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Vacuum Hanging

JD - yes, I quit vacuum hanging due to repeated blistering. Now, I have the intention to get back into it after a lengthy break, but I want to make sure that the constriction of the glans will be enough to prevent any blistering. Taping didn’t stop it, even when taped tightly. Maybe a wider, more flexible tape would have done the job, but part of what I liked about this setup was the easy on, easy off. Taping is anything but. I’m going to feel more comfortable with a constriction sleeve molded from my slightly plump, but not fully erect glans. It should fit like a glove and keep me safe.

BG - I think you already anticipated part of the trouble with making a single long mold. Even if you pour a very thin stream, that stuff is starting to set up by the time I’m done pouring my 5 inchers. I degas the cup I mix it in before pouring, pour as thin a stream as possible, and then degas it again while in the mold. I would also recommend only doing one your first couple of times. There are some things you’ll figure out during the process that make it easier each time. If you try to do too much at once, you’ll make a mess and may not come up with anything usable.

I bought my ecoflex (as well as some dragonskin, just to try different densities) from a shop up there in the DFW area - I’m down the road about 250 miles South of you, so I just ordered it from their site and had it shipped. It’s not cheap, but at least you’re close. I’ll probably need to restock pretty soon.

If you head over that way, you should consider picking up some body molding stuff. Now that stuff is an art! I still haven’t gotten a really good full cast of my dong, yet, but good enough of the top 2/3 to make a personal constriction sleeve.

I also got a venturi vacuum attachment from harbor freight for my air compressor to speed up that vacuum draw. We’ll see how much that helps.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

AWS - Yes, I probably blistered due to gaps forming in the tape. The edges probably didn’t stick perfectly, even when it seemed like they did. It’s just hard to tape a round object with flat tape. Flexible, stretchy tape probably helps.

Again, the whole aspect of taping isn’t compatible with my setting. I have to get my gear on quickly and be able to take it off quickly, as well. Even if the tape held, it is unlikely I would stick with it (har, har, har) due to the time it takes to prep. I hope my sleeves do the trick.

Oh, I almost forgot! I tried condoms, too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any without the resovouir tip (about where I blister), but it didn’t really help, anyway. Even if i got almost all the air out of the tip and under the corona, whatever tiny bit was left expanded in the vacuum and left the glans exposed, again.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

I anticipate tearing the sleeves up trying to pull the mold apart. Or the mix not setting up all the way through, when trying to make them long. I figure there must be a reason MB has never made long ones. Seems to me extra thick sleeves long enough to be doubled up would be a hot item.

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No Nukes


I bought 3 lbs of the lifecast alginate molding material and have used most of it (unsuccessfully) to make a mold of my dong as well. The problem is it takes so much focus to measure, and mix and pour the stuff, I lose my erection and I don’t want a constriction ring in my mold…and I can’t get my wife to help, so my box is just sitting there until I can figure out a way to get that done… Do you have any suggestions here?

BG - I bought some mold release spray that I cover the insides of the mold with. Vaseline is supposed to work as well, but can inhibit the cure and make the silicone weaker.

As long as it is mixed properly, the material will set up no matter how thick or long the mold is. It doesn’t need to be exposed to the air, it is a chemical reaction that is initiated by mixing two the two parts of the material together.

As far as doubling them up, they can withstand and rebound from very tight bends/folds, but I don’t think they will last very long if you keep them like that for extended periods. You could double them up by layering two of them without any concern, though.

S1 - The alginate molding is definitely not easy. It sets up very fast.

The first one I did wasn’t all that bad, but maintaining the wood through that was incredibly difficult. I stimulated myself to wood, clamped it off, used a paint mixer on a cordless drill to speed up the mixing, poured into a 3” PVC pipe, stimulated a little more, unclamped and kegeled like mad while I positioned. Once you get it in there, your pelvis seals it, acting somewhat like a vacuum to resist losing your erection. Unless you’re really stimulated, you will shrink a little, so you can also try to press on the part of your shaft that extends behind your scrotum to the perineum. This can force a little blood into the exposed shaft. Kegels are really necessary, though.

My biggest mistake was trying to cast an unfamiliar material in the mold. I thought I’d cast a rigid plastic rather than silicone so it would last a long time and withstand making additional molds. As you know, the alginate mold starts to deteriorate within an hour, so I had to work quickly. It turned out to be very sticky, extremely exothermic and off-gassed a tremendous amount (bubbled like it was boiling). I didn’t have a vacuum chamber to pull the bubbles out and it set up so fast that it looked like complete crap. The basic shape was there, but it was a complete waste.

The second time I set up the PVC pipe with a vacuum attachment so I didn’t need to worry about maintaining the erection as much; I just let the vacuum take care of that for me. Unfortunately, I ended up mixing too little material and so I only got 2/3 coverage. Then, my nuts got sucked into the 3” pipe, so that interfered with the impression, covering part of the shaft that was submerged in the material. I think it also caused me to get uncentered in the mold and slightly press my glans against the side. Afterward, I cast in silicone, which was much easier and also made sure I could apply vacuum to pull out the bubbles. The net was that I got a pretty decent cast, but only of the top 2/3 of my penis… So, I’ll need to try again someday.

