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Vets input needed

Vets input needed

I have been PEing of some sort for around 8 years. There seems to be many varied opinions on how much rest or if rest is even needed between workouts. The penis is not a muscle but yet I read alot of posts equating PE to weightlifting. I think it would be equated moreso to bone lengthening where you maintain a stretch daily. It seems to me that letting your penis shrink back defeats the purpose. Big Girtha posted that he never lets his unit turtle, something that I had started doing about a week before I had read his post and I think there is alot of wisdom in that. I read an article in National Geographic many years ago about a tribe that had very long penises. It looked like they had limbs on each side of their dicks with twine(or something) rapped around it. Evidently they pulled their dicks out, pressed the limbs to the sides and rapped it, keeping their units stretched. I know that loss of circulation is a very dangerous thing and chances should never be taken with your special friend. However, with golf weights and such, there are ways to keep the stretch going for long periods of time. So, is there a concensus on any of this or just “whatever” works for the individual?

Originally Posted by lasting
However, with golf weights and such, there are ways to keep the stretch going for long periods of time. So, is there a concensus on any of this or just “whatever” works for the individual?

PE is a tough activity to get a “consensus” on. Lots of theories and what works for one doesn’t work for the next. Maybe remek’s survey will help. I say to at least give an ADS a try yourself. Not a very expensive item and it’d be a shame if it could end up helping you out.

Good thread here with input from several “vets” on keeping the stretch going with an ads: Effectiveness of the ADS


Thanks for the reply. I know for myself that PEing before, it seemed that I always turtled more after a good workout, especially with time out. For the last couple of weeks I have either worn an ADS down the leg or golf weights and it seems to really make a difference. My flacid is more of a hang now and I can feel the stretch in the ligs and penis more than ever. It just seems that if we want it to heal in an extended state we should keep it in one. I plan on following this for the next couple of months and see where it takes me. It is easier for me to keep focused on PE with more attention demanded by doing this also.

It’s a shame that with all of this info that more studies haven’t been done. Trial and error can be a great teacher but it can also be very time consuming. I am currently at 6.75bpel x 5eg. I’m shooting for 7.5 x 5.5. With a little work and patience I think I can get there.


I always get the retraction thing after a hard workout and it really sucks I just might build a doohickey also

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Thunder’s has so much info that it is hard to find everything when you need it. I was reading a thread on hairy penis and someone provided a link to piratesteve’s post on same. This post also mentioned he believed in hanging and hard stretching and maintaining the stretch while healing. He said he attributed his gains to this. This is the link for that post.

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One thing I have noticed in the last 2 weeks from using an ADS is that I don’t feel soreness in my dick when I do go to do some PE. Before, there was always a tightness in the tissue at the beginning. Also, this morning the wood was just at 7” bp. I use a 1/2” dowel rod that is about 10” long with marks to measure with so I get a good consistent measurement every time.

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