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High intensity yanking, no heat wrap

High intensity yanking, no heat wrap

NOTE: this is all theory so don’t go trying any of it until you read all the warnings!
I have heard of a bodybuilding method called high intensity training where you lift more weight than usual without a warm up. It is supposed to really tear up the muscles causing lots of growth with little effort.

I read in a thread here that to stretch any ligaments you should be subjecting them to a force of about 40% of their failure load (load at which they will physically tear apart). Does anybody know what the failure load would be of an average penis? I think it was Bib who said he started getting really good gains when he switched to very high weights of about 40lb, Bib?.

I was reading a physics book which determined what load would break a femur, it ended up either 7 or 70 tons but it noted that this can happen in a split second like a parachute fall etc. So if I subjected the penis to a split second load it may be able to cause microtears, if I was in the cold state it may be actually easier to tear since the cells wont be as elastic. Yanking the penis manually can cause a large split second load, boxer’s punches can cause tons of force, does anybody have any idea what sort of force you can produce in an outward yank? I tried out this yanking in my first month but did lots of other methods so can’t put my gains down to that, but it did feel well worked afterwards. I would kegel and then yank about every second for 2-3mins and then manually stretch for 2-3mins. I mentioned this a while back and people said it might work negatively since it may cause the ligaments to toughen up hindering further gains. Any other reasons not to try it? I plan on starting next week after measuring date.

Interesting. Sounds dangerous, the body is of course capable of reparing most trauma but what we currently work on is the basis of minute trauma and healing in between.

What bothers me is that you could get it just right but if you go overboard on the force and create larger rips then my understanding of healing (which is at most minimal) would suggest that tissue will be heal as scar tissue as opposed to normal tissue, leaving a penis that may gain several inches but it would be several inches of scar tissue , which both blocks easy nutrient flow and is weaker than normal tissue and so future gains would stand a better chance of occurring at the same point. Of course I’m thinking mainly of the tunica here and the ligs are weaker and would be easier to work in a high LOT person.

I suppose using the hands there is a question as to whether it is possible to go overboard on the force and if using a momentary force, how much of a force overload is required to cause damage in larger segments. In the end with manual stretching we guesstimate under whatever circumstances. I know that some of the hangers mention bouncing the wieghts a bit but there’s a big difference between that and dropping a weight from height.

I’m sure you are right about tears being easier in a cold state. It just goes back to how you want the tears to happen, in a small way or a large way. I guess the reason we use heat is to add elasticity to tissues allowing greater deformation and probably a more controlled plastic deformation.

Bib always bangs on about once you start using a certain weight being stuck with it, so start small and work up and I think this fits in with most people’s PE experience in that they have to increase force over time to continue to get results. I think the concept of this is more about the body acting defensively to toughen tissue under load, whether that follows for momentary load or not is I guess another question.

I do know that some people have mentioned doing JAI’s full force, not gaining, trying again with a medium force and starting to gain.

I’ll be interested to see the response of the medics here.

How do you intend to apply the force? I guess stretching straight down you’ll be able to use the strongest muscles.

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I was thinking of applying force by just manually yanking with a latex glove on, this is how I did it before at an angle of about 7 or 8 o’clock. Strongest muscles are not really a factor, I could have yanked way harder but it would have been too sore. Yanking cold may be more dangerous as you may get more localised tearing and once one place starts to tear it is weak, and will tear and tear while the rest is strong. It would be interesting to try out some techniques on a piece of meat or even a bulls cock from the butchers. The alleged “40% of failure load” theory is worrying too, very hard to guage how much you can yank. People doing JAI’s full force and not gaining is worrying, maybe the body has a reaction to the shock and going slow bypasses this toughening shock reflex. I think I may scrap the idea after hearing all that. Low weight long period hanging will give a far more uniform stretch, you can see this with plastic bag, if you yank it it will elongate in a few weakens sections while others have no apparent stretching at all.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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This method (to me) seems absolutely ridiculous. I have heard of this method for muscles before and i have seen before and after pics of guys who done this to their bicepts. The penis does not have any linear muscles, it has channels as we all know. If you were to yank it hard, you will most likely damage a channel and then there’s fixing that. Not to mention you might tear the tissue that hold your penis to your pubic bone region. if that breaks then your penis will NEVER stand up straight again.

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