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all night stretch


all night stretch

Thoughts, equipment and gains

If with ‘all night’ you means while sleeping, all you need to have optimal stretching is a good sleep.

I think he is speaking about stretching at night, which I might add is a HORRIBLE idea. There are some horror stories about guys waking up with purple and black dicks that are numb to the touch. Without any supervision of what you are doing you could have some serious injuries.

I don’t think anyone would advise this. Though, I’m sure we’ve all thought about it.

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As it will be your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend (animal friend probably wont work) who is going to benefit from this, you could order her/him to stretch your weiner out all night long whilst keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesnt go purple and black. Or you could accept that you have to sleep, and it may be that this is when your friend is repairing/growing so it is probably best to give it break.

Tissue necrosis, dead dick.

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Originally Posted by boner7484
Tissue necrosis, dead dick.


necrosis (n·krōˑ·sis) n. tissue death due to disease or localized injury.
Jonas: Mosby’s Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (c) 2005, Elsevier.

This goes for all sleeping PE. Your dick is too precious to risk KILLING it.

I think I’m gonna try it with vac extender and auto xsleeve soft/night cover and see how it feels on 2 hours then four then six then eight and see how it goes will let everyone know how it goes and I know it need rest that’s why I will do it on day on 2-3 night off

Not advisable at all.

However if you have to do this, you have an alarm clock set every hour, worst case two… You wake up, get circulation in your unit, reattach and re-set your alarm.

With the night sleeve though I get perfect circulation


I still wouldn’t chance it. Its my opinion based on the information. The question you should ask yourself, is “over time if worst comes to worst, can I afford to lose….”… The answer is no.

I’ve been doing this for years.

My hanger has a loose grip, just enough to keep it on.

I’m a light sleeper, so I wake up over any discomfort and take it off.

I also use a very light weight. It’s just enough to stay stretched, but not high stress.

I do both downward and over the shoulder by just switching positions on the bed.

I don´t recommend downward ANS as it will interfere with your erections ( you do get several erections during sleep without noticing it )

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