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Vacuum Hanging

Most of us are using Monkey Bars old heavy hanger I think.

Yep. I’m using the old 2” Cap, that MB no longer makes. I ordered two of the Blue sleeves from his site, and they came today. They fit the big cap perfectly. I’d like to have had them a little longer, but I do understand the molding budget. I’m sure these things ain’t real cheap to make, especially if you made them real long. I may try molding some, myself, via tps' link attached at the beginning of this thread, but make them longer, maybe cut the PVC at 8” to have some extra length. You could always pull the sleeve up over the tip of the cap, and slowly use the length as you need it, clipping away any tears or rips, as they would most likely occur at the ends. But these babies are very tough. I think you could get a lot of mileage with some 8 inchers for anyone out there good at making these sleeves… . . Hint, hint. :leftie: Seeing as I’m not great at manual labor myself.

The ones I got, (light blue) cover the air hole with about with about two inches left for the shaft, which is just about right. However, if these sleeves were a little longer one could simply cut them off, should they rip, thus making a couple of sleeves last a looong time.

Three Hour Routine Tonight:
This hanger works with great comfort for me. I hung over two1/2 hours tonight. I started with the usual one hour at 12 pounds, feet up on my desk, hanging straight down, watching porn, with the Deadly Thumpers a roaring between my thighs, one in each hand keeping the ligs hot and supple and the balls a jiggling. At the end of the first hour, instead of doing an hour in the tube like I’ve been doing, I just released the weight, and slipped on three Baseball weights[/b] right over the cap, and wore the hanger with just these three soft weights around the house for another hour and 1/2 to cool down the beaten tissue while extended. Then I popped it off and spent 1/2 hour in the tube finishing off my edging by ejaculating into the tube, via Thumpers, one under the balls and the other on the heating pad wrapped cylinder. After this three hour PE-a-thon, I slipped on three lead weights and went for a swim in the rain, letting the cool pool water chill the tissue whilst still elongated.

Great routine.

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No Nukes

Hey Girtha are you taping?

No. No tape at all. In fact I really don’t understand this whole tapping thing with vacuum hanging. For me it kind of defeats the purpose. This is what I like about the big cap. Once the weight is lowered the cap really touches nothing. I think the way guys get blisters, is swinging the weight when the cap rubs the glands, or just trying to hang too much weight, which causes the sleeves to pinch at the tip of the glands. I think 12 pounds is about the max for these type of hangers, however, I’m getting ready to try 15 pounds even as I type this, but I’m sure I’ll end up dropping the extra three pounds before the set is done. Because of the extra time we get in these hangers, I don’t feel excessive weight is necessary. If you have a big enough cap and have it on right, there is no reason you should get blisters. The only time I ever got a blister from vacuum hanging was from the other hanger, the one Crash was selling. Those blue rubbery sleeves down inside the tube like that would always rub me raw if I swung the weight.

I was just looking at tps's make your own sleeves thread again. That idea he mentions about using the PVC end cap inside the homade sleeve looks pretty good to me. Since MB is no longer making this Big Cap, (Big Mistake) in my opinion, for those new members who didn’t get a chance to buy one, putting a 2” diameter PVC end cap into one of the blue sleeves might work. You would just have to drill an air-release hole, and sand it down on the inside so it’s smooth. It wouldn’t be as good as MB’s old cap, but would probably work. You would have to devise a way to attach your weights to the end, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Just slipping the Baseball Bat Weights over the hanger would be a good ADS.

For any new members that don’t know what Baseball Bat Weights are, these are the soft stretchable weights sold in Athletic Stores that are made to slip over a baseball bat to increase the weight. Three of them will fit perfectly over the big cap, pressed up against the fat pad. They’re pretty heavy but soft, so they don’t clang against your knees when you walk around the house, like lead free-weights, or barbell weights do. Use the barbell weights to hang heavy, and the soft weights afterwards when moving about the house. The cloth covered weight fit snugly against your thighs, and are actually pretty stealthy in baggy sweatpants. Wearing them with jeans would be sure to get you a date. :leftie: They’re getting hard to find, Wallmarts doesn’t carry them any more, but I’m sure you could get them at a sporting goods store, such as Academy. Probably anywhere they sell baseball bats. A must have in your PE arsenal.

The only other reason I see that guys say they are taping is to prevent the doughnut that comes from lymphatic fluid buildup around the circ scar. This fluid buildup occurs for several reasons, and in my opinion it should not be anything to be concerned about. In fact it helps in PE. I know The Doughnut is a bit unsightly, but it dissipates pretty quickly, especially with a gentle massage, or it can be evened out along the length of the shaft in the tube. I say just make you a big enough end cap so you don’t rub blisters on your dick, and don’t worry about the doughnut.


