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New Stretcher Contraption

PJ device

Hello Zeke

In your email you mentioned that someboby had said, that:”…. when used horizontally the PJ device could damage nerves by applying too much pressure to the top of the shaft where it meets the head? There is a large bundle of nerves in that area and some of us think too much pressure there can cause numbness or worse. “

Well, according my experience that, what is said above, is not an absolute truth, because I have for a month and a half used PJ device (which has rollers) and for one week my home-made stretcher (which has about same kind of sticks as yours), them both horizontally, and on the contrary I have got rock hard erections.

Best gains to you

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Hi Zeke

Hows stretching. I think this maybe the best posible way to get gains. I’ve been playing around with this today. A few things I noticed.

1. to much strech = not enough blood then it gets cold and numb

2. this needs to be done for hours at a time with a moderate stretch then slowly increase

3. I’m not crazy about your drums sticks so I’m using my home made bib #2


I have had first good gains using ligament stretch with my home-made stretcher. So, from my point of view the best three ways of gaining length in the beginning are the methods, with which one can stretch the ligaments.

With stretcher it means: stretching straight downwards towards the floor with the stretcher using very powerful stretching level. I personally have, when I have now plateaud, used this and I can see slight marks of growth already.

The tunica stretches and grows, too. So, pulling out of internal penis (=stretching the ligaments) is not the only source of gains.

After having used PJ device I don´t doubt it. I have felt it, when tunica has been under great pressure during the exercise. I have felt the stretch just like any other stretch. Tunica is then stretching lengthwise and gaining at the same time girth ,too.

When the ligaments have gained their maximal growing potential (=maybe 2 or a bit more inches) then I´m gonna go on more with stretching the tunica. Of course I already have stretched the tunica more or less, but then that´s, what I´m gonna concentrate.

I think the best ways to do this with a stretcher is to stretch straight forward or upwards which is better of these two, because then it´s stretching almost only the tunica. It´s not easy to stretch so that you gain, it will take some time, but by stretching the tunica it´s possible to gain many inches. I think the hot wraps make tunica easier to stretch.

Just be careful with these
With best gains to you all

…..When the goat grows older, the horn gets harder.

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Hi Willie

I’d like to see your version of the stretcher can you attach a picture. I will post mine soon I’m still redesigning it.


Hi Handyman

I´ll post the picture tomorrow. Mine is a little bit under construction too, I´m trying to improve it all the time, however I use it all the time, and the gains look out very promising. I´m saying it like this because I haven´t measured yet. I think the best stretch for me has been straight down using a very powerful stretch.

…..When the goat grows older, then the horn gets harder.

With best gains to you Handyman

Hey willie,

Nope, that will not work. Read my other post again. You will not see the link to the picture until a moderator releases it. You don’t have to anything other than make sure the path to the picture on your computer is in the small window next to the browse button. The software will do the rest. Keep trying, don’t worry about making mistakes, we can clean them up later, after you figure out how to do it correctly.

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stretcher pictures

I´ll try to send the picture now. It will show up here a little bit later.

…..When the goat grows older, then the horn gets harder.

With best gains to you Handyman

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top attachment

Thanks for the pic I’m still not crazy about the drumstick attackment. I will post a pic of mine today it has a different attachment. Oh btw I think your right about strong stretching but I think the amount of time needed to be long

happy stretching

Stretcher Pic 1

any questions or comments please ask

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stretcher picture

For the first Handyman, I think we both have save hundreds of dollars or maybe half a thousand dollars by construction homemade stretcher. For the second, I think your stretcher looks out to be very good.

For the third, thanks for the picture. What´s the construction of your attachment (you don´t have drumsticks there). Have you made that attachment yourself or is it possible just to buy the metallic parts you need to construct the attachment, and if so, what are those parts?

Happy stretches to you ,too

…..When the goat grows older, then the horn gets harder.

With best gains to you Handyman


hi Willie

thanks for the comments, the attachment is made from 1 1/4 pipie hangers copper plated, rubber hose fitings cut to fit inside the hangers, the hook end from the turnbuckle cut to size and nuts. I rap a tshirt strip and attach.

what is your base made from it looks real comfortable

Hi Handyman and thanks for your question.

This is how I made the base:

The grey round part that forms the bottom part of the base of the is stretcher is made of PVC pipe end-cap.

The inside diameter of the cap measures to about 70 mm (so, that’s the outside diameter of the pipe it’s supposed to cap).First I draw a circle for cutting off. Then I drilled first a hole and starting from that I cut the circle off using florists scissors, florists cut the rods of the flowers with those, and they cut quite well PVC, too. Then I carefully shaped the hole using a Stanley knife and sandpaper. Other areas of it I shaped with Stanley (You have to careful, it´s very sharp). I had then already bought silicone hose and I used it to make the padding on the sides of the round hole and toilet silicone for sticking.

To make the padding I first made a lengthwise cut to one side of the silicone tube, not by cutting into two rods, but only cutting a one incision lengthwise using the Stanley knife for that. Then I put hose to its place so that the edge of the circle hole goes inside the tube through the cut. The I fixed the hose around the hole with transparent silicone. It´s not possible to fix silicone with any glue, only toilet silicone works here for fixing. The silicone has to dry about 12-24 hours then the base is dry for use.

I gave a finishing touch with sandpaper.

…..When the goat grows older, then the horn gets harder.

With best gains to you Handyman

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Hi Willie
Have you heard from zekeman I was wondering what success he has had with his strecher

happy streching

Hi Handyman

He sent me a message and told that he has some work to do. He will be back after that.

Happy stretches to you ,too Handyman

…..When the goat grows older, then the horn gets harder.

With best gains to you Handyman

New Design

Hay willie, hay zeke, hay everybody

I’m just so exceited I just re-designed my stretcher. wow this thing is great. I think I’m addicted to the thing. I’d show you a pic now but I just don’t want to take it off.


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