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all night stretch


I have also been curious to learn more about ANS, boomboom. As to whether or not your penis really needs complete rest to grow, nobody really knows. Resting to grow may be true for bodybuilding, but that may very well be different when it comes to PE. With that said, I am not advocating ANS as there are obviously serious risks.

Here are some other things to consider:

I believe it was Big Girtha that introduced Bed Fowfers as a way to get a little PE (mostly preventing turtling) in while catching some ZZZZs.

I have also read about members using traction wraps as ANS. I have no proof, but I would imagine a traction wrap, that is not too tight mind you, would be less dangerous than other forms of ANS mentioned here. I have heard of guys using everything from ACE bandages to Saran Wrap.

Other than risks, you should know this : while you sleep, your body checks if your penis works or is dead (nocturnal erections). If the scanpenis is negative, your body goes in repair mode, and some tasks and devices are out of control. And restarting your system could be not that easy.

Originally Posted by boomboom1234
Well thanks to everyone that chimed in gave me much information on the subject at hand

Not trying to pick on you, but I think everyone benefits when they get in the habit of using proper grammar and punctuation. It makes things easier to read and you might just learn you a thing or two. :D Mine is still far from perfect, but I have come a long way. Take care.

Originally Posted by Bicious
Some benefits for using ANS this years?

I cannot confirm any specific benefits of this method anymore than I can confirm the benefits of any other method I employ.
I do a lot of things; pump, jelq, hang, stretch, wrap. I have made some slow gains, but I don’t really know what is responsible.
I’m just trying to cover all the bases.

If you don’t agree with it then don’t do it.


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