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The key to length gains

I feel like a newbie again since I haven’t really kept up for many months. I was unaware of different types of hanging for different parts of penile anatomy (ligs/tunica). How do you stretch tunica only? How do you stretch ligaments only?

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Stretchin’ , it is not that you will only stretch the ligs or only the tunica, it is that the majorithy of the force will there. For example, if you stretch straight out, the ligs will be stressed, but not as much so as if you were to stretch downward. I personally feel that it is more that the stress of stretching straight out pull on what is “inside” than anything else. Stretching down, the ligs would be stressed before the tension had any effect on this part.

Did I just say the same thing two or three times? If so, sorry. Hope I was able to clear up some of it.

hobby, Bib, and others, I would like to know how much resistance in pounds is best for a good tunica stretch. We hear all the time how 15lbs+ is best for maximum lig gains but I haven’t seen reference to best poundages for maxilmum tunica gains. All I have heard is pull damn hard. That isn’t very helpful when you are a powerlifter who could pull his own dick off if he pulled “damn hard”. Infact, over a year ago I pulled as hard as I could on my ligs, due to instructions from another site, which caused my ligs to tare. Long since healed however.

If I could get an idea of the poundage resistance needed for maximum gains for the tunica then I could adjust how hard I pull to the right level, by seeing how hard I have to pull inorder to lift a plate weighhing that amount.

Also, how long should I pull for each day and do most make their tunica gains from hanging weights in tunica pulling positions like Over shoulder etc, or do they make it from pulling manually?

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Here’s my 2cents,
My LOT has gone back to about 9 O’clock. I hadn’t hit a plateau or anything like that, I just wanted to take it slow and not have the baseball bat effect and I also wanted to keep my skin stretched in proportion with my unit so I didn’t have the creeping scrotum.
My routine consisted of jelq only for the first 6 months and then I added a stretcher I made with some threaded rods (I’ll save that for another post). In my first year and three months I gained a solid 1.5”. In the second 6 months when I added the stretching I found my LOT had dropped to 6 O’clock just as I suspected it would.
I didn’t like the rubbery feeling I was getting in my unit (when flaccid)as well as the inevitable baseball bat effect, I was narrower at the base then at the center and I always had a perfect cylinder.
So I took the last ten months off with only mild night time stretching and some jelqs during the week. I just decided to go for another 1” and took stock of what I want to achieve and my LOT is at 9 O’clock! With the extended rest and all I lost about 1/4” in girth and have maintained ALL of my length gains :) My humble opinion is that the ligs should need to stretch with the tunica. After all if the contact point is further out on the tunica, shouldn’t the ligs be longer to reach there? Bib?
I am going to tackle my ligs and tunica for about 6 more months and see if I can gain like I did when I just started.

For the curious:
Starting stats:
1.5” flaccid length
7.25” BPEL
6.25” NBPEL
5” EG at center

4” flaccid length
8.75” BPEL
7.5” NBPEL (I know I have gained some weight there:) )
5.8” Girth at the center of the shaft.

The ravings of a madman...

Originally posted by hobby
>the only thing stretching downwards gives me is soreness where my dick is attached to the pubic bone

Where exactly? Do you feel it on the front of the pubic bone on the topside of the penis or underneath the penis deeper in toward the prostate?

Do you hang? If so, hang some moderate weight BTC for awhile and then either do some crunches or reverse kegels. Do you feel a stretch above your dick toward your belly button when doing them?

>I've been plateaued at 8” bpel since the last week in august

Where's that smiley? Oh, here: :violin:

Seriously, no gains for a month is not a plateau.

I feel the soreness basically in back of my dick. Deeper like you said towards the prostate- where my dick feels attached to my hips/pubic bone. I don’t hang *yet* because I am still doing research on it, plus I’d like to get up another inch at least before I try the hanging. Probably in 2004 if all goes well. When I began seeing my first gains- that ‘stretch pain’ was felt inside my dick but in the mid-upper shaft region.

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I’ve noticed that it gets in the way more during yoga… have to be careful about how you go into upward-facing-dog.

(This in response to the question on this thread a way back of “any negative side effects?)

Would OTS hanigng really hit the tunica hard?

God Bless the Marine Corps. Started 11/10/03 NBPEL-7.5" Mid shaft EG-5.6" Target size: NBPEL-9.5" Mid shaft EG-6.5"

Yes, that and fulcrum and SO are the best returns on your time and effort for the tunica.

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This is a good thread for gaining.

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Howdy, I have been doing mostly stretching and holding in a downward direction for about 2 months and haven’t seen any permanent gains at all. Some temporary gains of 1/2 cm for a few hours..

I also have a LOT starting at around 9 O’clock through to 6 O’clock

Having read this I am wondering if stretching downward is why I haven’t seen any gains?

Part of the reason I stretch down primarily is that I have difficulty getting a strong but gently grip on my penis in any other direction - my hand tends to slip over the top after a few seconds.

Oh well, I’ll work it out and hopefully stretching above the 9 O’clock mark will get me some decent gains!

My stats:

BPEL: 14 1/2 cms
NBPEL: 12 cms :-(

Final Goal: NBPEL: 17 cms (around 7 inches :-) )

Which manual routine is probably the best for length gains? I’d like to spend no more than 30minutes a night on PE but to still see some encouraging results!

Emanon <-> nonamE

“9 O’clock through to 6 O’clock”

I thought I’d rephrase that: From 9 O’clock onwards I can’t feel a tugback.

I’am having trouble finding how it is possible to hang from angles higher than my LOT. Do I need to make a hanger and nail something on the wall and then hang the weight from it? I would really appreciate it if someone showed me some examples of ways to do this. Thanx


Sling the weight over your shoulder.

I posted on this earlier on another thread. Make the chain, cord whatever between the attachment to your dick and the weight long enough to put over the back of your chair whilst you are sitting down contributing to this forum, or over the back of the bedstead whilst prostate.

Use a pulley system instead

Later - ttt


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