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How long will it take to grow if I hang one hour a day?

How long will it take to grow if I hang one hour a day?

I can’t hang more than an hour because I get home late from work and I have privacy issues. So how long would it take for me to grow an inch? I haven’t hanged in more than 6 months, but yesterday I’m going to restart my hanging routine. I’ve started hanging 20lbs yesterday for one hour.

20 pounds? Are you sure that is safe?

Yes, privacy issues can certainly play havoc on a hanging routine. If you haven’t hanged in 6 months I would imagine 1 hour will be just fine for now. Hanging 20 lbs. after a long break sounds a bit much to me, but if that is what it is taking you to feel fatigue,then great.

How long would it take to get an inch?
That would depend on so many variables I couldn’t even give a good guess. My advice to you would be just to do what you can,get fatigued and keep it every day. Have you thought about using an ADS? If my hanging time had to go down, I would try one. Good luck, I’m sorry I can’t answer your question,gains vary for each individual. If you want an inch,go get it,that is all I know.

You could hang for 2 hours, that way it will grow twice as fast! :hanger:


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Originally Posted by mike2002

So how long would it take for me to grow an inch?


From all I have gathered it can take anywhere from two months to five years.

The less amount of time you hang per session in between sessions, the stronger your ligs will get. You will then have to spend more time or increase you weights to counter this.

This is like saying how long will it take to bench 3oo lbs? How about… .5678946 years. Yes, I’m being a smart-ass but the point is no one knows how long it wil take you but YOU (and your dick).

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I hang 1 hour a day (4 - 15min sets with 3 -10 min resting time = 1 and a half hour) 3 days-on 1 day off ,and im gaining about 1/8 a month, its going to be like 1 inch in 8 months, more or less (only been hanging about 2 months now, with “re-starter” gains of 1/2 inch. and 2/8 thats like 6/8 in 2 months) so, try to make a 3 -15min sets with 2 - 10min rest time, try your routine 2 months and measure each month to get your “average” gains! :)


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