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New Stretcher Contraption

second that

I too would also like to have some blueprints or any kind of reference on the materials that were used and how it was assembled.

Has anyone tried or found a way to “pad” the base of this device?

What about modifying the device and eliminating the sticks and using a modified holder like the one in the “make your Bib/ Uli thing”?

Are there any diagrams or “blue prints” listing the recommended size of the components?

Hey, hanjdyman, you still stretching, and how is it going?

a couple of forms back guys were asking for a blue print with details on material list, any chance of that…..Thanks in advance……..

Looks like Handyman was last around in March this year, so if he still visits he’s the antithesis of a frequent visitor.

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Hey Thunder, I forgot to tell you thanks for finding this thread for me . I have gathered most of the material and will try it out once I have it made.

Also do you know or anybody else what they might be using for extra padding on the base, or for the guys who have tried it is it not needed. Would also like to hear from anyone else who have actually assembed and used this stretcher and what gains have been made.

I was just wondering what tools you used to build this contraption?

pipe straps

for those who cant find tube hangers their actually pip straps he has padding arund the pipe strap

This is why I came to this site. I am not going to pay the high prices that are being asked if I can make my own. Is there anything else that you can use other than the sticks. Right now I have been useing steel rings that I got at Home Depot. I ware them around the house and sometimes to work. I put on up to eight 2” and one or two 1.5” and just behind the head I put a 1” ring. The last one keeps the larger ons from slipping off. It also allows the skin to be pushed down over the head.This is helping with forskin development. You can not put to many of the 2” rings on as this can cause pain and pinching of the skin on your penis. It is working and I can wear them for along time. A pluse is that you can feel your penis swinging around. No underware and sweats to keep every thing warm.

Zekeman, do you mind if any of your stretcher pics get put on the wiki?

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Hey Bonzo,

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I realize this post is ancient, but that’s a nice, sturdy, simple design that Bib had. But I have to ask how he attached his unit to that hook.

Hi I was wondering were I can get the materials to make this because I can’t really understand what you ides thank you.

I am still confused as to how he shaped those hardwood dowels. The flat, rectangular segments on the edges, the ones that snap closed onto the screws - I can’t find anything like that. I’m half-way through building mine.

All Day Stretcher

Anyone know how effective all day stretchers are? I found this one on ebay called ‘maxpro’ that is leather and attaches a bungee cord to your knees. Thanks.

Anybody make one of these recently? I’m desperately wanting to make one but can’t figure out what type of PVC thing that is at the base. Is it just a generic female coupler?


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