t get blisters anymore because I am more careful and know when to stop. My shaft is turning dark though, but some of that is from jelking.

Just don’t leave the pressure on very long . Always bleed the pressure regularly every minute or so. Progressively pump and bleed the pressure. I also let the pressure bleed while pumping. Sometimes this is an effective and safer way to get maximum stretch.

Originally posted by Wanna7.5
Kinda off topic, but I was able to get 27 Hg/in. when sucking on it with my mouth!


Maybe this is why pumping doesn’t do nuthin’ for me any more… Is the pressure really that great? I used to basically suck as hard as I could, until I couldn’t get the pressure any higher. And you’re telling me that would be several times higher than is even safe??

DUH! *enlightenment*
Maybe the pressure was so high that no blood could flow in (it felt pretty tightly pressing into my bone etc)

So maybe I should try the same, but with only a single suck or two?
I’ll give it a go when I get back after my break from PE!! COOL!

So this is what I need a guage for!

Originally posted by tinytim
I've had to learn the hard way how to handle the pressure with many blisters and spots, but I don't get blisters anymore because I am more careful and know when to stop.

Here is an excellent reason why new pumpers should try to get a system with a gauge. You can definitely hurt yourself if you don’t know how much vacuum you’re using.

Reminder: Pressure pushes, vacuum sucks. When talking about pumping you’re using vacuum, not pressure. Secondly, and I’m glad to see some of you are posting this way, vacuum is measured in inches or centimeters of mercury. “Hg” is the chemical symbol for mercury. So you have to include “inches” or “cm” after the number to correctly talk about vacuum: 4 in. Hg or 4” Hg or 10 cm Hg NOT 4Hg or 10 Hg.

Hey, just started pumping a few days ago using the sucking method. I don’t have a gauge on my pump right now and was curious as to whether there is any way to tell how high the pressure is without using a gauge. I sometime build up the pressure until I’m on the brink of pain, it feels like there’s ALOT of pressure on the inside of my penis. Would anyone have any idea what kind of pressure I’m at? Or does it feel different for every person?


How long did it take you to get up to 27 Hg/in? Also, how did you attach the gauge on your pump without a manual hand pump??? Would really like to know how to do that. Thanks!

No pain should happen


I don’t use a gauge either (past 2 years), but I do know that pain or being on the brink of pain should never happen. You should feel a strong but comfortable pressure, especially at the base of your dick when you’re packing the tube. I like to pump and release fairly frequently, while just sucking on the tube. This helps to keep the blood circulation going and reduces the risk of overpumping.



I bought my brass pump at an upscale leather shop in Chicago in 1989….it had no guage.

I’ve been pumping regularly for last three years. I have never sustained any injury to my dick that i’m aware of and that i’ve read about.

I go by feel….generally start out in my new 1 3/4 x 9….pack and into 2 x 10…pack a little.

As I use shave cream as lube…it backs up into my line sometime and I have to flush it out….I just put in warm water and pump….I could not do that with a gauged-pump.

Every few months I will pump wet also.

Just my experiences….

OR eon
65 yo


Thanks. So, have you had any gains in the past two years without using a gauge or hand pump?

I almost think that buying one of those hand pumps is a waste since sucking works so well. The only thing is I have absolutely no idea what pressure I’m at, but this should be ok if I don’t go over the edge. I guess I’ll use a bit less pressure. Curious to know how you’ve done only using sucking. Thanks!

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