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Funny, I was just telling Mrz. G. that Walmarts no longer carries the baseball bat weights. She told me that there is a new sporting-goods store opened up here in Las Colinas that might carry them. She said the name of the new store is, “DICK’S. :cool:

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No Nukes

I’m going to have to STRONGLY disagree with you on this one Girtha. I’m talking about taping. I think some of us are just more sensitive to Vac hanging then others. Before I found the tape idea, I could only hang about 5lbs before it really started to hurt. After taping I have hung up to 15lbs with almost no pain. Some of us just get blisters easier. I don’t swing weights at all, and I still got a water blister even using tape. There is NO WAY I could hang the way I do now without the tape. I think most of us Vac hangers would agree on this one. If you can hang 12lbs with no tape…I can only imagine what you would be able to hang if you were properly taped! Consider yourself lucky man…seriously! I think that your dick is just really well conditioned because you have been doing PE for a long time, and doing some intense stuff at that.

I do like the baseball bat weight idea tho! :-)

You make a good point.
As it has been said many times on this forum, every dick is different, and they all respond differently to PE. Every individual has to modify their routines to fit the dick they wear. I’m sure things like, the amount of loose shaft skin, absence, or presents of natural foreskin or even excess PE skin will contribute differently to the equation.

Personally, I have a kind of unusual dick. My penile dimensions have become almost a square these days, that being; my girth is about the same as my length. Although I was circumcised at birth, I now have what looks like an uncut flaccid hang, with the excess shaft skin rolling over the shaft covering about half of the glands. I actually like the way this looks. It gives me the appearance of an 8” flaccid girth. But if I pull back all that skin and measure my girth is about 7” Fortunately most women don’t carry a tape measure in their purse.

I hung my usual hour tonight, but increased the weight several times during the session. Started with 10, then upped it to 12, and in the last 10 minutes stood up and swung 15 pounds. Just before releasing the weights I added another 5 pounds, just to see if the sleeve would hold it. It held for about a minute, with a little pinching on the tip, but bearable, however, the sleeve felt very uncomfortable and I was afraid it would break so I ended the session, as always, edging in the tube, ejaculation, and cool down in the pool with the lead weight ADS.

Anyway, tonight as I was swimming an idea occurred to me. I think I am going to go ahead and try my hand at making some of these sleeves, not because I feel MB’s sleeves are inadequate, but due to my unusual size and shape, and the extreme routines I endure, I feel a custom fitted Girtha Sleeve is in order.

Tonight, as I was gritting my teeth and holding my breath while lowering the 20lbs of barbell weights, hoping the sleeve would hold, it occurred to me, if I could build a mold to accommodate a very long, heavy-duty sleeve, say a 9” long ¼” thick Super Sleeve, kind of deal, something you could stretch it over the 2” Cap pulled all the way up to the tip, leaving a tail of approximately 4 or 5” for the shaft, this would be an ideal hanger.

To don such an apparatus, one would need to be, of course, erect. With the 9” long sleeve, about half of it would cover the cap, leaving 4 or 5 inches for the shaft.

Sprinkle a little talcum into the cap, careful not to get any on the sleeve. Push/twist the cap onto the head of an erect dick; pull the long sleeve all the way to the base (Fat-Pad). Purge out air by lifting the sleeve away from air-hold, pressing cap toward body, release sleeve over air-hold and pull outward to set suction. Then hang a small weight, say 5 pounds to pull shaft down long and straight, then pull or fold (Not Roll), but instead pull the sleeve down to about mid-shaft and stretch the extra sleeve length over the cap all the way to the tip where the weights attach, or as far as it will reach, leaving about 2” or so attached to the upper shaft, to prevent skin pull. This would give you a very strong; double sleeve that would hold more weight and I think, eliminate the pinch. It would also add long life to the sleeve, because it would be taking half the stress, and it could be trimmed as the ends eventually tear, or lose elasticity due to wear.

I’m also thinking about coating the lead rings in silicon also. Since tps’s thread is two years old, I wonder if Home Depot carries the Ecoflex 0030 by now. I’m also wondering, seeing as Home Depot no longer cuts building supplies for people, if they have the 3/8 threaded galvanized pipe in 8 or 9” lengths, because I have no way of cutting a long piece of pipe. I guess I could cut a long piece of PVC into 9” lengths with my dremel, but being an apartment dweller with no access to a vice or hacksaw, cutting steel pipe would be a challenge. Although, I might be able to pick up a small clamp-on table vice at HD.

