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Some infrared heat observations


Some infrared heat observations

Well, the setup costs about $23 or so. The bulb by Phillips (250 watt infrared) can be puchased at Home Depot for about $10, and a desk lamp with a ceramic socket can be purchased at Target for about $13. The socket must be rated at least 250 watts, and although the lamp mentions that it has a 60 watt max, this is due to the (plastic) shade which can be removed. The lamp and socket have remained relatively cool during 30+ minute use, the bulb is fucking hot though.


1. My entire body gets really hot and sweaty, but my dick stays nice and toasty for the entire session.
2. I still use a rice sock to warmup for 5 minutes prior to the lamp to conserve energy and get the area toasty.
3. I have less anxiety about changing hands during my routine and ajusting my wrap as necessary, because I know I will remain warm.
4. Latex gloves get too sweaty inside while using the lamp, so I switched to a cotton cloth wrap(100% cotton dress shirt torn into pieces).
5. My nuts don’t seem to get that hot as long as the light is focused on the shaft primarily (the testicles will get warm in the indirect stream of heat, but not too hot).
6. After stretching whereas noromally my balls an shaft get cold, they stay warm and are ready for a nice jelq session without another rice sock needed (I do not use infrared during the jelq session).
7. This seems far superior to all other forms of heat I have experimented with, and less of a hassle.
8. It’s only been 4 days, so no gains to mention yet, hopefully soon.

One foot to go

How far away do you position the bulb?


Thanks goodness for your post. I just spent quite a bit of time trying to purchase a infrared lamp this afternoon without success. Shops I went to include Home Depot, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and others. But I didn’t go to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Target. I’ll give Target a try this weekend. Do they have many different infrared lamps or just the desk lamp that you bought? The most desirable type would be one with a long swiver neck so that I can adjust it in different ways.

So you use the infrared lamp for stretching only, right? Everything from that big infrared thread made sense to me and I’m anxious to give this a try. I noticed right after the warm up, when the penis is warm, stretches felt like they were working so keeping it constantly warm with an infrared lamp should create good results.

hobby, the infrared thread said your skin should be at least 18 inches away from the bulb. I did some research and that’s what the manufacturers of the 250 watt infrared bulb mention as well.

This place has what appears to be a decent socket with a reflector and guard. I’d definitely want some sort of guard. I don’t know how useful or sturdy the attachment clamp would be. Plus, I’m not sure it would work with different style IR bulbs.

Would a reflector be useful with the (I’m assuming) floodlight style bulbs sold at Home Depot?


I find that if the lamp is directed straight at my unit at a 90 degree angle, I need about 18 inches or so or it gets too hot. When I am sitting and the lamp is on a chair at about a 45 degree angle to my unit, 10-12 inches feels fine. The great thing is you can guage the distance by how it feels, real simple. I think the flood bulbs from home depot would work in those reflectors, but it is really not necessary. The big reflector would probably get in the way and doesn’t have as much maneuverability as a desk lamp that can be bent and adjusted at the neck.


I did get the bulb at home depot, you have to look in the bulb aisle (it’s a very small area that these infrared are in and a guy who worked there told me they didn’t carry it). I got the lamp at Target.

One foot to go

I got a 250w Phillips IR bulb and a cheap clamp-on flexible desk lamp. The lamp was $9 at Wal-Mart. It has a ceramic socket, but the metal shade isn’t removable. It got very hot, which wouldn’t be a problem except the plastic on/off switch is attached to the rear of the socket. I didn’t realize the switch was there when I bought it. Oh well. I may cut the shade down or remove it and make an adapter to hold the socket. I’ll have to buy or make some sort of guard to surround the bulb.

I’m taking a break from PE but decided to test this. Not bad. My upper thighs got a little toasty. Penis stayed quite warm as long as I was close enough. As clutzy as I can be it’s only a matter of time until I accidentally bump into the bulb.

The light is more intense around the edges. It gives a duller spot in the middle like a Mag-lite does when set on a wide pattern. I don’t know if this was from the bulb itself or the shade.

This has potential, but strikes me as quite dangerous with my current setup.

Hey guys,

Went to Walmart yesterday and found a clamp on light with a aluminum reflector, ceramic socket and wire safefy cage that fits on the rim of the reflector to prevent you from touching the bulb. Oh yeah, the best part is it is rated for 250 watts! It cost only $7.50! Perfect!

Just add the IR bulb from Home Depot and you are up and running…in style!



