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Question for you guys that hang 100 min+ per day.


Question for you guys that hang 100 min+ per day.

I’m thinking about bumping my routine from 60 minutes of hanging per day to 100 minutes to break a plateau and I was wondering how many of you 100+ minute guys take a day off? Or how many hang all 7 days? Thanks :)

I hang five days at about 80 minutes per day

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I hang for about 120 minutes with some light manual stretching to try to keep the member from adjusting istelf to the stimulus at hand. I hang in 15 minute increments.

I easily hang in the 150-250 minute range. I start with 17 1/2 lb. sets(Bib has recommended beginning these sets with 20-25 lbs., which I have begun) and throughout the day, as my ligs fatigue, I drop down in poundage. I usually end up at 5-7 1/2 lbs. I hang 6 on 1 off, however, if I feel I need it, I’ll take more time off. I skip the day off too on occasion.

I’ve been hanging about 2 months now with the captains wench and am up to 15 lbs @ 4 sets of 15 minutes each. By the time I’m thru my 4th set, I know the old boy needs a rest, almost looks beat up at times, so not sure how you guys are hanging that long with that much weight. I usually hang 5 on 2 off…..

I don’t feel the need for a day off, 7 days a week for me. On average, I hang 26 hours a week,with the highest number being 34. I have greatly decreased the weight I need to hang with, which is outstanding.


7 days, 3 sets of a minimum of 20 mins
Current max working weight is 24.5 lbs.

I dont take days off, at least not voluntarily.
I figure I’ll take some time off when I’m dead.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Larry29 and AliceHooper with that much dedicated hanging what kind of gains are you guys making? That is some serious hang time and I would think those members should be lolloping on the ground by now and getting stepped on by pedestrians? Also how is your erectile quality thru the week when hanging that many pounds for that many hours? Have you had any injuries and does it impede your sex lives at all? Thanks a bunch, JelkyWad, I have only really begun and am in perhaps my 4th week of dedicated hanging. Around 2 hours a day in short intervals using up to 6 pounds now at 20 minutes a hang or so. I am attempting first alot of skin stretching and hanging from closer to the base. My flaccid measurements are now all over the place. I have temporary gains I beleive already and am flaccid anywhere between 6 7/8 to 7 7/8 depending on time of day, how soon after the last hang,etc,etc. None of this will be cemented for sometime I suspect and nothing is gained yet in erect size though I could be wrong and haven’t measured that. I am definitely noticing how you develop a tolerance for heavier and heavier weight. Just two weeks ago I was unable to hang more that 3 lbs. I suspect it is the time at it that is critical to real gains and not the heaviness of the weight and that fatigue can well be achieved by mulitiple hours of hangtime. I seriously doubt that I will ever attempt to drop 25 lbs between my legs though who can say? It seems unimaginable right now and as long as I am growing and stetching its basically a nonissue. hello to all, JelkyWad

jelkywad >> I seriously doubt that I will ever attempt to drop 25 lbs between my legs though who can say?

You might be surprised. What seems really heavy to you now, might one day be your warm up weight.

Is funny, when I first got here and read about hanging, I thought these guys had to be insane, who would think of doing such a thing? Now I’m spending an hour everynight hanging.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

The reason I increased the hours is simple, I was lucky to find that much more and I was sick of using what I considered to be a ridiculous amount of weight just to feel any after effects. I have made some gains, I’m not sure about inches I don’t measure. I am just going full speed ahead without stopping to see, I know what I want and I am going to hunt it down.


Ohh, yes I can get an erection. Is it 100%? ,No. This is just a temporary thing, if I took 2 days off I am sure it would be 100 % .

Originally Posted by jelkywadholmes
. I seriously doubt that I will ever attempt to drop 25 lbs between my legs though who can say? It seems unimaginable right now and as long as I am growing and stetching its basically a nonissue. hello to all, JelkyWad

Yes, you will be able to hang that much weight, I know it doesn’t sound right now. The less hours you hang the more weight will be used, in time. It was frustrating to me when i had to use over 30 lbs., that is when I dramatically increased hours and have now dropped my normal weight over half, I am more than excited about this.

Long hang times, ouch

I must be doing something wrong; can’t hang more than 5-10 minutes due to the pain. The hanging is not the pain, it’s the contraptions I’ve tried to attach weight to the member.

What hanging contraption are you folks using that allow such long hang times? Is it described somewhere on this forum. And is it really pain-free for 60 minutes a day?


Well I use the Captain’s Wench, but I know chickenchoker would have hang me by my toes if the CC3 was not mentioned as well, with it’s “air cushion” technology. Haven’t used one personally, so I am going from memory.
If you are more financially inclined, the Bib is the cadillac of hangers and there should be a link at the bottom of every page.

Link: The CC3
Oh looky here! The CCH3.
Link: The Wench
The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your answers. I have hung about 3 1/2 hours today and am definitely pretty tired. Down to 3 pounds now and feeling it. I suspect that daily duration is key but there is alot I simply don’t know and will have to be learned slowly thru experience. thanks a bunch, JelkyWad


Yeah, you’d think I’d be tripping over the damn thing. Definitely have a longer flaccid hang(I never measure that) but no EL gain. Got to have ligs like steel cables. Bib has advised to just keep at it, slow and steady. He says nothing can withstand increasing pressure and I’m a patient man. As far as erections go, I hang heavy in the morning and use lower weights as ADS’s throughout the day. I usually stop by late afternoon and when my gal and I hit it later in the evening I have a rock hard boner that points straight up, always. BTW I’m 52.

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