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New Stretcher Contraption

I agree with Thunder!

I have been lurking thru this thread for quite a while now and have nearly acquired all the materials to construct a stretcher exactly like yours (maybe a couple of tweaks - if they work i will keep you all informed)

I reckon this stretcher will be great for stretching but also maybe used in a much looser state for long periods after hanging or intense stretching to keep the penis stretched out whilst healing.

can’t do any harm. And like you say its a lot easier than sliding about with weights between your legs!

ps for anyone looking for those pipe hangers in the uk the only place i could source them was from RS Components.

See Ya,


Here’s the pic of the top piece. A little theory behind what I’m trying to do with the top piece. I’m trying to not put any or the least amount as possible pressure on the major top vein to allow a good blood flow to the head so that I can wear it for an extended period of time. Any comments suggestions please. right now it pinch’s the top of the shaft which close the vein.

Oh I got it now. as BIB would say toe out. I used a longer bolt on the bottom then once its on tighen it from the bottom much better fit still pinches but much much less

Happy Stretching

Handyman and others,

How many pounds of consistent stretch have you been able to successfully achieve for extended time periods >30 min. I have felt that cronic stretch is the way to go, and it is among the more convenient devices. Keep us posted.



pounds…….well that hard to judge. I use to hang up to 20lbs and I feel with my desgin I can place more than that for a longer time period and I can walk around and do stuff plus I can bring the tension down or up al will. I also stay extended much longer. I can stretch for an hour or 2 with no problem if it get cold I bring the tension down and lossen it up and still leave it on.

Happy Stretching

flaccid length

now I think a few of you out there may be intrested LOL about the flaccid length Ive’ goten from stretching it now always well most of the time hangs below my balls I know that may not be a big deal for a lot of you but it makes me happy

Parts? Supplies?

Hrmm, I love this idea, home-made stretcher, zero to very little cost as well as looking quite simple to contruct. Problem for me as well as probably alot of other people is trying to track down the parts and/or supplies, could you possibly list the parts which somebody may need to contruct this? it’d make it alot easier when i go to my local Bunnings hardware supplier without having to wander around for an hour looking for the exact parts for the stretcher from memory.

parts & tools needed for my stretcher

hacksaw ruler clamp file sandpaper drill

2” female to female pvc connector it mesures 2 3/8” inside across

turnbuckle 10/24 two of them one end has a hook and one end has an eye

ruber hose conector any size

copper plated copper tub hangers 1 1/4” two of them one side is different the the other

two bolts 10/24 3” or 4” (if your over 7”)

two bolts 1” any size and two wing nuts same size

4 nuts 10/24

2 wing nuts 10/24

the 10/24 is the size and number of threads per inch use what ever you can find.

some kind of tubing or something to cover the pvc pipe for comfort

good luck and happy stretching
one day off and i miss it right now

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My stats from stretching 1 month

Mar 8 2002
fl/nbp 4.5
fl/bp 6
fl/st/nbp 5
fl/st/bp 6.875
el/nbp ? didn’t measure
el/bp ? didn’t measure
fg ? didn’t care
eg ? didn’t care

Apr 5 2002
fl/nbp 4.75
fl/bp 6.125
fl/st/nbp 5.25
fl/st/bp 7
el/nbp 6
el/bp 6.75
fg 5.5 still don’t care
eg 6 still don’t care

I like the way it looks, I’m on my way to Home Depot, but my question is how long would you need to use it a day. Right now I use the Swim cap, I hang 7 lbs for a total 1 1/2 hours a day. can I use this too? to add more time to my work out. Have have you had any gains yet. I read a few post before about your gains, but I don’t understand the chart.


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did you read the entire post I try to stretch 2 hours a day. i see no reason not to do as much as possible. as for the chart

fl = flacid length

nbp = no bone press

bp = bone press

st = stretch

el = erect length

I really did not see that the post was so long. I thought it was just one page long. Sorry. what is FG and EG?? sorry I’m not up to date on all the abbreviations. Do you think 7Lbs is ok or should I add more??


Neat developments!

Hi everybody. I’ve been “away” for a while. Work, traveling, home problems, etc, etc.

Wow! I’m really impressed by the development work that’s been going on here — especially Handyman’s new clamp arrangement. This looks like something I’ll have to try. I’ve only been stretching sporadically lately — not much at all. However, I don’t seem to have lost any of the initial gains I made.

The “sticks” on my stretcher work ok, but I’ve never been completely happy with them. I can only wear the stretcher for maybe an hour at most (depending on how much pull I use).

Now all I have to do is get psyched up enough to go back to the hardware store!



I would perfer you ask any question on this thread I will try and help though. your email:

“i could not find this part for your stretcher :
“copper plated copper tub hangers 1 1/4” two of them one side is different the the other “
god knows ive been looking everywhere , lol, 2 home depots and 1 OSH
Could u possibly give me a more detailed description of that part ? And the department that should have that item ? “

This peace is a copper tube hanger found in the plumbing supply dept, I really don’t know what else to say about it I’m glad my home depot has them because I use them for a few different PE things


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