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Quick Start Guide To PE

A Quick Start Guide To PE

Here are some brief explanations of commonly used PE terms and links to help you get started . Please read the links before posting related questions. Thanks to all who contibuted and especially Sizemeister for his original FAQ and Glossary pages which are both still essential reading.

- A hanging device invented by PE veteran, Bigger Is Better (Bib). It’s clamped onto the penis and weights are hung from it to stretch the penis. You can make your own BibHanger using these instructions or choose from 2 commercially made models.
- Bone Pressed is the penis measurement method used by doctors and researchers. We use it in PE to measure our progress. Measurements are taken from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis. Find out how to measure your penis.
- Between The Cheeks is a position for hanging. To hang BTC you need to recline in a chair with your feet resting on another chair. Your penis is pulled down between your legs (butt cheeks). It’s an intense stretch and reportedly one of the most beneficial for hangers.
- Corpora Cavernosa Penis (Corpus Cavernosa) and the Corpus Cavernosum Urethrae (Corpus Spongiosum) are the cavernous tissue masses which fill with blood to produce an erection. Find out more about the CC.
Corona or Coronal Ridge
- The rounded ridge at the edge of the glans.
- Erect Girth. Measurements for EG are usually taken mid-shaft although some advocate that it should be taken at the widest point of the penis. Others maintain girth should be measured at the head, middle and base. Whatever you choose, be consistent.
- Erect Length. Unless otherwise noted this usually refers to Non Bone Pressed erect length.
- The penis in it’s non erect state.
- A stretching exersize which involves drawing the penis behind and anchoring it by sitting on it. For a more detailed explanation, click the fowfer
Fundiform Ligament
- One of two ligaments which support the penis. Find out more about the fundiform ligament.
- The head of the penis. Find out more about the glans.
- The practice of hanging weights from the penis in order to enlarge it.
Hot Wrap
- This is used to warm-up tissue before performing PE exercises. A good warm-up will decrease the likelihood of injury. Find out how to warm-up with a hot wrap.
- Help stay injury free by warming-up, by starting with lower intensity/weights and gradually work up to high intensity over weeks or months. And if it hurts, stop! If you injure yourself your goals will take longer to achieve.
- Reputedly an ancient Arabic method of PE passed down from father to son. It involves an action similar to milking. It is one of the most popular methods of PE and appears to have a good success rate. For more information read both these links - Jelq 1, Jelq 2
- This is an essential exercise for men of all ages. Kegels help strengthen and tone the PC muscle and keep it healthy. Men with unhealthy PC muscles have a much higher incidence of prostate cancer. Kegels can help improve your sex life too! Click here to learn more.
- A lubricant can help you get the most out of your Jelqing session. Some prefer KY or Vaseline, others use their own mixtures of different oils. The choice is yours. Find out what other guys use for lube.
- The opening of the urethra.
- Non Bone Pressed. Refers to measurements taken by lightly resting a ruler at the base of the penis.
- Over The Leg is a position for hanging.
- Over The Shoulder is another position for hanging.
Over Training
- Is a phenomenum where too much training actually works against gains. To realize the best gains rest days are essential. Also see Rest.
PC Muscle
- The pubococcygeus muscle is actually a group of muscles at the floor of the pelvis that control urination, defecation, and reproductive functions. It also contracts involuntarily during orgasm. You can (and should) exersize these muscles by doing Kegals.
- Penis Enlargement. In this case we refer to methods which do not require surgical intervention.
- Surgical penis enlargement. To find out more click this link.
- After making gains some men reach a plateau where no gains are achieved for an extended period. This is often remedied by changing the routine or by taking time off and resting completely before resuming PE.
- The main purpose of the prostate is to produce seminal fluid, which transports sperm during ejaculation. But it also does a lot more, read up on it here.
- See Vacuum Pump.
Without rest days your progress could be significantly impeded. Read more about rest days.
- This is your own personal PE program. Before you start arm yourself with knowledge by reading and set yourself some realistic goals. Take into account considerations such as how much time you can spend on your new hobby. Always start low intensity with any new exersize and if it hurts, stop! Give your routine a chance to work but if you’re not seeing anything happening after a couple of months then don’t be afraid to change it and experiment. PE takes time and it will not happen overnight but, in most cases, it *will* happen. Try to remember that PE is not a competition - just because someone else hangs 20lbs doesn’t mean that you will need to do the same to see results. You may only need to hang 10lbs to achieve similar results - we are all made differently and what works for some may not necessarily work the same way for others.
- Stretched Length. To measure stretched length grasp the penis with the thumb and forefinger on the corona and pull outward.
- See Uli
Suspensory Ligament
- One of two ligaments which support the penis. Find out more by clicking this link.
- A brand of latex sports wrap which many find useful in PE.
Traction Wrap
- Wrapping the penis to maintain a longitudinal stretch after hanging. Click traction wrap to find out more.
- An exersize devised to increase penis girth. Read more about the Uli.
Uli Thing
- A device invented by Bib to achieve a Uli effect. Find out how to make a Uli thing
Uli Wrap
- Wrapping to achieve a Uli effect. Find out more details about the Uli wrap
- The passage through which urine flows. Find out more by clicking this link.
Vacuum Pump
- A device for expanding the penis using a vacuum. Not favoured in PE because gains are generally temporary.
V Stretch
- An exersize exploiting the physical properties V stretching. Click V-Stretch to find out more.
- A good warm-up will decrease the liklihood of injury. Find out how to warm-up with a hot wrap.
- Wrapping strips of fabric or Theraband? around the penis to assist in various PE exercises.
- A position for hanging. Assume the wrestler’s Referee’s Position - i.e. sit on your heels, torso at a 45 degree angle with hands in front of you on the bed. The weights go behind, between your legs, and hang over ther end of the bed or the back of a chair. An intense stretch - lil1’s favourite. :chuckle:

Hi guys,

This Guide as well as the Glossary of PE terms are about to be updated. Please take a look and see if you can think of any terms that need to be added.

Even one or two terms you may want to suggest will be a great help. Thanks :)

ù ì å í


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