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Hang sets spread over whole day

Hang sets spread over whole day

Now it is again time for me to go back to University, and to my job. That means that I’m just able to hang 2 twenty minutes sets in the morning, another 1 twenty minutes set when I get home (afternoon), then I’m on my job, and in the evening another 3 or more sets.

It’s damn for me, because I’m a HARD gainier. Now I’m following SS4Jelqs intesity workout (heat first half, pull septum appart, kegel, swing), but I’m don’t have the time to make my usual 3 -5 times 20 minutes in morning and 3-5 times twenty minutes in the evening. It’s spread over whole day.

You think that this is for a Hardgainer like me ok?

I’m wearing ads rest of the day .

I think this should work fine, possibly even better then hanging all at one time in a day because you keep stretching the tissues out all through the day.

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I agree that it sounds good. Let us know how it goes. I haven’t heard of anyone else doing that. It might be a good technique.


Sounds good, that’s what I do pretty much I hang when I get the chance even if I only have time for a one set.

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