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Hanging input needed

Hanging input needed

OK Guys, I’ve been at this for a long time, and I’m one of the guys that has seen some good gains too. Now my gains are coming a lot slower, but I am still gaining. Today I’d like some opinions from some of the other experienced guys. What I’m wondering about is hanging weight vs time, and fatigue. I can hand 26 lbs for 3 or 4 sets of 20 minutes or a bit more just after a few days off. I can maintain that weight/time for about a week. (I usually hang 7 day a week by the way) After a week, i start dropping weight, and sometimes can’t even make those 20 minute sets. I just start to feel the ache in my shaft and after ten minutes or so i have to stop. Right now I’m about three weeks without a day off. I’m down to 12 lbs now, and i can only take it for 10-15 minute sets. So my question is: Do you think I’m better off putting in as much time as possible at this lower weight without days off, or do you guys feel it would be more productive to take a few days off when this happens, and start back with my 26 lb/20 minute sets after the break. I would like everyones opinion.

Myself, i know it’s not an injury, but rather a well fatigued shaft…and maybe that’s what i need to gain faster again. I haven’t measured lately, but i can tell that I’m gaining doing this no day off hanging. Would rest days be better, or will they just let my shaft heal stronger than ever?


I think I’m in a similar place. My max weight is lower than yours, but everything else sounds very familiar.

I think it is the ideal way to gain. Especially for guys like us, who now see our gains coming at a slower pace. They are consistent, but slower than when we began hanging.

As for resting I can only offer that I took a break - a considerable one roughly two months ago. Before the break my gains had seemingly dried up. Upon returning I hit the hanging with the same ferocious pace and was rewarded with a spike of 1/4” on the ruler after roughly a month at it.
As I maintain this intense schedule I can tell that it is not in vain - as I said, the gains now are slow but I can tell they are coming.

I am entertaining the idea of developing a pattern from this: Work intensely for a time (3 months) take a break (1 month?) decondition, and hit it again.

My opinion on your situation: A few days off will do little if anything. If you are going to take a break make it a substantial one.
Otherwise, keep at it as you are. You sound as though you are very dedicated and - a gain is a gain. Nice to hear.


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