That sounds perfect. Can you be more specific on what lamp you got? Like what brand and color is it? And did you get it from their lamp section or a special area? I was at Target today but couldn’t find any lamp rated more than 150 watts. Is it some specialized lamp? Standard lamps don’t seem to be able to go above 150 watts. Ceramic socket and aluminum reflector are best, right?


In addition to going to Target, I went to Home Depot. I found that they have three choices.

#1 Philips 250 Watt Infrared Bulb (red)
#2 Philips 250 Watt Infrared Bulb (clear)
#3 Philips 125 Watt Infrared Bulb (clear)

I bought the 125 Watt clear bulb because I couldn’t find a lamp that allowed wattage to exceed 150. I asked the electrician what was the worst that could happen if I plugged in the 250 Watt Infrared Bulb in a 150 Watt Lamp and was told that the fuse could blow, the bulb could explode (ouch), and the socket and the end of the bulb could melt together making it impossible to remove the bulb. 125 Watt isn’t that bad, right? Maybe I could move it closer than 18 inches if there’s not enough heat.


I went to Target and looked at EVERY lamp they had. Obviously none were infrared specific lamps. I’m assuming you got a regular lamp since you mentioned that yours allowed 60 watts. After I went to Home Depot, I was really concerned about putting a 250 watt lamp into a 60 watt or 150 watt lamp so I just bought a 125 watt infrared bulb and a 150 watt lamp. The only problem is that the 150 watt lamp doesn’t have the goose-neck that are so common among 60 watt desktop lamps and I really want the ability to bend the neck to place it property. Now I have to lean my lamp on its side a little buttressed by something just to get it into position.

>Can you be more specific on what lamp you got?

Yeah, I’d like to know too. The one I got was in or near the housewares section with the other desk lamps. Yours sounds like what I wanted, assuming the cage is big enough to hold an IR bulb.

pe2do, the lamp I bought today says it is rated for 60 watts. I doubt any small desk-type lamps are rated for much over that. The socket itself is important. Lamps will either have the dinky plastic sockets (bad) or white, ceramic ones (good). The ceramic sockets can handle big lights. Mine says 660W, 250V.

Heat is the next issue. You can’t safely use a 250w bulb in just any light with a ceramic socket. Plastic parts can melt or maybe even catch on fire.

We should both head to Wal-Mart and hunt down sparkyx’s model.

Mine was a 250 watt bulb I found in Home Depot. They also had the brooder lamp, it was over in the electrical section with the extension cords, of all places. I guess I was fortunate to get a clerk who knew where things were.

I think when I get started back up, I will move the distance back from 24 inches to maybe 36 inches… this stuff all just takes a little experimentation to get it right. I was trying to target the ligs and had the balls covered (focusing the center of the light beam at the ligs), but I might have heated the penis up too much and reached the plasticity stage of the tissues, so it was actually “weaker” than the ligs were. maybe the penis should be covered, too… does anybody know more about that?

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With 125 watts, it seems there’s not enough heat. I was maybe 12 to 14 inches away for 30 minutes and at no time was I uncomfortable. My thighs and especially my hand got a little bit hot but my penis got barely warm


Mine has a goose neck, and although the plastic shade is only rated for 60 watts, the ceramic socket is rated for 250 watts. You want to pick a model that allows the shade to be removed without affecting the important components of the lamp (i.e., switch, socket). Target definitely has one of these for $12. I don’t think a shade is necessary since the heat is focused in the direction of the bulb, and the sides of the bulb from Home Depot are tinted.

Yeah, I think 125 is too weak. Exchange it.

One foot to go

Originally Posted by pe2do
With 125 watts, it seems there’s not enough heat. I was maybe 12 to 14 inches away for 30 minutes and at no time was I uncomfortable. My thighs and especially my hand got a little bit hot but my penis got barely warm

It might be worth remembering that the blood flow through your penis is greater than the blood flow through the skin of your thighs and hand. So the outer heat on your penis is being carried away to your body.

This could mean that the inner part of your penis is getting overheated, and because there are no ‘heat sensors’ there it could not be noticed, So don’t allow your thighs to get too hot - just in case.

Remember the heat rays penetrate the body and heat within.


Originally Posted by petitfaun

This could mean that the inner part of your penis is getting overheated, and because there are no ‘heat sensors’ there it could not be noticed, So don’t allow your thighs to get too hot - just in case.

The last part, you meant to say don’t allow your penis to get too hot, right? Or do you really mean thighs?

Is anyone else really concerned for their balls? I know 30 minutes is not that long and certainly it’s less heat than being in a sauna, still long term exposure can’t be good. Since infrared penetrates skin, what can I do to shield my balls without getting in the way of the penis?

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