Next time, I plan to drill a 2” hole into a 3” PVC pipe cap to keep my balls out. Strategic placement of that hole will help me stay centered in the mold and not touch the sides. I still have enough alginate to do another mold, so I’ll probably use that up. After that, I’ll probably try some of the silicone based life casting stuff. You can get some that cures more slowly or some that you can paint on in layers. It also doesn’t decompose, so you can cast with it until it wears out, which is much nicer than trying to cast in the alginate immediately after your mold cures. The only down side is that it costs a lot more.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

Thanks, slip. Good to know, however I think I’m just going to mess with casting plain silicone sleeves for now, bigger and better ones if I can. I’ll work on the dick casts later.

I have a Mighty-vac pump that came with all that stuff tps recommends for sucking out the air bubbles, but I think I threw all that stuff away, perhaps the thumpers will be enough. I think making these sleeves the thickness I intend to make them, the bubbles won’t be a problem. But you make a good point about folding them and leaving them in that position is probably a bad thing. In fact just leaving the sleeves on the cap, (which I do) probably shortens their life. It’s just so much more convenient not having to wrestle with putting one on ever time you need it. I guess making them a dozen at a time, this won’t be such a problem.

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How does the vacuum work with the casting material?? In my mind, I’m picturing your set up is basically the same as what I did, but then it seems like if you pull a vacuum on the casting material (alginate or whatever) it’s going to get sucked up in to your pump line or worse, your pump? Am I missing something?

By the way, today is my first day back with some very light hanging, 2lbs. I was so happy to have most of my lymphatic blockages gone and to know they can be hurried along by reverse jelqing made me want to get a light workout in today just to see how things go.

Hey guys, I’m still having problems with the sleeves colapsing in, I have tried using 4 sleeves but it does not help.

I did noticed that if I don’t tape the head the sleeves does not collapse, but my head is to sensitive It get bruised up if I don’t tape.

Cancle that it did collapse without the taping as well.

Can’t hang 8.3lb, it’s getting frustrating..

Do you guys have any tips?

Another question, do you guys was your sleeves after each sessions?

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Sorry misspelled the question “Another question, do you guys WASH your sleeves after each sessions?”

Originally Posted by dirty_sweed
Hey guys, I’m still having problems with the sleeves colapsing in, I have tried using 4 sleeves but it does not help.

When you say the sleeves are collapsing in, do you mean that your glans are pulling back out of the cap and getting crushed by the sleeve? If so, I have found that the tighter the cap around the glans, the less air there is to expand, and the less the glans pulls back. If you don’t have a smaller cap, you could try packing out your existing cap with cotton wool or toilet paper etc.

If you mean the whole thing is falling off, and if it is the sleeve that is falling off the cap, try using a rubber band to secure the sleeve onto the cap.

Originally Posted by dirty_sweed
Another question, do you guys was your sleeves after each sessions?

I wash my sleeves in warm (plain) soapy water before putting them on. I think this helps to extend their life. It also makes them nice and tacky when first using them for the day. I think plain soap works best, rather than the moisturizing/fancy kind of soaps.


Hanging Blisters

For what it’s worth. I use Monkeybar’s Vacuhanger and find it excellent…except I ran out of the old constrictor sleeves. I got some of his newer versions but found they were too uncomfortatble on the glans. Plus, I was getting blisters too big to ignore. I tried all sorts of things and went through many constrictor sleeves. One day I thought I would try a condom. I know at 77 years of age, I’m an old prick, and because I wanted to continue hanging…well… If it worked for me perhaps others might try it.

I believe hanging for long periods is better than short heavy periods. So, now I can hang 5-6 pounds for three hours straight without a blister ever. I sent for a gross of cheap rubbers which cost me less then one constrictor sleeve. I can use the same rubber for three daily sessions. It has been a great substitute until Monkey’s next constrictor sleeve.

For those of you hanging heavier, you might try the thicker condoms.

Just a thought,



Just out of curiosity, why at 77 yrs of age do you want to grow your penis? I know the same thing could be asked of me at 45, but I’d be curious to hear your reply…

SkepticalOne: It is an interesting thing about human nature as it applies to aging. Whatever age we are at the time, feel like the norm. That is, we feel normal in our age, everyone else is either too young or too old. I remember when I was 18 I thought I’d have no interest in sex when I got to be my parents’ age, which was at the time actually very young, but to me they were old, over the hill. Now I am 56 and feel more sexual than ever. I’m getting much more pussy now than when I was at 18, or even 30. I’m sure when I’m in my 80s, I’ll still be sexually active …

…and probably still posting on this forum. :whatever:

Cudos Rhadames.

Keep up the good work

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No Nukes

S1 - I just put a nipple through a PVC cap and evacuated it right after pouring. I expected that I would have enough material to fill the pipe over my entire unit, but since it didn’t cover, the best thing I could think to do was stand up and let it hang down to fill the pipe from the other direction to get a good impression of my glans. I just kinked the hose so it wouldn’t drain into the hose. Standing up and shifting is what caused my nuts to get sucked into the pipe…

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG


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