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Yanking repeatedly for more microtears

Yanking repeatedly for more microtears

Would manual tugging/yanking cause more microtears than just stretching? I tried it at about 3 hard yanks per second and it seems I can inflict more force since I don’t have to grip for long. It is more of a shock force, because your hand accelerates it may be equivalent to a large weight for a split second. Just like karate expert can break a block with a quick sharp blow but couldn’t do it by pushing on the block. I got the idea trying to stretch a plastic bag slowly and then by yanking it. The bag stretched evenly when done slow but showed more derformation and broke easier when yanked repeatedly. I did it for about an hour in total over 4 hours and it was sore after as though I had been hanging 10lb.

Trigger, I have thought for some time that this could be the exact reason that JAI stretches work so well for many people.

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Yes, it is far easier to hold hard for 2 seconds, after that your hand begins to slip. You can get good force but the glans seems fine afterwards, no chance of blood being trapped.

I also found if I did a kegel while tugging I could feel the PC muscle being worked hard, the feeling tapered off so I could feel it for about 5 seconds, wait 5 seconds and flex again. Is this advisable? It felt good.

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I have thought of doing the same and tried it just a few times. It’s kind of a scary feeling, and I am afraid of possibly injuring myself so I never continued with it.


Probably a good thing 1 quest. Hard jerking might produce tears that are not ‘micro’ and that wouldn’t be easy to explain the the doc in the emergency ward.

Exercises like these will probably make your dick stronger instead of longer or bigger.

If you want to be gaining for a longer period of time you have to stay in the beginning of the zone where you cause micro-tears. With hanging you know the exact amount of weight you need in order to reach that zone, the lowest weight which will give you the fatigue/sore feeling. When you don’t reach this zone anymore you can gradually increase the weight by 0.5-1 lbs at a time.

With hard yanking there’s no such control.

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