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Unused Hanger -- BibStarter (Bib Starter) -- for Sale

Unused Hanger -- BibStarter (Bib Starter) -- for Sale

I bought this in May 2002 but never used it. I think I tried it on once with the Thera-Band. But I never bothered to figure out how to set up properly, so I never used it. The Thera-Band made skin contact that one time, but the BibStarter contacted only the Thera-Band. Since then, it has sat in the box, never used.

The Thera-Band is a yard long, and it is slightly discolored in some areas from air exposure over time. I doubt I washed the Thera-Band after trying it on, but except for the age discoloration, the appearance is clean and dry. The hanger is indistinguishable from new. It was always kept in the box in a dry closet in smoke-free housing.

Last week, I contacted the maker to find out if this model, mailed to me on that date, were current with the new model. I was told this: Relatively the same. The front thumbs are now a little different. That is about it, as far as functionality goes. Stronger in a few areas, perhaps a bit cleaner. That is all I can think of.

I ask $60, plus $5 postage and handling (First Class Mail within the US), by PayPal, with a PayPal Confirmed shipping address, for the hanger. The Thera-Band will be included free, if one does not mention it; otherwise, if instructed to, I will leave it out.

If one would like, I will list the item for sale on eBay in a private listing, concealing the buyer’s identity, for an increased postage and handling of $7. In this case, the postage and handling must be prepaid before I list the item on eBay.

I have photos.

I forget that most users might want the BigHanger instead of the BibStarter. Actually, I think the Starter is better — the reason I had bought it instead of the Hanger — because the shorter body of it means that it clamps on to less of the penis, which, by clamping less of the penis, suggests that it would stretch more of the penis.

Other than that, the main difference is that the BibStarter accommodates a maximum girth of 6.5 inches, whereas the BibHanger accommodates a maximum girth of 8 inches, I think. The girth is rare that would challenge the BibStarter.

Still, I drop the price to $50, since the BibStarter is less expensive to begin with. This package now is half the retail price.

The BibStarter is the best choice for the majority of people.

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How much would postage be to UK?

Stee, 22 US dollars for Priority Mail International to a PayPal Confirmed address. (I am sending you a link to photos.)

And, firegoat, I thank you.

This is still for sale.

The price is $50 including postage within the 50 US states. (The shipping address must be PayPal Confirmed.)

I’ll mail this internationally, for reduced cost (usually about 10 US dollars), by First Class Mail International (instead of Priority Mail International), but only to a buyer whose PayPal account is Verified and has been open for over three months.

Send a private message for photos of the item.

Crap I just bought one!


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