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New Stretcher Contraption


Hi Bonzo

I must congratulate on your version its so simple,as are all great designs. Only thing against is that you can’t keep an eye on the state

of the glans and give some massage if required. I shall be visiting our local Hardware shops looking for end caps.

With the larger dia pipe going over the testicles I presume it is possible to vary the angle of pull,straight out or down the leg.

Nobody has replied on the subject of routines.

Things are moving so fast on this subject its fantastic.

Good stretching everybody.



Actually, there is a long, oval window in the pipe that I hacked out with a saw. I can see the glans and the Bib hanger (but not the shaft)
My only thing against it is that it is a hassle to set up:
1. slide the cap over the base of the penis
2. apply the wrap and Bib hanger (mk 2 version)
3. slide the pipe into the cap
4. attach the wood and wing nut to the eye bolt.
Of course, once the thing is all setup, the doorbell rings and you have to take it all off.

I am curious about your modification of Zeke’s stretcher (using an angle bar instead of the pipe)

Hey, you just taught me something:
My pipe does not even go over my testicles so I don’t vary the angle at all. I never thought of the testicles being inside the pipe.

Thanks for the ideas.
As usual your post has got me thinking of variations!
At this rate, we junior wizards shall have figured out the perfect stretcher in no time!
Maybe Santa Claus will just bring us one

My Routine:
Bib Hanger 10# x 15m
Intense Jelq x 30m
Bib Stretch x 15m
Jelq, squeeze, manual stretch x 15m
Hot wrap or shower x 10m


Hi bonzo

As I have no camera I have tried my scanner with results might see enough to see my stretcher and BIB modification,thats if I can figure out how to do an attacthment!

Routine and results

Hi dfb70uk

I used a scanner for my pictures, too. I don’t have a digital camera either.

As for a routine, I really am not too awfully organized about it.

I try to use the stretcher intensely for 2 or 3 days, then rest for a day or a day and a half. For the “on” days, I try to stretch using the stretching contraption for two or three sessions of 40 minutes to an hour each. I try to go by feel — after I stretch enough, I can feel that I really don’t want to do any more for a while. After I rest long enough, it seems like I want to do it again.

Every time I pee, I try to pull it out by hand for a little while. Also, I take a shower every day, and I jelq and pull for a while in the shower. I don’t find it makes too much difference if I use the stretcher before or after a shower — as to how it feels, anyway.

Near as I can tell, I’ve gained about 1/4” in bone-pressed erect length (and the same in girth) since about Dec 7th (about two weeks ago). I seem to have gained about 3/8 inch in flaccid stretched bone-pressed length. I’ve gone from 6-1/4 inches BPEL to 6-1/2 inches. My erect girth seems to have gone from 5-1/8 to 5-3/8 inches.

The most pronounced difference I notice, is that, when flaccid, it doesn’t shrink up as much. It does shrink quite a bit, but one quick tug, and it hangs right out there!

My wife was giving me a nice BJ last night, and I really didn’t expect it, but she said “your cock seems thicker than usual — I’m having trouble keeping my mouth open that wide”. I really didn’t think it would be noticeable. I haven’t told her what I’m doing yet — I haven’t said a word!

She also made another comment that requires some explanation first. I have to put drops in my eyes for this thing I have — and one of the side effects is that it makes your eyelashes thicker and longer. She actually said “maybe it’s the medicine that’s making your cock thicker”. I said “yeah, maybe!” Of course, hearing her say that made it even harder! It really does seem to get HARDER now than before — and I didn’t think THAT was possible.


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Stretcher Improvements

Hi dfb70uk and Bonzo,

dfb70uk wrote:
> With the larger dia pipe going over the testicles I presume
> it is possible to vary the angle of pull,straight out or down
> the leg.

Bonzo, I wonder if you could shape the base of your stretcher a little differently where it hits your pelvis. I was thinking you could maybe round it off as I’ve shown in the attached sketch — which might allow you to vary the angle. Of course, maybe that would make it too uncomfortable, so maybe it’s not a good idea. Just a thought!

Today, I finally got around to modifying my stretcher to get rid of the thigh-scratching screws and double nuts that formed the hinges on the base. I replaced the screws and nuts with pop rivets. It’s hard to get the rivets on without making the hinge too tight, but I managed to do it. It’s MUCH better now.

One of the nice things about my base, is that, with the flexible joints, I can easily push it up (or down) and just pull up my pants and walk around. As Bonzo said — as soon as you get the darned thing on, the doorbell rings or something. I can just shove it up against my belly, pull up my pants, and walk around. And, now with the rivets, I can do it much more comfortably.


