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Vacuum Hanging

Hey Big Girtha,

did you get all of your gains from clamping?

Probably, but it is hard to say because I’ve done everything kind of hit and miss. However, I think I’ve finally topped out on girth, thought I’d try vacuum hanging again. It always made more sense to me than clamp on hangers. I just ordered a pump from PumpToys, I’m impressed with the silicon ring. Seems they are doing some amazing things with this material now. I’m sure MB’s sleeves have improved as well. The problem has always been finding something tough enough not to rip, but soft enough to be comfortable. That Red sleeve looks promising. I’ll have to get with MB see what’s cookin in the old dick lab.

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No Nukes

I read some of your clamping 101 and it was hard to find that cable clamp as walmart, etc. don’t carry them anymore….. but now they make them for Home Depot and Home Depot calls them the Cable Cuff….

Ya know, I actually recommended the red sleeve, but after using it, I went back to the blue sleeve with athletic tape on the outside… What I do like the red sleeve for is after a hanging session and to “never let it turtle” I wear a red one longer than what i use for hanging to keep it extended and I throw on 2 lbs of fishing weight and it is great. I can wear it all day if i want. Yesterday I mowed the lawn with it on… (I did have to tape the weights to my legs so my neighbors wouldn’t notice fishing weight dangling below my shorts (my shorts were just long enough to cover them, but not when they started swinging all around).

I had to cut back to 10 lbs today…I could feel something getting ready to tear on the inside…Yikes… dropped it down to 10 lbs again and all is well.

Originally Posted by mister007
I have to say I don’t understand this splint thing. You put something on your pee hole or what? Can you do this without constriction sleeve? My constriction sleeve is ripped so I can’t try it with it.

Ok…try this. Wrap with tape just like you normally would. When your all done taping, place your splint where you usually get the pain(right at the tip). Then tape over it. Here is the secret…you want your splint to be a little thick, and then you want to push it into your head a little and tape it down firmly. Then if you want, you can place the restriction sleeve over it.

For a splint I use a piece of paper (4 inches x 3 or 4 inches or so) folded over on itself until it becomes a square that is about half inch or so wide. Then I just taped it together. I like it because its square or rectangular in shape, so I can manipulate the angles a little better. You can also try a penny or a dime, but they are not very thick, and they are round…so its a little harder to get the right angles.

I hope this helps a little. Its really easy to do and allowed me to hang more weight comfortably. Try it and let me know if it helps. Good luck!

Thanks. I’ll try this this tomorrow. Today I hanged 50 min with 10lbs using red sleeves, very comfortable. I have to try higher weight soon.

I also did about an hour today at 12 pounds. Twelve seems to be about the max I can hang without pulling the sleeve off, but I was using one of the three year-old worn out sleeves. I followed up with an hour in my new PumpToys tube. Good two hour workout. My dick looks like a package of Jimmy Dean sausage.

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No Nukes

I love the “never let it turtle” motto ! h ah ah ha h If only it were possible all the time… As soon as I take off a sleeve, I start to turtle. The only time it doesn’t turtle with no sleeve is if I am really relaxed and sitting on the sofa watching television, with no underwear and just shorts.

Big Girtha, do you “ever” turtle?? or do I have to have an 8” penis first?

According to my urologist, all penises retract, that’s just what a healthy dick does. Easy for her to say, she doesn’t have to pull one out of the fat pad with her fingers to piss, like I used to. Now, my dick never turtles back into the fat pad, like it did before PE, back when I was very fat, but it still turtles within itself, like a telescope, getting shorter, but also fatter, because there is too much dick and too little fad-pad to hide in. Probably the only way to achieve 0% retraction would be to sever the ligaments that cause your dick to retract, and that would be a bad thing, at least it would be for me. The ligs are there for a reason.

I’m just not sure what they are. :whatever:

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No Nukes

Im thinking that it would be a good idea to compile a list of symptoms that might mean a blister is possibly on the horizon. If we can somewhat predict when one is possible, we can change up our routine for a few days and help prevent it from happening. Thus stopping the need for an extended break. Please list any symptoms that you may have noticed BEFORE you got a blister.

As for me…mine was just a general breakdown of the skin right at the tip of my glans. It was red in color, and stayed that way for most of the day, for a few days straight. I think some redness is somewhat normal after a hanging session, but if you can still see signs of hanging hours after your hanging session, it may be time to change up your routine for a few days to let that heal a bit.

Anyone else?

I’m thinking of getting Bib Starter for weights above 10 lbs and riding the fatigue with vac 10 lbs and under. I don’t get blisters, but I get red spots that become something like little blood blisters, so now I’m taking a week off.

I have a Bib Starter. If you haven’t hung with the a Bib I would recommend going with the regular starter. The problem that I have it that I get those red spots when I use the Bib too. One thing that I have tried is starting out my routine with heavy dose of manual stretching, then riding the fatigue with the Vac. Same concept. Let us know how it goes. Good Luck!

I like vacuum hanging very much but it’s not funny to have these red spots and I think they will get worse if I go over 10lbs. So I think I will try bib hanger. I have hanged years ago with homemade hanger and I think I was using 15lbs at my max weight, so I think I’m able to make Bib work too.

Well, I’ve got thrombosed lymph vessels! Geesh… I was pushing it to hard too fast. Let my example be a warning… I always go bonkers and well, I can’t even tell my wife because she told me “I don’t want you ruining your thing!” when I told her I as going to do some PE…. She’ll just say I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THAT, YOU ALWAYS GO WAY TOO INTENSE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO”…

So now I’m using the heat lamp, taking fish oil (natural blood thinner) and not doing any PE… Haven’t done any for 3 days far no loss of size… But I had gained an amazing 1.25” in length in only 2 months, so I hope it isn’t easy come, easy go…

I’ve never even heard of that. What is it? Is it caused from vac hanging? 1.25” in two months?! DAMN!!! Ive been at this for almost two years and I still haven’t gained .75”. I hope you know how lucky you are!


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