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Do we get microtears everytime we Jelq

Do we get microtears everytime we Jelq

Hello guys,

Bamixgee is back with another question for you all, what I want to know is I do 500 jelqs in my morning session 5 days a week, Q: do you create micro tears in the penis tissue every time you Jelq for this long, I do it at low erection level as I am going for length. If anyone knows please reply Bamixgee.

That’s really the point of jelqing. It produces the micro tears so that the penis heals in a longer state. In theory, the more jelqs you do the more the micro tears, but like everything else, too much can cause problems with slow healing. Then you are tearing before the tissue has healed, and will produce long tears which will show up as ridges and scars under the skin when they heal.

As the tissue gets more used to being stretched, it becomes tougher, and so will allow more action, so it’s best to build up to high numbers.

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Thanks for the reply it was well worded, Bam.

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