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Been there, done that


Been there, done that

Ahoy fellow PE’ers. I know all of you well, but until now practically none of you has heard a peep from me. I have been an avid PE practicer since 1999 when I found some unremembered website that for some money gave me the secrets of the Sudanese Arabs. Over the years I have lurked at PEforums and here primarily, and have tried a whole lot of expensive gadgets to boot. I thought my experiences might be of some use, so I am posting this diatribe in hopes it will give some a bit of food for thought.

Every time I have added a new PE component, I have stopped everything else for 3 months to give it as good a test as possible. I tried to eliminate overlap of effects just to give myself an honest evaluation of what would work.

I started with what we in boating would call a square prop - a 6 x 6 penis - 6 bp erect length, 6 width at the circumcision scar. Today (after 4 years of various schemes and exercises) I am at 7 5/8 BP length and 6 1/4 width. From early 1999 until September 2001 I engaged primarily in jelqing and stretching exercises, to no avail. in 2001 I ordered a Penistretcher Lovely device, but even after 15 minutes my head became numb. I accidentally left it on for over a half an hour one day (I dozed off) and awoke to a totally numb penis. A month later, most of the feeling was back, and within 6 months I was just peachy. What a scare. Still, over the three month period I used the Penistretcher, I gained about 1/4 inch. I had proved to myself that enlargement was indeed possible!

I searched the internet for anything I could find on PE, paid for several sites in the hopes of gaining additional exercises, and stumbled into PEforums, where I found that a surgeon could lengthen my penis with just a simple operation. Let me state here that I do not have much money, but that I have never had a moments hesitation spending a chunk on something that would give me lifelong results (for instance, Lasik eye correction has already been a cost saver in not having to buy glasses, contacts, and doctor visits).

Ah, how blissful is ignorance! I found Dr. Stephen Giunta in Alexandria and scheduled surgery for 9/11/2001. I rode my bike up from Florida, spent a few days enjoying DC, and went in first thing on the 11th. I awoke to find my penis in a cast, and was told the Pentagon and the WTC were blown up. I even got to see the pentagon burn after surgery, as it was visible from my hotel room. Surgery went well, and I had a short recovery. I followed the Doctor’s instructions to the letter (he did not recommend hanging, just manual pulling). After 3 months I measured and found I had LOST 1 inch erect length, but did have about double the flaccid hang (still pitiful). Arrg. Still, I feel Dr. Giunta was a fine doctor, and did a good job with surgery (I recovered fully within a week), but I apparently developed scar tissue that shrunk my penis. In retrospect, and knowing what I know now, I would have skipped the surgery - or at least - would have started hanging light weights to keep the scar tissue from shrinking me up.

OK, so summer of 2002 I restarted my PE program of Jelqing and stretching and lo and behold I made some minimal length gains over the next few months (perhaps the surgery did loosen up my ligs after all!) Encouraged, I started trying everything I could get my hands on. I bought a 16 oz Circle Device I got an honest 1/8 inch a month from that lovely pewter gizmo - but it would really bunch up my skin at the head and I got some fluid buildup every now and then that would keep me off the device for a week. I gave it up. On a positive note, I saw a post here on Thunders in August by ineed9 suggesting using silicone beads on the inside. I tried it last week and it really works! I am soon to be back using the thing every day.

DLD posted some gems on manual stretching and I started some of them next. I gained some more. In February matti posted about the Penimaster As I liked my Penistretcher except for it’s “noose”, this device seemed perfect. Indeed it was. I really like it, and have made some good gains. My usual routine is to stretch for 4 sets of 20 minutes then Penimaster for a few hours (hoping the traction would solidify stretching gains). Now I must add, that when I stretch, I really stretch. I lay down, pick up one leg, reach around behind the leg and grab my penis. Then I use the leg to exert downward force. I had no idea until today (when I tried out my new BIB!) how much pressure I was putting on my ligs, but I get about the same pressure on the BIB with 20#.

