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Maximum Pressure in the tube......


No, I disconnected the pump and tube from the cylinder and sucked on the part that connects onto the top of the cylinder. It took me like a minute, I had to rest a few times because my cheeks were BURNING, after a while it just wouldnt budge of 27 so I just let it go…again…I was bored…lol

I have been pumping with a vacutech and use the following techniques:
In the early a.m I put it on at low pressure - maybe 3 inches Hg and leave it on for an hour or more while sleeping.
Upon arising, I fo 500 serious Jelks and pump uo to the red line for 10 minutes, then back to jelks.(100) and back in the tube for another 10 etc..After two or three at the redline, I increase to 10 and even 15 for part of the ten minutes ( depending on how it feels), then out to jelk again.

Have never had any bruising,or blisters—just some lymph on the underside.


Sorry about that- I cut that off before finishing. The point is : we are trying to lenghten and widen an organ. This can be done in two ways: pulling and pushing. Pumping is obviously pushing from inside and when at the max you can see the penis pulsate so you KNOW that blood is going through anyway,so the more you either pull or push the more the tissues will stretch and cells will replicate and you will attain an increase in growth. So takeheart and keep doing it (pulling and pushing) and you will increase the sise of your penis. For length, you need to have a confining tube so that the pull is directed to the tip, so as Avocet says diameter of the tube is critical— if you want long use a well lubricated skinny tube..

Experienced pumpers,
Do you guys any opinions of rest days, a week off now and then(Recommended by…

I want growth badly, and therefore I want to do this the right way.
Overdoing things will not get anybody permanent results.

“Slow and steady wins the race”

January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

I thought I’d chime in here since I’ve pumped for a while. I use a mityvac pump that I bought from Autozone (cheapest gauged pump you can buy I think) and start out at about 5.5” Hg. This is coming out of a hot shower after about 100 strong jelqs and using a preheated cylinder. After 15 minutes or so I work up to 6.0” Hg. I don’t go beyond that except for short 3-4 second bursts of 10-12” Hg. I think one of the most important things mentioned here is that there is an individual variance that dictates what is probably the best pressure for you BUT, from years of experience and having a dick that is very accustomed to pumping I’d probably say that 4 to 6 or maybe 6.5” Hg is a good range to stay in, especially if you haven’t been pumping for too long.

Personally I’ve found that the most effective routine for me involves three things. Heat—I only pump after a hot shower (and jelqing) or after using hot compresses (wash cloths soaked in hot, but not too hot water and applied for about 60 seconds each) and I keep the tube heated at all times. Moderate vacuum—I’m usually in the 5-6” Hg for my entire session. Jelq breaks—I take a break to Jelq for about 3-4 minutes every 20 minutes.

As for the rest issue, I use a two on one off schedule. I do a longer, more intense session (60-90 minutes) on the first day and a shorter session (30-45 minutes) on the second day. On the third day I rest and just keep the blood flowing with some light Jelq’s during my morning shower and I use a low-tension stretcher in the evening to put a little stress on my dick. Personally, I just listened to my body to develope this simple routine. My dick is SORE internally after the second day and the third day I’m trying to let the tissues rebuild but I’m not completely eliminating the stress (hence the Jelq’s). If I feel I need an extra day off I take it but I make sure that I’m doing some form of PE be it stretching, Jelq, squeezes, you name it and then I resume the schedule.

Sorry to ramble on, this is just what works for me.


after pumping for 2 months I now pump at 8 Hg without any problems for 15 minutes per session, 3 sets a day. My member stays fat around 15 hours after pumping. Cemented EG-gains during this time around 0.12 inches.




How long have you been pumping? What sort of length and girth gains have you experienced since you began?



tallythwacker, I’ve been pumping off and on (have to confess, mostly off) for about 8 years. In the last couple of years I wasn’t really trying to gain any size since I’d become pretty comfortable with where I was at. Only recently, thanks to the inspiration I get from these forums have I started to PE with real gains in mind. I’m trying to mix things up a bit so I ordered a Bib Hanger (don’t want to be kicking myself in the ass if they are eventually discontinued) and will be adding hanging to my program. Sorry if that’s a little off topic.

As for the pumping gains, I started out at 5.5” EL X 5.25” EG. I stopped trying to gain when I reached 7.75” BPEL X 6.0” EG (after about 5 years) because every girl I was with thought I was huge and I decided just to maintain what I had. I’m still at 7.75” BPEL but I’ve increased my girth slightly to 6.125” (6 N 1/8).

I think that pumping can yield excellent girth gains when combined with Jelq, squeezes etc. and can definitely get you that first inch or so but I would do some manual stretches as well to accelerate your length gains and take you beyond the limitations of pumping alone (where length is concerned).

Last of all, don’t read this and think “shit, 8 years of pumping for a couple of inches!” I was not very dedicated to PE and would do it for a few weeks or a month and then take 2 months off. I wholeheartedly believe that I could have achieved those gains in about 2 years with a dedicated routine (especially if I’d known what I know now that I found Thunder’s Place) so don’t get discouraged, just keep pumping, stretching, Jelqing and the gains should come.


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