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What are ligs and lots. What are lig stretches, lot stretches, and tunica stretches

Originally Posted by youngstallion
What are ligs and lots. What are lig stretches, lot stretches, and tunica stretches

Search is key.

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>Yes. If a guy with tight ligs (high LOT) hangs BTC exclusively, at some point the ligs will lengthen enough so the tunica shares the load. Then he would be better off switching to tunica work until it lengthens enough behind the ligs to retension the ligs. When that happens, which should be indicated by a raised LOT, stretch the ligs again to regain enough slack to continue working the tunica. See saw.

In order to do “tunica work” one has to hang at a high angle, am I correct?

Tunica work can be accomplished pretty much anywhere but btc. The ligs will share the load in lower angles, but straight out and over the shoulder and with a fulcrum really nail the tunica. Sometimes, I’ve gotten new lig soreness by aiming for the tunica, since there was still some more work to be done. I haven’t done any hanging, just used variations of intensity techniques with my hands and a vac extender with v stretch add ons.

I’ve been spoiled from lig work, since it resulted in about 2”. I’ve gotten more into the tunica work now before I go clamping and it’s difficult since the results take much longer.

As for LOT, whether or not you believe in it, mine suggests that I’ve still got some more lig work left. I’m at about 7:30. I look forward to experiencing this see saw effect.

Well my starting LOT, that is the LOT I was born with is 6. So I pretty much have to do tunica just to start. I wonder what percentage of men have a LOT that low just to start.

From what I’ve read, the LOT theory is not valid so there is really no reason to focus on it.

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The guys who have nothing left to gain in their ligs have their exit point starting between their legs. There are a couple of pornstars- one being Mandingo, the other is a young kid who does stuff on some site all the time. Their exit point couldn’t be any lower down. That probably explains why they are so long.

If you are not at that place yet in regards to an exit point, you still have lig gains that can be made.

Tunica work through a jelq is great if your tunica is that sensitive and weak and you have blood flow issues, but the real work on the tunica is difficult and it takes a while to gain. I think the jelq is great for blood flow and overall health, but I don’t see it as a way to gain big over the long haul. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

I think this thread would make a lot more sense to me if I knew what LOT meant.

LOT = Loss of Tugback

It means “the angle at which you can pull on your penis and then flex your PC muscle without the penis being pulled in toward the body”.

the numbers 6 through 12 are used because they designate the angle of the penis at which this loss of tugback occurs as compared to the hands of a clock.

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I have no lot whatsoever. I get a tugback all the way from 12-6. Should I just give up now. I can’t stretch in an upward angle because my flaccid is to small for that. I’m a grower.

I was under the impression that LOT theory was something people no longer used.

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I hope so. My bpsfl is about .05 to 1 inch less than my bpel too. What should I be doing to gain length?

Hello everyone once again I haven’t posted in ALONG time.. But let me tell you I stopped all other stretches and focused on purely tunica stretches with some slight jelqing after and a hot compress. I did this for 6 weeks and noticed visual gains! SO.. I busted out the ruler and checked on my progress. I gained 2.5 cm in length! So this encouraged me to post and try and encourage people to mabye test my routine and give me feed back on their progress. Like on if your penis feels more solid if it feels thicker or longer through out the day

Give me feed back! I’m curious.

Happy PEing

My stretching is now becoming slowly more tunica based. I think it’s a good idea to let the ligs recoup a bit anyway.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I thought you basically had to stretch both, how are you doing tunica only stretches?

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