Theraband Stretch Aid

I have made a stretch aid that some others may find useful.


Theraband Tube (green) X 1 meter
Wooden Curtain Rings X 1, 2, 3 or More

Cost: Theraband AU$8
Wooden Rings AU$5
Total: AU$13


Thread the length of tube through the curtain rings, the amount of rings is optional but I use 3 (will explain further). Now with the tube through the rings tie the tube ends together securely, this will form a loop of tube with the rings able to be moved freely around the tube.

Method of Use:

I use the amount of rings to vary the target area for my stretches.

Using one ring: I place my flaccid penis through the wooden ring and position the ring as close to the base as possible. I then grab the head of my penis with one hand (using whichever grip is comfortable for stretches) and using my free hand I secure the Theraband to an anchor point that can support the force securely (This is extremely important as the Theraband could seriously hurt and cause damage if it were to suddenly release in mid stretch). An example is if I am stretching up towards my navel in a standing position I actually stand on the Theraband. I now perform my stretch using the Theraband as resistance which pulls downward away from my stretch direction. This is the theory that applies to all stretches, simply place the Theraband in a position that will pull away from you stretch direction.

Still using one ring I also adjust where the ring actually sits on my penis which adjusts the target area for the stretch.

When I use 2 or 3 rings I place them all firmly against my body at the base of my penis, using 1 ring, then 2 rings and then 3 rings adjusts the target area for the stretch. For example when I use 1 ring I really feel it in my Ligaments, when I use two rings I feel it in both my Ligaments and my Tunica and with 3 rings I feel it mainly in my Tunica.

The idea of this is to stretch with your hand to where you normally stretch to and hold it, the Theraband simply increases the force by stretching in the opposite direction.

To reiterate a crucial point, inspect the Theraband thoroughly before each use and be certain it is securely anchored before applying a stretch.

I have also found that even with my modest girth the wooden rings are a close fit, so if anyone comes up with a solution please let me know as I plan on out growing the rings as soon as possible.

I have attached an image of the Stretch Aid to help anyone who wants to give it a go.

Any advice, ideas or opinions about this would be great.