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Anyone else using a heating pad wrapped around the tube to warm up?

Anyone else using a heating pad wrapped around the tube to warm up?

Basically I pump for 10 minutes at 5” mercury, jelq for 5 minutes then repeat this 2 more times before pumping up 1 last time at a very low pressure (maybe 1/2” mercury). After that I hold it on with a blanket while I try to get some sleep for an hour or 3. The pressure is so low that any tilting of the tube could get me and my bed soaked in lube. A blanket draped over the top of the tube while trying to get some sleep is essential as is the very low pressure!

To warmup for the 3 pump+jelq repetitions I use a tube with enough lube to cover my penis when I’m inside the tube and a heating pad wrapped around the outside of the tube. The lube helps with heat transfer! NOTE: even the low setting on my heating pad can get the tube very hot in short time thus I would not dare use this for heat while sleeping. When I am using it to pre-heat the tube and for 10 minutes at a time over-heating did not happen.

I have been experimenting for years trying to find the best way to PE and I am back to the first and only thing that produced results for me in the past which is pumping and manual PE. I thought it was a tiny gain back then but I can see now that by not sticking with it I lost alot! Anyway this routine is a bit more intense than what I did before and I’m using heat better.

I always pump with a heating pad wrapped around the cylinder. Been doing it for years and have burnt out plenty of electric heating pads. I have since switched to a Kaz SmartTemp 9.5”X16” heat pad that you heat up in the micro wave. The heat lasts for about 1 hour and you aren’t tied to an electrical cord.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I also use a gel heat pad that you microwave. It helps promote expansion so you can pack the tube quicker.

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