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New Stretcher Contraption

Pipe Hangers?

Question for Handyman:

I stopped by a Home Depot and a plumbing supply shop, and the only pipe hangers they had were sheet metal type, not the type that you used for your stretcher. Where can I get the ones you use?

Its in the home depot by me. did you look by the copper pipe section?

Yep, looked in the copper pipe section, found nothing, clerks at Home Depot and plumbing store knew nothing about it. I guess I’ll try other stores. Could it be that the thick hangers you use are more common in another area of the country? I am in Portland OR.

cum on handyman lets see the new pic! id love to make one like willies with your dick clamp attachment!

cyber! 8~1/4 by 6

Hi Handyman

Nice to hear that you have re-designed your stretcher Handyman.
Waiting for to see a picture of it.

…..When the goat grows older, then the horn gets harder.

With happy stretches to you Handyman and you other guys too

New Design Pic 1

with plasric tube for comfort 1/2 od 3/8 id

New Degsign Pic 2

with ruler for scale

foam pipe

Hi Thunder,

good idea

maybe you have an idea about the attachment to the bolts this is a little unstable

New Design pic 3

With ruler

hey thunder do they make foam 1/2 od by 3/8 id

Hey Handyman,

I completely missed the question about stability, sorry.

Are you saying the the two “J” shaped pieces are unstable on the extending rods? Would there be a way to put some kind of a bushing on the extending rods that would be fairly tight, but still able to move up and down, that the “J” hooks could snap into? Or at least fit tightly into?

Or you could close the “J” a lot more and put a wingnut on both sides of, top and bottom, the “J” piece and maybe slide a small piece of rubber tubing on the rods, between the wingnuts to help secure the “J” pieces.

Hell, by now you probably have it fixed already. Let us see it if you do. :)

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fixed that and more

yup I fixed it I drilled 2 new holes 3/4 up, it not only fix the stability of it it also put a better angle on the penis to strecth the top ligs better. if u want to see a pic just ask! thanks for asking. I thought that all intrest was gone from this idea. I think this is the way to go for the next step in PEing I fined it real hard walking around with 20lbs between my legs!!!!!!!

Hey Handyman,

Go ahead and post a pic showing as much detail as you can. All of this type stuff helps the next guy that comes along and wants to build a stretcher. These stretchers are getting a lot of attention, this is the most viewed thread on the forums, I believe.

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wow most viewed thread…….ok soon as I take it off. maybe you shoud move the other picture or the entire thread from that other thread here.

Happy Stretching


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