I have a head injury that causes a lot of nastiness, but for this discussion I was dealing with pain. I discovered with a therapist that self hypnosis could help me control the pain. Reading some of DLD’s stuff about mental PE hit home and in the spring I decided that if hypnosis could help with pain, perhaps it could help my PE. I found Wendi Friesen’s Hypnotic CD’s I am not sure the CD actually contributes to my growth, but a sexy girl’s voice telling me how big my penis is and how it’s growing has definitely helped my self confidence and helped motivate me to do my routines every day as I listen to her.

So I have actually gone from about 5” BP erect in the summer of 2002 (after surgery) to 7 5/8 BP in a little over a year - most of it since April. I fully believe in hang/hard stretch for gains and the traction in an ADS for keeping it stretched out for healing. Did the surgery free up the ligaments a bit for easier stretching? I don’t know, but if I can fool myself into believing it did I won’t feel so bad about not having a decent dingy (I spent the money on the surgery).

Other things I have found: I read a post on PEforum by Titan in June 2003 called “Drink, drink, drink more water!!!” I was trying to move to water anyway, and that motivated me. I have drunk nothing but water (and a beer every now and then at night) since June, and I drink about 8 1/2 liter bottles a day. My flaccid hang has improved remarkably. I used to be a “grower” now I am a “shower”. I love getting looks in the bathrooms, and the women actually look at me on the nude beaches now. All from a little water! Side note - On two occasions I drank a coke during the day and both times my penis shriveled right up. If you want to hang - stay away from caffeine!

I tried all the supplements, all the pills. Now I take just two - Coral Calcium and Arginmax from GNC. The Arginmax makes my wood into a rock and doubles my load, and the Coral Calcium has changed my acidic fluids into PH balanced ones. I also eat fresh pineapple every morning as I discovered that with the calcium balancing out my PH the pineapple has made my semen taste like candy. This summer I was at a swingers party just a month after I started eating pineapple and the girls would not let me rest - they all wanted to taste it, and even fought over who would get it next. What an ego boost! Pineapple. I will eat if for life I assure you.

In July NotEnough posted about using a Cable Clamp for a Uli device (“New Uli Device”). Thanks NotEnough! What a find. I got some window weather stripping to put under it and my head is really growing. I got a few more and use them for ball stretchers too. Just put a sock on my balls, and a few clamps. MUCh easier than popping balls one at a time through rings. Oh, and stretching the balls out is reducing my “Turkey Neck” too. I got a few more and use them all over my boat. These things are really handy…

As my penis grew, it was getting hairy up the shaft. I tried a bunch of stuff for that too, all unsatisfactory. Then I found Kalo I tweezed the hairs on my shaft and balls (oh well, in for a penny…), then used Kalo as directed, and after a year I have no hairs on my penis or balls. Now I’m working on my ears. I understand it doesn’t work for everyone, but it sure did for me.

I got a Power Jelq a few months ago just to try it. Whoa, does that thing pump me up! I have put it aside for now (I want more length first), but I will use it later for certain. I use it now before hitting the nude beach for an all day fatty and it sure works.

I ordered a BIB hanger last week, and it arrived three days later. BIB, it is beautiful. I did four sets while writing part of this and I will be using it instead of my manual stretches from now on. If you don’t have one, get one now before he stops making them. I used it without wrap, and it went on beautifully. Nicest device I have ever had my manhood in!

Well, that’s it for today. I wish I could have been more of a participant, but I have two really good excuses; 1) I live on a boat and travel around a lot. Internet connections are sometimes not even available, many times only easy at a local library, and only once in a blue moon really good like right here. And 2) my brain injury has made it very difficult for me to write. This mess took me three full days to put together on my WP. I get lost mid sentence and have to remember what I was trying to say when I started. I hope I can get it pasted into the forum.

Thanks Thunder for this wonderful place. I am not sure where to post, so move this where you see fit. I am going to make an effort to participate a bit while I have this good hook up…

Hi PirateSteve, welcome to the wonderful world of posting here at Thunder’s Place! Great first post. :up:

Thanks for sharing your history with us. This wealth of info will undoubtedly help newbies and vets both. I’m glad you mentioned trying a new device/exercise in 3 month cycles. I wish I could do more of this to help identify what really works the best.

I imagine it would be tough getting online from a boat. Are you docked in Florida?

Good luck on any additional gains you seek!

