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Is there anything where you can lightly hang all day?


Is there anything where you can lightly hang all day?

Not sure if there would be any benefits, I just want to increase my flaccid hang and feel like if there were something not pulling it out as hard as possible, but enought to stretch it to it’s full capacity, you might be able to see flaccid length gain. Anyone think this could be and are there any products out there?

IMO I think you are pushing it to much. You have to work it out . You cant just hang for a day . You will probably do more harm than good.If I had that attitude I would definitely hurt myself.

Perhaps you should look into an ADS (all day stretcher). I think some people have tried all day hanging, but it just isn’t too practical.

I hang at night sometimes while I sleep. I tie the weight to a string long enough to hang over the end of the bed . The friction of the string against the mattress allows me to adjust the tension. I usually wake up in an hour or so when it gets uncomfortable. Then I unstrap and go back to sleep. If you want to stretch upwards you can hang over the end of the bed where your head is at and pass the string over the shoulder.



Please reconsider hanging at night, even if the weight is low. What if you dont wake up when it gets uncomfortable? What if the circulation is cut off for 8 hours, and you wake up with a bruised up dick?

I think ADS is great and should be part of a good hanging routine. The theraband method in tutorials is a good method, but takes a little wrapping skill to get the tightness right.


I’m also interested in gaining in flaccid hang, as I could be the poster boy for a “grower” (thus my handle). What I am trying now is after an hour of hanging during the noon hour, I immediately wrap in an Ace bandage to maintain the extension from hanging - for the next several hours. No tension is applied, just the support of the wrapping will keep it extended. I cannot verify I’m getting permanent gains, but its easy and worth the time investment. I generally rewrap every 1.5 to 2 hours. I do NOT wear it to bed.


Using traction wraps as you are doing is a great way to increase flaccid size. You can set it loose enough to allow perfect circulation, and leave it on all day. If you start getting itchy feelings, unwrap, massage a bit and rewrap.

Good Luck

If it’s a lengthy “light stretching” then why bother with all the theraband mess?

Just use a sort of a loop, or whatever, that would grab at the glands, and this could possibly be attached to therband to have a dynamic resistance. That way all of the shaft gets stretched, it’s much faster to put on and take off ( = more time using it, overall), there’s no skin stretch, etc.

I’m suprised more people haven’t suggested hanging with padlocks (I think this is what is referred to as biker’s hang). I found padlocks to be the most comfortable and the least showing form. I wear slacks at work, and have enough room in them for padlocks. I don’t use huge ones, but rather I use 2 locks… I don’t remember the sizes of them, though. Anyway, I sit at a computer all day, and the locks still work. I just scooch down in my chair a little so that the locks are over the edge. I found that my flaccid hang is always fatter and longer with locks that normal.

I also hang locks after heavy weight hanging sessions. It seems to actually promote circulation for me. Just my 2 cents.

- MJ

- MJ

Success is a journey, not a destination.

The bikers hang, and any other noose method, runs the risk of cutting off circulation.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Nice John Maxwell quote MJ! There are several ideas out there both in the form of commercial products and the do it yourself type stuff. I havent done much research into these things myself but, I’m sure more people will eventually chime into this thread.

iamaru, I disagree, unless the biker’s hang does not use padlocks. It isn’t a noose method with padlocks, and circulation is just fine. It’s actually a little better in my opinion. Now, if the biker’s hang is something other than using padlocks, then I agree. I would never suggest a noose method, even for a very short period of time.

Stillwantmore, I actually got that quote from Bruce Lee.

RB, how does that method increase flaccid hang? From what I read, it looks to be a method of circulation improvement, and increases bulge just because of the bulk of the wrap, but doesn’t do any resistance application to the tunica or ligament. What did I miss?

- MJ

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Guys who have been using it have been reporting flaccid gains. I’ve never tried it, but will at some point in the future…

I also trust the guys who are talking about it, so feel confident that it will work.

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I use the bikers hang with a padlock, though not lately. When I was using it, I could tell that it was helping not only with flaccid gains but also helped keeping my member streched after a workout. Since summer is here and I wear shorts at work, I’ll probably start using the lock again. And I also never noticed any cutoff of circulation or any other side effects.

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