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Mild pain after pumping - good\bad\ugly?

Mild pain after pumping - good\bad\ugly?

I’ve been doing more bathmate than jelqing lately do to temporary privacy issues related to remodeling my freaking house …

I’ve been trying to keep my pumping within the time frames suggested on here.

I started out doing it once in the morning for 15-20min and once at night for the same.
And i was doing it like 4 or 5 on, 1 off.

After a few days of this, i realized my morning wood was suffering, and i was having that weird “my tummy has been sucked” feeling (like too much vacuum above the pubic bone feeling?) and also getting weird pains (something like “shooting”, not sure) in my penis that would seem to shift location, and flare up in severity throughout the day. Sometimes nothing, sometimes moderately uncomfortable. Never severe. Just uncomfortable.

I’ve had similar pains from a normal newbie stretching\jelqing routine …

I have since backed my pumping down to once a day, about 15-20 minutes … long enough to put in under vacuum three good times, 5-6 minutes each … most of the time under moderate-to-moderately-high vacuum (below normal NBPEL) and for the last little bit of each of the 3 times, i will pump it up to all-fuck-dome so that i’m actually about 1\4 to 1\2 inch OVER my NBPEL

I am now doing this ONE ON ONE OFF

but i am still getting some slight discomfort\pain afterward, and throughout my off day. Also my dick skin has that “been stretched” feeling the day afterwards. Slightly “sore” to the touch. This is along with the “shooting” discomfort.

Is this
a. normal
b. not normal


c. good
d. bad

sign of growth,
or sign of overworking?
or both?

Just not sure how to gauge what i should be doing yet.

High Vacuum Pressure vs. Low\Moderate Pressure
can someone direct me to a good discussion on this?

I’m not sure i understand how pumping at low pressure (under BPEL) is even effective.

PE RULE NO 1: Pain = NO gain. And INJURY. If it hurts don't do it.

Heres all you need to know about low vs high pressure:

gprent - Soft when I exit pump

Originally Posted by gprent
I have been staying in the 3”hg range for quite a while now and my results are the best ever. Seems I really wasted a lot of time, like years, trying to make pumping at high pressure work. If you want to skip all the hassle and go right to getting consistent excellent results, just try pumping at low pressure for a week. I do three 12 to 15 minute sets every work out with a massage to full erection between each set. Finish off your routine with a full erection for at least 5 minutes. You will be impressed with you flaccid size and EQ.

High pressure = a bunch of temporary lymph bloat, capillary damage, shitty erections etc etc

Low pressure = slow expansion, eventual permanent gains.

Another PE cliche: PE is a marathon not a sprint.

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Be careful with the high pressure that BM gets!!

BM is great in many ways.. but very confusing when you don’t know what pressure you are in when using it.. that’s the bad thing. I think you should cut down your time and pressure limit..

For example 10*2 min or 5*3 min with some minutes rest in between..

If you go in fully erect or at least 50-70% erect , 2 pumps is enough with 30 seconds between pumps, then 1 pump more when you have reached 5 min.

That’s the way I did it when I used my BM before with massage, jelqing and stretching between sets..

Take it easy with your dick, and don’t pump the shit out of it.. pumping takes time and its the long run that matters..

Be careful, you have only one dick!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Holy Expansion From Hell, Pumpman!

I’ve been dialing back the pressure for the last week or so.
Not trying to “force” gains in the tube. Never pumping (as i was before) to the point where it was on the verge of pain (i mean i was pumping to a pressure that i could not maintain for more than say 30-60 seconds, with out fear of bursting my dick — and a discomfort that told me I may actually burst my dick) … but only pumping, slowly and methodically up the pressure scale (over a decent amount of time, some minutes) until i was still comfortable but probably reasonably high in pressure (i’m just guessing, but probably 5-6hg) …

Here is what I have noticed, using the handy ruler that is my hand …
(if i make an L shape between my right thumb and pointer finger, and rest the thumb on my fat pad above my dick, I have a freckle on my pointer that ALWAYS touches the EXACT tip of my dick when normally erect out of tube)

With the old method (pumping too much pressure, and too quickly i’m guessing) it would get my dick as hard\tall as the freckle on my pointer (6inches, spot on) fairly quickly (5 minutes in tube) … but getting past that was hard. That freckle is about a half an inch from the very tip of my pointer, and getting my dick to grow in tube beyond that freckle to the actual tip of my finger (another appx .5 inch, so 6.5 inches) involved extremely high pressure (as high as i could pump the x30, to be honest) and quite a large amount of discomfort. The normal result of this was a moderate amount of pain for the next two days following pumping, and a pretty bad EQ all around.