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I hope I get it right this time

Note device can be released by undoing 1 wing nut.

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hang, jelq, stretch, jelq (jelq in between)

Hi Zeke,

I rounded the base as per your sketch. It is more comfortable, now! Thanks.
There is still no flexibility of angle, but I actually like the natural, perpendicular pull.
It feels great and it complements BTC-hanging (two different angles of pull)
I envy the slip-under-the-pants convenience of your contraption. I laughed at myself when I caught a glimpse in the mirror today. It looks way stupid, but, after merely 5 days, I have gained ¼” in length, and that does not look stupid. I can’t quite believe it yet. No wonder those natives with rocks tied to their dicks on National Geographic had long dicks. Maybe we should just consult them!
I now completely believe in alternating between the basic techniques for a good workout: hang, jelq, stretch, jelq. heat. Basically, just jelq between anything else you do. I feel a deeper stronger stretch when jelqing after hanging or after stretching. It makes good sense to engorge the stretched tissues by always jelqing immediately afterwards.
Plus the great gainer’s all say jelq, jelq, jelq. (see Sizemeisters PE data):

Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

Dfb70uk, I agree, it’s cool that the device can be released by removing just one wing nut.
I’m still eager to see a picture of your stretcher. It sounds like the perfect culmination of Zeke and Bib’s work. I guess we all struggle with the successful sending of attachments.
Thunder gets stuck with the behind-the-scenes work as said above. How cool of him!
Thanks, Thunder!


Hey guys,

I apologize for taking so long to release dfb’s long awaited attachment. I have a house full of family now, including a couple of young grand daughters, so the privacy is limited. Have to push the other mods a little also, they all are capable of releasing attachments.

Will work on making the attachments thing a little easier to understand/use after the holidays.

Merry Christmas to all!

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explanation please

I need some help understanding how to use this piece of PVC wit the slots cut in it. What did you call it a BIB? I have tried this device with the dowel rods and man alive does it hurt my glans. Is this a more comfortable way to use it? By the way, new memeber here and wanted to say you all are much appreciated for you knowledge and information. Thanks!

More questions come to mind...

In the future I’ll think through all my questions before posting…sorry fellas. Being new to PE I assumed that stretching of any kind would cause the penis to become longer but thinner, as I am reading I am finding others claim the contrary. Can you help me understand how this is so? Also, another resource online mentioned the importance of the angle when stretching, most importantly downward. Is this as important as they say or is a more straight out angle just as good? Again, thank you so much for your replies?


Hi Zeke
Iwas thinking if you cut down the sides of your base you could put it on at right angles and do sideways stretching supposed to be good.

Toolguy the botom part is my version of BIB’s DIY hanger I still use the plastic pipe top part and a hose clip to keep it all on. Can’t remember how to get BIB’s instructions ,I think its mentioned above somewhere.

A picture perhaps

I have read all the posts and cannot find anything to show me what this old BIB hanger made out of flexible pipe looks like. Can anyone help lease as I am very excited to try this stretching method. Thank you!

It works "sideways" too.

Hi dfb70uk,

> I was thinking if you cut down the sides of your base you
> could put it on at right angles and do sideways stretching
> supposed to be good.

I’ve been meaning to try that — So, I just put it on “sideways”, and it works fine. I’m not sure what you mean by cutting down the sides — if you mean the long bolts and double nuts, I already got rid of those. If you mean the white “tabs” where the support rod “hinges” are attached — those don’t get in the way anyway.

Actually, the contraption is quite flexible. Since the two support rods pivot independently — and since the sticks can rotate relative to the rods, you can twist the whole thing around no matter which way you have the base oriented. Also, if you don’t have it adjusted too awfully tight, you can just rotate the base a little and try different angles.

The sticks don’t seem to hold quite as well when they’re sideways, though. Maybe I’ll have to adjust them them a little tighter. Someday, I guess I’ll have to try a Bib hanger.


Picture of contraption sticks -- without plastic tubing

Hi Tooolguy,

> I have tried this device with the dowel rods and man alive
> does it hurt my glans. Is this [there] a more comfortable way to
> use it?

A couple of things…

First, is that you should use the sticks BEHIND the head of the penis, not right on the head. I usually put it on far enough down the shaft so that, when tension is applied, it ends up right under the head.

Second, the dowels are filed so that they’re not just cylindrical. I’ve attached a picture of just the dowels, without the plastic covering. In this picture, you can see how the wood has been shaped so it’s more comfortable. I’ll probably fool around with filing the dowels a little more to see if I can make it more comfortable. It squeezes a little too much on the “edges” right now, but it works pretty well anyway.


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