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Vacuum Hanging

Originally Posted by skepticalOne
how do you post a picture?

No dick pics allowed in the Hanger’s Forum. Post them in the Member Pics forum. Also, remember that your pics have to be released by a moderator before they can be viewed by other members.

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Sorry ThunderSS…

Can I just post a pic of the device here… I already deleted the other pics.

Where can I buy a ceiling hook and a pulley in London? I’ve checked the Wickes, B&Q, and Homebase websites and they don’t stock them. I’m looking to venture out tomorrow and pick them up so I can get a SO set-up rigged for my reintroduction into the game after a month spell on the sidelines due to the dreaded water blisters.

Here in the states you can buy both of those at any hardware store.

I managed to pick up what I needed in the end.

dlm4, just curious, how has hanging been since restarting after your blisters? Did you start with a reduced weight and new angle?


I did restart at a reduced weight, but I’m up to 12lbs now. I’m trying to be very careful. The main thing that I have noticed is that when I hang now, I get discoloration where the blister was. And it doesn’t really seem to be getting better. I’m not hanging as aggressively as I was before, and I change it up a couple of times a week and don’t hang. Instead I will work out with a new stretching device that I built. So that way it gives my head a break from the Vac.

I keep meaning to post pics and a description of my new stretching device, but I just haven’t been able to get around to it. This thing is awesome tho. I have never been able to get a stretch thats’s anything even close to this before. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far. I have been lazy with my PE lately. I will get pics posted soon to the main members area.

So last night I started to hang. It was late at about 10 o’clock and I was feeling tired, but I didn’t want to miss a workout. I got all strapped in and was hanging 12 1/2lbs. All was well. I checked my facebook and e-mail, then decided to read. I then woke up 2hrs later! I totally crashed while reading. When I woke up it took me a minute to figure out where I was, etc. Then I was like SHIT! Took off the weight, took off the hanger, took of the tape…all was well. Whew! Two hours straight in the ol vac and not a blister or anything to show from it. Thank God! It just goes to show that vac hanging is almost too comfortable. I will be careful to make sure that never happens again. That could have really ended up in disaster.

Has anyone tried making something similar to an autoextender by combining the vac head with calibrated tubular spring scale?

I thought of doing this, and it seems like you could choose how much force is generated vs. Something that has no way of measuring the force.

Hey guys, very informative thread. Thanks to everyone’s contributions I’ve managed to make myself a vac hanger for next to nothing. I am using a 1” PVC end cap for a cylinder and am concerned it may not be deep enough. After squeezing and cramming my head into the cap and using the air release hole/flap I drilled in the end I am able to get a good vacuum and seal (using MB’s blue sleeve). When I apply the weight however (5lbs) my head is pulled/ stretched back so that the dorsal half of my coronal ridge is actually above the edge of the end cap. This causes pressure and stinging on this ‘exposed’ section.

1. Is it normal for the head to pull back out of the cap once weight is applied?

2. If not, would a deeper cylinder remedy this? The 1” PVC end cap is 1.5/16” ID and 1.1/4” deep.

3. What are the dimensions of the cylinders/end caps everyone is using? (I understand this will vary to suit the users’ various unit dimensions but just want to get a general gauge.)

Cheers guys.


That is exactly what happens to me with the autoxtender package I got. I mean I love it, but exactly what you described happens every time. I was hoping, as I read your post, that you had found one a little deeper, because I was going to make myself one…I may take a trip over to home depot later to see what I can find.

I guess you could crazy glue some extra pipe length to the end cap??

Hello folks :)

Anyone got a red sleeve they would sell?

Order some from monkey bar?

Hi everybody, I’m a brand new hanger..
I’ve been using an extender for 5 months and I gained 3\4 inch.

I’d like to start with hanging. Do you think a device like this can be used also for this goal?

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Originally Posted by kimc
Order some from monkey bar?

The sleeves on autoextenders online store are blue only. Surely the red sleeve is red?



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