Welcome aborad.....

Great Post. A wealth of info that can benefit all of us.

Abyways, I’m using Arginmax, L-Lysine, Calcium and Multi-Vitamins every day. ArginMax is a wonderful little product and doesn’t cost much. As far as the Pineapple goes, well, my GF is a swallower and she actually mentioned one night, that I should eat some PA, making my cum tastier. Ever since she loves it even more.

I’m will definetely look into the Coral Calcium, though.

Thanks for a great post and stick your head in, from time to time, when you get a chance

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

That was possibly the best first post I have ever read.

Entertaining and informative! I’m already sold on the Arginmax, but Pineapple?! Wow! That’s gold, brother!


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Awesome post, PirateSteve, and good luck!

Welcome to the Thunder’s Forum Piratesteve. Your first Post is a shining example and very informative introduction about you and your PE experience. Im quite impressed with all the variety of devices and products you have used in the past, Im surprised that I saw no mention of using a Pump—a popular device for which a whole forum here at Thunders (headed by Avocet) is devoted to. Your post will be an inspiration to all to new comers and vets alike and will relate what determination and dedication can bring to those that know what they want and go after it. May you have continued success! :)

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Aarh Matie - your post rocks PirateSteve! Comprehensive life histories in detail of one’s PE can be really beneficial for those of us striving to gain. It is all about trial and error, everyone is different. But learning what works from a vet like yourself who has tried nearly everything is very encouraging. Wishing you the best of luck pal!


Great post, bro -
I am not sure that I would EVER consider surgery, but your story just adds more credibility to our corporate journey.

You have made a real study of this art, and your gift to this site is most valuable.

Thank you for your input. I look forward to hearing from you again.

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Your injury makes it difficult for you to write? I’m envious of your obvious writing skills! What an awesome 1st post to introduce all of us to… Thanks for coming out of the shadows PirateSteve… Gawd, what an introduction!


Thanks for the fine post Pirate Steve and welcome.

I have to agree with everyone that was a great first post, you have a lot of PE experience to share and it is really appreciated.

Dude congratulations on gaining 2 5/8 inches in just over a year!! Whoaa thats awesome and after having lost an inch after the surgery, many would probably put their tails between their legs and given up ( I probably would have) but you went on for some incredible gains. An inspiration for sure.

I’ve heard of the pineapple for taste before I’ll have to try out the arginemax.

Well good to have you aboard, look forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome, an excellent first post, very informative. I’m going out for some pineapple now, will be back later-maybe.


What I never knew, I never will forget!

That was one hell of a first post!

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

PirateSteve ——Wow what a great post. You made up for not posting over the years all in your first post. And congrats on your gains. Living on a boat quite the life you got there, sorry to hear about your injury though. Anyway glad you posted such a informative post. I wish you well. :)

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Gentlemen thank you one and all for your kind words. You have indeed been an inspiration to me and I am very happy that I could share something in return.

Stevie31, I am indeed docked in Satellite Beach, Florida right now. I am staying with my daughter (and evil ex) until after Christmas at least. Say February, I could head north to see my friends in the Chesapeake or south down to the islands. I would love to get to Venezuela this year or next, but every time I try I never seem to make it past Dominican Republic (just writing Dominican Republic starts the old Elvis tune in my head, “Girls, girls, girls!!!”)

Uncut4Big, I take the Coral Calcium because my PH is acidic. I got some litmus paper to keep track, and the calcium has adjusted my PH just fine. That acidic nature made my semen acidic too, so the calcium evens that out (then the pineapple does it’s magic!)

Supersizeit, I just haven’t hit a pump yet. Don’t know why. I am sure I will someday, those Boston contoured ones sure look interesting. Since I just got my BIB it will have to wait. I’m thinking I could work one in after stretching, before the ADS. What do you think? If it didn’t work out, I could always use it to catch reef fish. I like things I can get multiple uses out of…

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Great post Bro, if you PM me with a email I will send you a pirate flag you can use as a avatar. Sounds like a fun way to live. I could just see you up on deck at the wheel the mist spraying you in the face white caps all around and the sea looking angry and you standing tall with the bib hanging from your dick.

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