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Microtears - hard facts?

Microtears - hard facts?

Are microtears for real, or are they just theories?

There is so much I would like to know about them. What exactly are a microtear? How long does it take for them to heal? Can the healing time be improved by nutrition like muscle fatigueness or a wound? Wounds can heal pretty darn quick if the right compound is massaged in.

The main reason I wonder, is that I’m thinking of putting multiple jelqing/clamping sessions a day. with wrapping inbetween. But that ofcourse depends on how long the healing time is.

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Yes, they are real. But as such, *microtear* is really just a word to describe the phenomena of muscle or tissue damage which isn’t “macro”. In other words, it’s damage that’s too small to see. This obviously *must* be occuring in order for the tissues of the pecker to become deformed (stretched).

You’re on the right track when you question nutrition, healing time, and the likelihood that certain salves or other healing compounds could greatly aid in your body’s ability to rebound and heal from heavy PE’ing. My personal opinion is a big fat YES. Homemade herbal salves which are brewed with an eye out for quality and concentration of ingredients could, IMO, *greatly* decrease your recovery time and help your dick stay healthy. A well made comfrey salve would probably work wonders. St. John’s Wort oil and Arnica oil are two other formulations which I regard highly. I’d probably also put Ginko Biloba and Lavender oil on that list too.

As soon as I get off of my lazy ass to do so, I’ll deffinitely be making a salve combining all of the aforementioned ingredients for regular application to my unit.

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Nyee… there’s no such thing as hard facts. Sorry dude. It’s a theory that’s proven in all the situations that it needed to apply. You don’t have to wait till it heals to work-out again, that’s kind of dumb. I mean at some point you have to take a 3 day or more break (once a month) to let it FULLY heal, but it’s not going to fully heal between work-outs. Infact, working out, then letting it heal partially (coupe of hours) then working out again could potentially contribute to larger gains. Don’t ever base your work out off of theories like micro-tears, LOT, and all that bull shit. Base it off of what WORKS… this isn’t a proven science, it’s in its discovery phases. If it was a proven science it would be publically accepted, which it is not. Experiment.

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Well… so far my only gains have come from harder erection, I think. I can’ base my routine on what works, because nothing does. I can’t manual stretch until 9/2 2006, when I have my permanently weakened frenulum surgically removed. (Can’t grip under the glans..). So I’m stuck with jelqs, clamping and fowfers. Though I’d gains some girth, but I haven’t seen any real results yet. A little more veinage.

And, ofcourse you can design your routine after hard science and maybe plausible theories. It works with muslce building, fat burning and medicine, so why not penis enlargment? It shure fits in the category of body alternation which ofcourse can be improved if we understand HOW the body enlarge the dick. Whe have already stated that it does.

But maybe there is just to little research done on the subject to be able to design routines after it.

So I’ll just ask. Clamping several times a day? Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it a sureway ticket to Thrombose Land? Is it possible to jelq/clamp for 30 mins at morning, and then put two or three 20min jelqing sets over the day? Would this be overkill?

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

I think I have to do that double jelq thing, my dick can take a pounding and be fine in 5 minutes.

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Originally Posted by gameofinches
I think I have to do that double jelq thing, my dick can take a pounding and be fine in 5 minutes.

Uh oh, that sounds like famous last words ;)

20 mins jelqing session with 5 mins break thorough the day then gameofinches :)

I will try to do 3-4 sessions a day for a week. It’s very hard not masturbate though (this fatigue my penis very extensive), but I’ll give it my best shot.

I’ll report back if my penis explodes or not!

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

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