With the new method (slowly building pressure, releasing pressure for circulation, reheating water, repumping slowly) i will pump until i am just at, or just below the freckle on my finger (my normal erect length out of tube) and just let it stay there for quite a while (say 15 minutes, with 2 or 3 pressure releases, and water refills) … from there, i will start to *slowly* increase the pressure during the next 15 minutes (with another 2 or 3 pressure releases, and HOT water refills … so hot it ALMOST burns going in to the tube, and I find it helps if you fill the bathmate several times with hot water, so that the tube itself retains a higher heat level, thus the water stays hotter longer in the tube) …

When i do this … unlike before, where (with normal stats of 6inches NBPEL and about 5.5girth) I could get up to just about exactly that length\girth, and then with extremely high pressure get to maybe a .5inch over that length … with the NEW method of slowly increasing pressure, lots of water\heat changes and never getting TOO high pressure … i am fucking filling the cylinder wall to wall … i mean my dick looks fat as fuck in the tube … and I can actually, with no discomfort at all … hit the 7” marking on the tube itself … which is actually about 7” in reality, because it is a solid half inch PASSED the tip of my finger (the fingertip being the max i could even get my dick to stretch with the old method of super high pressure too fast) …

of course non of this has translated in to out of the tube gains … but I don’t have any pain afterwards either …

and it actually has me a bit confused as to some of the comments i have read on here …
many pumpers saying they don’t reach a length in tube that exceeds their normal length out of the tube.

Well, for MOST of the workout, i would say i stay almost dead on at my out of tube length (or maybe 1\8 to 1\16 under) …. for the last approximately quarter of my 30 minute session … i can maintain …with no pain at all … almost a solid INCH over my normal out of tube length … and a girth that i can not even fathom …
if i could translate this gain OUT of the tube, i think i could keep my girl in perpetual clenching orgasm.

Any thoughts on this? On my length in the tube towards the end of the work out vs. my normal length?
Should i still NOT be exceeding my out of tube length … do some of you do this and achieve gains?
Am i still going to hard?
Pumping is so confusing.
Can’t really decipher up from down as to what is going to work, what i should be doing, etc.

Bathmate is a little tricky when it comes to pressure because you don’t know what pressure you at.
It’s hard to say if you doin right or wrong..
When I use my BM I mostly enter at least 50% erect then pump 3 times with 30 seconds between pumps then I wait 5 min to next pump, 2 small.. then release after 10 min.. I often do supersets for best pump result after session with some manual exercise to target what pump result I want..

But if it feels good and you don’t have big fluid or donut effect.. Keep on pumping!

Take care!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

I have searched on this forum several times to try and figure out what exactly this “donut effect” and “fluid build up” are.
I can not for the life of me figure it out.
everyone just says “i had a bad donut effect” and people respond “use less pressure” or someting.
But no one describes wtf it is.

Also, i wouldn’t know what “fluid build up” is.

I just know my dick looks really huge in the pump, and then after i get out of the tub, about 2 minutes later, it’s back to its little self.
I have NEVER been a shower. At 6 inches, erect, I am probably (generously) a whopping TWO inches flacid. If i am having a bad\cold day, that little fucker is like 1 inch. :( :( :(

(if i’m doing excercises, or its warm in my pants, i will have a nice 3 inch flaccid, but thats a good day)

So what is this fluid build up? what is “donut”

The donut effect is when you get fluid build up just under your head and that area looks like an donut.. you more often you get it the easier you can get it by high pressure or high intensivity pumping..
The best way to avoid this is to pump at low pressure and short pumping sets..

Do you jelqing or do other manual exercise in your pumping?

After I have done my pumping session, often when working with girth I put on cockring to hold the pump after at least 30 min..

Have you tried that?

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Ok so clearly then I have never had. Donut or fluid problem. If anything the BASE of my dick always looks more engorged than the upper shaft. I wil be back to incorporating a power jelquer , canning jar, routine at months end. Had to hiatus for privacy reasons though.

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