I envy you guys with a garage and tools. This project will have to take place on my terrace.

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Big girtha I think it might be your girth filling in the cap/sleeve easier.

Blisters. Grrrrr!

I am uncut and have been hanging with Monkeybars Vacuhanger and up until a couple of weeks back things had been grand.

I use 3M micropore tape on the glan and shaft but have encountered a problem whereby the my excess fore/shaft skin is edging forward so much so that it its lifting the tape away from my glan ever so marginally therefore causing blisters to form. I got two blisters on the left side of my glan(one right next to the frenulum at the back) and allowed them to heal for ten days.

I hanged again today and got two blisters in practically the identical spots, actually they might be in the exact same spots, I can’t tell at the moment.

For the record I hate my foreskin, always have done always will do, and if it means I can no longer pursue hanging then I’m going to finally get cut. My foreskin has been the factor that has limited the measure of my gains. No question about it. The amount of time I have dedicated to PE should reflect far more than what I have realised and I know why that is. PE has uglified my foreskin to the point it oft-disgusts me to look at it flaccid.

How long do folks wait to re-enter the game after a water blister?


Jack. I’d let it completely heal, that is dry up, scab up and flake off. We’re talking weeks here, depending how deep the blister is. School is still out on should you pop the water sack or leave it. The sore will scab up faster if you pop it, but seems to be less painful if you don’t I say the water is in there for a reason, like a kind of cushion. Letting the body slowly reabsorb the water is probably the healthiest way. Your clothes will pop it soon enough anyway, unless you are like me and stay naked 24/7.

As far as foreskin, personally I don’t care for skin on a weenie, well except for Nathan’s original hotdogs. But the general consensus here at TP is, like the water in a blister, foreskin is there for a reason, also. If you do consider adult circumcision, let me tell you, my brother had it done and, well, if you think the blister is a pain …

Good luck with it.

I ripped a blue sleeve tonight. Guess 20 pounds was pushing it.

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No Nukes

BG, I taped up my blue sleeve and it seemed like it could take it… I’m not PEing now, I meant before I got all thrombosed… athletic tape around the blue sleeve and the vacuum head…keeps it all together and is very comfortable.

One clot gone, two to go.

Mine ripped perfectly in half, but I was swinging 20 pounds of lead. MB never designed these sleeves for that kind of abuse. Far too much weight for the sleeves, and possibly too much for vacuum hanging in general.

However, I’ve made up my mind to make some Monster Sleeves, inspired by TPS’s thread. I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought all the stuff. I’m going to make some heavy sleeves, 9” long, 1” ID with 1/4” walls. I want them long enough so they can be pulled all the way to the tip of the cap, where the weight attaches, with enough shaft tube left over to reach the fat pad, then be folded back along the shaft to the air-hole.

Then you should be able to pull or roll back the first layer to cover the edge of the second layer right at the air-hole. This double coverage should give you a very strong 1/2” wall-strength that I think will accommodate a 20 pound swing in comfort. This way, even when the sleeve breaks in half, you will still have two pieces long enough to use for more moderate loads, and/or ADS weights.

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No Nukes

Home Depot sells a monster sleeve? I missed that one… can you link to the post thread that discusses it? or will it come up if I do a search for Monster Sleeves?

Hi Big Girtha,

I think one of the challenges you will have making your Monster Sleeves is getting the bubbles out of the silicon.

I described my experiences with tps’ instructions here .

My first couple of attempts had lots of bubbles. After that I held an electric toothbrush next to the mold and was able to vibrate a lot of the bubbles out. However, the sleeves still had bubbles, and I think this makes them weak when holding a vacuum.

I still use some of the sleeves I made today, but the way I use them is to put them on top of monkeybar’s sleeves . Monkeybar’s sleeves hold the vacuum, while my sleeve on top stiffens and strengthens the vacuum holding sleeve.

My guess is, for a Monster Sleeve that will need to hold a big vacuum, you may need some kind of vacuum chamber device to get all the bubbles out before the silicon sets. I am not an expert at all in this, but in the tps thread, there are people who know what they’re talking about who discussed various options for doing this.

On the other hand, I have just reread your message and it has sunk in just how thick you are planning to make the walls … 1/4” thick … that is thick! If the walls are that thick, maybe bubbles will not matter.

Interesting experiment, I am looking forward to hearing how it works out.

Have fun!

Hi skepticalOne,

Originally Posted by skepticalOne
Home Depot sells a monster sleeve? I missed that one… can you link to the post thread that discusses it? or will it come up if I do a search for Monster Sleeves?

I think Big Girtha is referring to this thread.


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