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Bib Hanger or Bib Starter?

Bib Hanger or Bib Starter?

I am just getting into hanging, I used to do it years ago and that’s honestly when I made my gains. I have been at 7.5” BP for such a long time, I am sick and tired of being at this length. I want to hit 8.5” BP and stop f*cking around.

I want girth too, but right now I am just sick of measuring my wood and seeing 7.5”.

Do you guys recommend the regular Bib Hanger or Bib Starter?

There are several threads about this. Many guys prefer the Starter even though they are big enough for the regular.

IMO, get the Starter.

Seems like most guys like the Starter. I prefer the regular, probably because I’ve been using one for so long, I have the wrap/settings/adjustments exactly how I want it.

Go with the consensus, Starter.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Is the starter a comfortable hang? The reason that I am buying one is because my homemade hangers are so painful with just 10 lbs. Can the starter hang 20 lbs. without extreme skin discomfort?

I would stick with the starter. It will give you a little more room to move as far as placement on the shaft, as well as girth. It also seems to grip better with minimal sliding. Just my 2 cents.

I use the standard Bib Hanger and I love it. At your size I would recommend it. It is a good investment.

I have not used the Bib Starter so I can not comment on its function. Check out Bibs site for more info.

I just need to know that the Bib Starter can comfortably hang 15-25 lbs. without any extreme skin irritation, that’s my main concern.

… After searching a bit more, just ordered the Bib Starter! :D

Can’t wait to get started, I need length so bad.

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